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A Butler and His Maid by KaitelinLopez
A Butler and His Maidby StarChild
(A/N: updated description and cover Just great, you need to find a job so you can earn money and buy a house because your apartment was awful and the environment was awf...
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Have a nice Time Vendetta x readerFINISHED by fandomstuck693
Have a nice Time Vendetta x Save Eddsworld
GUYS!!! If your bored,make a Vendetta x reader because people just luv venny,and I'm running out of those fanfics. Please do
  • rebornica
  • vendetta
  • xreader
HEAD SHOT vendetta X reader by fandomstuck693
HEAD SHOT vendetta X readerby Save Eddsworld
Ven X reader...says it all, and i might pop up here and there....
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  • meeeh
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Unrequited Love by TheSilentGenie-Us
Unrequited Loveby Welcome To The Mocha-hontas'...
"Being with someone who does not love and adore you the way that you do, is even worse than being alone." Priya is an Art Director at an Advertising and Market...
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Inazuma Eleven: Vendetta e Amore •The Sequel• by only_moody
Inazuma Eleven: Vendetta e Amore • ⚠⚠⚠
Axel e Leira, felicemente sposati, mettono su famiglia. Nel prequel ci siamo fermati alla nascita della loro prima figlia, Alexa. Ma passiamo alla vera trama: "Una...
  • magia
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The Emperor's Wife✓ by emjaywrites
The Emperor's Wife✓by Em Jay
SOME SAY SHE WAS SENT to unite the four Kingdoms. Others say, she was sent to divide them. Still others insist she sent by the Gods, as punishment. As a blessing. An off...
  • asian
  • vendetta
  • love-hate
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We Must Be Killers (Teen Wolf) by Calla_Lily_8970
We Must Be Killers (Teen Wolf)by Sydney
I don't want her crown. I've come to burn her kingdom down. -Katerina London ******** Once upon a time t...
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Under the Crimson Moon by Confusedspaz
Under the Crimson Moonby Confusedspaz
Crime and punishment. Two things that didn't quite go together in the traditional sense when in regards to the Peaky Blinders. They committed the crimes and doled out th...
  • romance
  • wattys2018
  • historical
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Beast Tamer by Evelyn_Amor
Beast Tamerby Impossible Is A Dare
Fauna Everglen doesn't remember anything - she woke up one day in a hospital with four people claiming to be her family. She was apparently caught in a car accident and...
  • memories
  • loss
  • magic
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Rose Is Back With Thorns by Chocolatetheflavour
Rose Is Back With Thornsby Ngoiri
"You know I prefer to have you in a soft bed carpeted with pretty rose petals like you right?" The ugly duckling maid of the Sylvester's estate; Rose Mayor who...
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