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Short Stories by FelicityRebecca
Short Storiesby Felicity
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Beverly Hills, 90210: Let's Do It Again by Venusmores
Beverly Hills, 90210: Let's Do Venus'mores
This takes place 13 or so years after the last time they all saw each other. "They" being the original group of West Bev kids with a few of the later character...
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What Is Love?? (Oneshot) by Husky1204
What Is Love?? (Oneshot)by Husky1204
Aria is a normal girl that has a normal life. With her best friend, she gets on with life as how a normal girl should be, not wanting anything, anything but love. Find o...
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Those Magic Changes {Aaron Tveit} by kimmyiewrites
Those Magic Changes {Aaron Tveit}by kimmyie writes
Two friends reunited after being separated for a decade in the most unexpected ways. Will things continue on like they never were a part? And what about those pesky lit...
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A Visit to my Brother.. And his five very HOT friends! by chagichagi
A Visit to my Brother.. And his chagichagi
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Old Friends - Kim Seokjin x Reader by _milkeu_
Old Friends - Kim Seokjin x Readerby MIYU
This was requested by someone on my Quotev page, but I'm posting it here, too! This oneshot takes place at a BTS fan meet. Jin looks familiar to (y/n), but she can't rem...
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Reunion by FionaMarsden
Reunionby Fiona Marsden
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The School Nerd, is the Billionaire's Daughter - Version 2 - by Moon_Girl495
The School Nerd, is the Lovely
Nobody likes Gabriella because of the way she looks. Her hair is a mess, her thick brows and her eyes are topped by big, round glasses. After being made fun of at her sc...
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Trust Issues by UnionJDreams
Trust Issuesby Meg
I walked up to the gates of the University, smiling seeing it shadow over me. I knew there were going to be some good times here, little did I know what was in store for...
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A Girl's Curse by ShadowRosexx
A Girl's Curseby Nameless
Rory Applewhite is a girl that looks like a boy but wants to be accepted as the girl she is. Shy and kind Rory. But no one can see it through her boyish face. Not unti...
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You Never Said Forever Could Ever Hurt Like This by ShanLeighMansonMIW
You Never Said Forever Could ShanNior
Sequel to 'Coma White'. Marilyn Manson, has just released his album Holy Wood. His friend, and fellow rocker, Ozzy Osborne introduces Manson to a young friend of his try...
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Betrayed [Liam Payne FF] by ZaynIsGoingBald
Betrayed [Liam Payne FF]by Wanna Bang?
Lauren , who is a total nerd and spend most of her time studying is surrounded by her parents who are really into parties and showing off. They make Lauren attempt a par...
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Reunion  by Amethyst2429
Reunion by Amanda
It's been ten years since Gray has seen Juvia Lockser his high school stalker and now it's their high school reunion all of the gang are there. What if Juvia has move o...
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Tekken Reunion (A Short Story) by Lukesumayao15
Tekken Reunion (A Short Story)by Lukesumayao15
The Iron Fist Tournament is Back! 👊🏻 With new challengers with a story,
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Kiss Me by LaraRuze
Kiss Meby Lara Ruze
Kiss me out on the bearded barley Nightly, beside the green, green grass Swing, swing, swing the spinning step You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress They stare...
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Julia's Pack. by Corinder
Julia's Corinder
The entire American landmass, from Canada to South America, is being taken over by one Pack. The Alpha Kale either wipes out each Pack or takes it over. This kind of war...
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Brand New Me (Watty Awards 2013) by _TaLeyahLOVE
Brand New Me (Watty Awards 2013)by Ta-Ley'ah Juanita
It's true that everyone has a story. It's also true that everyone judges someone before they know them. Well, this is true for me. I am Elena Brooks and no one knows the...
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My Chemical Romance One-Shots by mychemicalbitchbot
My Chemical Romance One-Shotsby A
A collection of all of my one-shots over the last few months of writing. The theme ranges from humor to romance to pointless thoughts swirling through my head in a loop...
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[Arranged Marriage] The emo girl and the Youtube sensation by ISukadi
[Arranged Marriage] The emo girl ISukadi
Alex and Zach are complete opposites. Where Alex is Fire, Zach is Ice, Alex is emo, Zach is Prep but when Alex and Zach find out they have to get married to each other t...
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Amourshipping! Behind the Scenes Take #1  by SirMcTalky
Amourshipping! Behind the Scenes SirMcTalky
What would happen if Ash's previous companions knew about Amourshipping from Bulbapedia? I just find it to be a little cool thought experiment and this is my first story...
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