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All that is dark | ✓ by vividlycrimson18
All that is dark | ✓by ingri
"Soothe the devils in my head, love me to my death." In which a psychiatrist gets kidnapped by a serial killer, only to lose her mind.
  • kidnapped
  • deranged
  • serialkiller
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The Line by renkaye
The Lineby Rachel K.
[FEATURED] Juan Solo comes from the South Side, a world of deserts and heat. Zachary Flynn was born on the North Side, where the sun never shines and the cold bites. B...
  • novella
  • sciencefiction
  • breakout
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Psychotic by Smiles_Hurt
Psychoticby S̯͓̞̯̤̳̟̀M͙͎̤ͪ̈͐͗̍̊̚I̘ͮ̇͗́ͅL͓...
[SEQUEL] It's been a year since they took her to the asylum. It's been a year since she last saw David, or anyone associated with him. It's been a year since she killed...
  • alice
  • breakout
  • creepypasta
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Twins - A Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/Darkiplier/Antisepticeye Fanfiction by Fandom-Lover18
Twins - A Markiplier/ Ruben Majistrate
A long time ago, humans never believed demons existed. They shunned them at every moment possible, saying that all where evil. The demons, which do exist, got angry. Luc...
  • antisepticeye
  • dreams
  • jacksepticeye
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Falling For A Criminal - Micheal Scofield by SpideyArmy
Falling For A Criminal - Micheal Kat
Livia is absolutely in shock when she is sent to an all male prison, for supposedly killing her own brother. Her fear of small places and being trapped with no escape di...
  • love
  • relationship
  • prisonbreak
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They met and fell in love as teenagers but sometimes love can't conquer all.
  • whitecollar
  • prison
  • theft
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Experimental (Under Editing)  by ocelot101
Experimental (Under Editing) by ocelot101
Spara is your average 17 year old. But one day she goes missing. just like five other teens. but these kids are not chosen for no reason, they were picked because they a...
  • wattys2018
  • kidnapped
  • tests
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Escape || by silentlydreaming
Escape || n.jmby thehuangjaemin
In which you were trapped inside and escape room with someone you don't know.
  • escape
  • najaemin
  • nana
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The love of a band(one direction bromance story) by VasHappeninGurl
The love of a band(one direction Aurora
What happens when Zayn gets feelings for NIall. When Harry and Louis fianally come out of the closet. And Liam......well when liams the only one whos straight. BoyXBoy S...
  • pain
  • fun
  • hosptial
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Megatron x starscream by MichelleWilliammee6
Megatron x starscreamby En_jajaja
smut and fluff and mabye something else shet stories Female starscream as male Megatron
  • selfharm
  • breakout
  • fluff
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Spoiler Alert | Tom Holland by ashmeificare
Spoiler Alert | Tom Hollandby ash
"SPOILER ALERT- I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU BY THE SECOND ACT." In which Samantha Mitchell becomes a Marvel Studios actress and falls in love while playing the ro...
  • civilwar
  • tomholland
  • spidermanhomecoming
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FEELING GOOD | WHITE COLLAR  by Siriusly_Slytherin
She was a brilliant criminal but love turned out to be her greatest weakness resulting in her capture. After four years in prison and a break out she made a deal with th...
  • professor
  • conartist
  • collar
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loading......99.9% "Beast" by nyb_001
loading......99.9% "Beast"by N.Y.B
He was chick and insane. A man known as "Beast". Once heart broken and became a heartbreaker. He was heartless and yet handsome. Eyes cannot hide, but his, li...
  • sacrifice
  • love
  • lastlove
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Prison Break-Lincoln Burrows Daughter by Skylar97
Prison Break-Lincoln Burrows Danni
Alexandra Tara Carmen Burrows is the younger sister(by a few months) of LJ Burrows and the daughter of Lincoln Burrows, the man who was framed for killing the Vice Presi...
  • scofield
  • breakout
  • father
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kilocave by kc_gacha
kilocaveby fluffy
this is the life of kilocave, sparkling of soundwave and shockwave
  • wavexwave
  • megaprime
  • daughter
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Locked Up by ABLP82
Locked Upby Flame Brain
Fairy Tail Jail. The most maximum security prison in the country. No one has ever broken out, and no one ever will. Or so they think. A group of criminals, a team. All w...
  • natsudragneel
  • breakout
  • lucyheartfilia
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say something by silent_nightfall
say somethingby Jasmine
Fairy tail has been torchering Lucy for 3 months straight, but why would her only true friends and family treat her this way? Laxus is the only one helping her through t...
  • breakout
  • fairytail
  • kidnapped
Going Underground by JakeSymonsWrites
Going Undergroundby Jake Symons
After running away from his parents' spontaneous holiday in Yorkshire Alex finds himself hiding in the woods. There he finds an open manhole and the tunnel that would ta...
  • captured
  • spies
  • adventure
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T⃣h⃣e⃣ b⃣r⃣e⃣a⃣k⃣ o⃣u⃣t⃣ by Jennie_Chaeyoung
T⃣h⃣e⃣ b⃣r⃣e⃣a⃣k⃣ o⃣u⃣t⃣by Umji
Ever since Chaeyoung moved from Australia to Korea, nothing has been normal. She only saw Teenagers her age walking around, looking for something. That's when it got to...
  • death
  • school
  • breakout
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Opinions by ShrutiPadhye04
Opinionsby Confessions of a Poem Freak
Its scary how much we change and grow over the years...
  • river
  • breakout
  • cage
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