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The Puppy Project by ElaBearXx
The Puppy Projectby ℰunice
"Give me my puppy!" I demanded, my eyes ablazed with fiery anger. "Correction, it's not your puppy. It's our puppy," He smiled, but it was anything b...
The Prisoner Project by bincus
The Prisoner Projectby muna
When a strange advertisement appears on the local newspaper asking for compliant females willing to interview and connect with the minds of the worlds worst serial kille...
A girl named Krishzel Vish Amethyst who possess every power that exist in the world who will act as a nerd and will enter the world she forget for the past eleven years...
Erotic Tales by Arianna346427
Erotic Talesby ari
" You need me Beth. You think you're over me? " I recommend chapters: "Garrett " and " Lucas ".
🌹 Red Roses 🌹 ( YiZhan FF Completed ) by Ehansi
🌹 Red Roses 🌹 ( YiZhan FF Ehansi
ආදරණීය ආදරයක හදගැස්ම...🥀🖤
Curiosity (GxG) (TeacherxStudent) by _OutOfOrder_
Curiosity (GxG) (TeacherxStudent)by _OutOfOrder_
Curiosity leads us to somewhere we don't belong. (TeacherxStudent gxg)
Dangerous  by euphorianmother
Dangerous by j<3
Leila Ransom moves to the suburbs from the city and meets a new and 'dangerous' boy named Nate Jacobs. Everyone warns her about him but she doesn't listen. all rights g...
Not one of Them?  (A SCP fan story) by PastryVicar
Not one of Them? (A SCP fan story)by Ash Reese
Viola was a curious nineteen year old who loved exploring websites that she wasn't allowed to see. She stumbled upon the SCP website and read many SCP files, without kno...
RiNg 🔔(Yizhan/ongoing💚❤️🐰🦁) by Sohu99
RiNg 🔔(Yizhan/ongoing💚❤️🐰🦁)by Sohu99
🔔❤️💚🔔 ඔයාට බය හිතෙන හැම මොහොතකම ... මං ඉන්නම් ළඟටම වෙලා ඔයාව තනි නොකර.... 💜️🦁🐰💜️ Introvert personality එකක් තියන boy කෙනෙක්🍂 ගුප්ත චරිතයක් තියන boy කෙනෙක්🍂 ...
What...Just Happened? by Lady-Anubis
What...Just Happened?by Anubis
Stuff happened and Naruto has no idea.
M A S Q U E R A D E || About: BrightWin, MewGulf, TayNew|| by Alpha_TierXen
M A S Q U E R A D E || About: Alphatierxen
He wears Mask, And so am I. This is our fate Place and time will play its part to redeem our connections. This is where it all began... This is how we fall inlove. *...
the love between you and me 💚💜️ by kim_taeguki
the love between you and me 💚💜️by KIMOSHI
ඇයි මට මෙහෙම කරන්නෙ කිම් ටේහ්‍යුන්. මම මොකක්ද තමුන්ට කරපු වැරැද්ද? මගෙ මුලු හදවතින්ම තමුන්ට ආදරේ කරපු එකද මම කරපු වැරැද්ද?
Chupky Chupky by amilqateen
Chupky Chupkyby Amil Qateen
A collection of short stories Main leads Shehnaz Gill Siddharth Shukla A series of Short stories Romance ,mafia ,czns love, arrange marriage or many more Plzz give a...
C U R I O S I T Y|| Byler by Whoissheeee18
C U R I O S I T Y|| Bylerby 𝑊ℎ𝑜 𝑖𝑠 𝑠ℎ𝑒?
Who said curiosity killed the cat? ___________________________
Blended Lust by NikkiKordei
Blended Lustby Gay Author
17 year old Tiana (Meagan Good) becomes beyond irritated when her mother's decision to get married AGAIN forces her to have to move away from her neighborhood, friends...
Gяαρε JєƖƖу [Mιηѕυηg] [Ɓσσк Ƭωσ] by Honney_Bri
Gяαρε JєƖƖу [Mιηѕυηg] [Ɓσσк Ƭωσ]by Sωєєтℓιкєѕυgαя
Sтяαωвєяяу JєƖƖу 2.0 Jisung really only wanted a how in the hell did he end up with Minho ? [No pun-intended] Where Minho's a cat hybrid from the underwor...
Shade Touched by ZatAscendant
Shade Touchedby Zat
A monster is born in the depths of the wilds, but she isn't like her siblings. Curiosity colors her every thought, and a hunger for understanding grows within this littl...
If She Knew by nabs_xoxo
If She Knewby — ❝Nabila❞
[The Wattys 2021 Shortlisted Finalist] One case, two detectives, three friends, and a thousand emotions. Sometimes nothing is a coincidence, but then again, everything...
🍁 The Breath 🍁 ( YiZhan FF Ongoing ) by Ehansi
🍁 The Breath 🍁 ( YiZhan FF Ehansi
කඳුළු දුන් නෙතු අගට... හිනා මල් කැන්ඳලා... හුස්ම සේ ළඟ ඉන්නෙ... දුර යන්න බැරි නිසා... තබන හැම පියවර ම... නුඹ ම ඇරඹුම නිසා... දුර යන්නෙ නෑ මැණික... නුඹ මගේ පණ නිසා...🥀🖤...
The right path? by An_escape_to_reality
The right path?by An_escape_to_reality
Life's a rollercoaster of emotions. This is just a way of trying to describe the indescribable. The order in which you read this doesn't matter. Short stories, poems and...