The Secret Smile by Roshini_97
The Secret Smileby Roshini
"Behind her beautiful calm smile, there's a secret innocent love that he is not aware off!!" Stand alone book. #1 in reunion.
  • romance
  • doctor
  • adult
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The Arrogant Mr.CEO (MAN X MAN) COMPLETED✓ by Akihito_Rin
The Arrogant Mr.CEO (MAN X MAN) Akihito_Rin
"strip yourself!" he commanded "sorry?" "didn't you hear what I said?" he came up to me and pinned me against the wall "or do you wan...
  • dominating
  • violence
  • dom
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Married To My Bully (BoyxBoy) by Akihito_Rin
Married To My Bully (BoyxBoy)by Akihito_Rin
"You slut! Just because you got a space in my room, it doesn't mean that you will get a space in my heart so just stay the fuck away from me!" He yelled at me...
  • marriage
  • missunderstanding
  • officeromance
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The Billionaire's Waiter by WorldWriter_1
The Billionaire's Waiterby 🍄тнє ωяιтєя🍄
[ManxMan/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'The Billionaire's' series: Elijah Kings was the happiest kid. His life was perfect and there was nothing he wanted to change. But all things...
  • reunion
  • jobs
  • intersex
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A Saiyan Returns To Kuoh by Undeadhdez
A Saiyan Returns To Kuohby Undeadhdez
(Y/N) an 7 yr old saiyan who is labeled a traitor by his own saiyan race decides to leave Planet Vegeta in hopes of finding a better life. After his ship begins to malfu...
  • reunion
  • martialarts
  • dxd
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I Will Make You Mine, Either By Hook or By Crook by slow_learner
I Will Make You Mine, Either By SAma
#3 in Childhoodlove He grabbed her arm and pinned her to her own car; not a gentle hold as before, a firm one which hurts. She hissed inwardly but managed to keep a stra...
  • marriage
  • truth
  • reunion
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I want you back (manan) by devanshiBHU1997m
I want you back (manan)by devanshiBHU1997m
"Aaru needs you" I looked deep in his eyes trying to get some reaction but he hide it like he always do, he is champion in hiding his feelings. "Aaru or y...
  • parents
  • manan
  • love
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Time Passages (Queen or Freddie Mercury Fanfic) by sallyjay4
Time Passages (Queen or Freddie Sally Jay
SEQUEL TO "IN THE YEAR OF THE CAT" - FOR BEST RESULTS, START THERE. Or don't. Your choice. ;) Now, the synopsis: It's been ten years since the T-Rod in...
  • prince
  • mercury
  • fate
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Hide And Seek. by AsfarNoor
Hide And Asfar.
Book Two of the Mafia Series. "You can never escape from me, Rayla. You can run, you can hide but I will find you, my love." ←♥→ His presence felt so real. Alm...
  • obsession
  • gangs
  • mafialord
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UNPREDICTABLE- A Story of Two Broken Hearts by Aashima31299
UNPREDICTABLE- A Story of Two Aashima
Highest ranking- #58 in fan fiction on 21.03.2018 ~~~~ The story starts with ragini's Malkin drama and swara leaving the house after she signed the divorce papers withou...
  • reunion
  • pain
  • swaragini
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Commander Alpha by koroy003
Commander Alphaby Krispy
Commander Alpha of Chaos's Army (PJO/HOO Fanfic) Percy Jackson. Savior of Olympus. Hero of the century. For a while, he's the most respected demigod out there. But i...
  • jackson
  • percy
  • humor
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The Baby That HE Never Knew [Complete] by BubbliezBubbliez
The Baby That HE Never Knew [ BubbliezBubbliez
Brittany Cole has a secret that she has held in for five complete years. In a haze of booze, old feelings, and a lost virginity her secret was made. She isn't just still...
  • sercets
  • shortstory
  • dramatic
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INTERTWIST by ReaChakravarti
INTERTWISTby Rea Chakravarti
Hey guys!! I'm going to start this new ff on sandhir...but it is not a dark will be a simple story, there will be lots of drama in this ff. The characters will g...
  • love
  • possession
  • reunion
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The Guardian by scarletraven23
The Guardianby ♡ ⓒⓗⓔⓛⓢⓔⓨ ♡
Cadence has no memory beyond when she woke in No Man's land two years ago. Her only option is to survive. As hard as it is to fend for herself, she finds a lone pup who...
  • mates
  • completed
  • love
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NOT EDITED An intense Arshi story.. HIGHEST RANKING.. #19 in FANFICTION, 2nd April, 2018 #40 in ROMANCE.. 26th Dec.. 2017 Story of KING of Lucknow..King Arnav Singh Ra...
  • hurt
  • royal
  • love
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Simply Purgatory by AlaskaJohnson99
Simply Purgatoryby Alaska Johnson
Looks can be deceiving. Can't they? Everyone has secrets. Some good. Some bad. Some people have secrets that they will share with others. Some people have secrets that...
  • teenfiction
  • heavenandhell
  • love
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Hermione's Family Reunion by ElinevdBogaard
Hermione's Family Reunionby 👄E♥
- Dramione - - Earlier known as 'Reunion of Grangers' - Hermione is luckily married to the love of her life, Draco Lucius Malfoy. The worst day of her life comes: the da...
  • hermionegranger
  • wattys2018
  • harry
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Ultimate destny (Completed √) by ReaChakravarti
Ultimate destny (Completed √)by Rea Chakravarti
Ultimate destiny... Prologue Randhir & sanyukta are best friends from childhood. Both randhir & sanyukta a same colony...but sanyukta's family was not rich li...
  • love
  • hatred
  • posessiveness
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Saiki Kusuo Fanfic by AngelinaSophia222003
Saiki Kusuo Fanficby Angelinalikesreading
This is based off an anime called "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K" where an all powerful psychic tries to live a quiet and peaceful life in high school. He has...
  • wattys2018
  • psychic-abilities
  • fanfic
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Forgotten by AchuArchana
Forgottenby Archana Suresh
Everything was smooth and fine. Arnav and Khushi, after a hell journey, were about to get remarried when dadi came with a blast. Dadi's revelations about Garima was foll...
  • family
  • ipkknd
  • reunion
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