Male Blue x OC(human jurassic world) by allielovesnialler
Male Blue x OC(human jurassic Sugalover💙
Lily Grady came to jurassic world to stay with her brother,Owen Grady. It's been a good year or two,that she last seen him,but not long enough for her sisters and mother...
  • jurassicworld
  • indominous
  • t-rex
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My Alpha Mate by NinaDaWeena
My Alpha Mateby Nina
Emma never wanted a mate or a beloved, she hated the werewolves and vampires. She hated them since they showed revealed themselves. What she hates most is that his own d...
  • romance
  • vampire
  • werewolf
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Male indominus rex mate (male I.drex human oc )*ON HOLD till March 17* by allymyers
Male indominus rex mate (male teen Wolf lover
I was following Claire and Owen to the building where the indominus rex is . When we got there we (me and Owen ) found out it was a male, I tried to find it, I did it wa...
  • mate
  • dinosaur
  • indominus
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Eclipse Child by world_joy_
Eclipse Childby World Joy
There are certain things in life that everyone knows. When asked though, how they came to possess knowledge of this information, a confused look will enter their face...
  • world
  • power
  • mate
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Legend | Celeste Academy Series BK #2 by MyLovelyWriter
Legend | Celeste Academy Series Lovely
|COMPLETE| |Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #2| The Twelve has left the academy walls to explore the the Larkovian continent, seeking the enigmatic brother of the king. While...
  • love
  • celesteacademyseries
  • historical
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Tour Photographer / Shawn Mendes by Lara-Fina
Tour Photographer / Shawn Mendesby Lara-Fina
[some chapters are really short so don't worry about the length of the book] A dream of Alyssa came true, but it wasn't as easy as you might think. The collaboration wit...
  • lara-fina
  • instagram
  • photographer
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Total Drama One Shots by 0ran9ez
Total Drama One Shotsby Arkis
Title says all, young one!
  • tour
  • scott
  • noah
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God's an Adventurer by PrinnyHDood
God's an Adventurerby PrinnyHDood
Kami has created everything known to mankind and more for millions of years and he's grown tired of constantly keeping check on it all. The only thing that had kept him...
  • gameworld
  • magic
  • world
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Violet's World||Lucas Friar || Girl Meets World by xsavannah4899x
Violet's World||Lucas Friar || Savannah
Violet Avery has been friends with Maya and Riley for as long as she can remember.Things get a little complicated as she starts high school and meets a certain Lucas Fri...
  • girlmeetsworld
  • topangalawerance
  • world
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The Raptor's Girl [Male Blue x OC x Male Indominus Rex] ✓ by xenoX323
The Raptor's Girl [Male Blue x ◄ Xeno X ►
"The kids? This will give the parents nightmares." Jurassic World. The place where dreams come to life, and where fantasy, isn't a fantasy anymore. Ever since...
  • death
  • romance
  • clarie
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Creatures Of Fate by IndPhoenixGrimm
Creatures Of Fateby IndPhoenixGrimm
Ra'venna, a Fairy assassin cursed with a dark power never believed she would get a chance at revenge at the creatures that killed her family, until she is offered a cont...
  • elf
  • fantasy
  • wind
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The Long Lost Powerful Storm Princess (COMPLETE)  by Ladyqueen4
The Long Lost Powerful Storm 👑KMTEYNG👑
COLD EMOTIONLESS HEARTLESS Dont mess up with her or you will see the real hell... Ranking 1.#62 in Warriors 2.#51 in Warriors 3.#8 in Warriors 4.#5 in Action
  • adventure
  • action
  • love
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WATCHDOG  // Jurassic World by Vexx_18
WATCHDOG // Jurassic Worldby Kye
CURRENTLY BEING RE-WRITTEN FOR DETAIL, GRAMMAR AND CONTINUITY ERRORS. In which man's best friend risks her life to protect her owner's. // German shepherd character inse...
  • world
  • zachmitchell
  • owengrady
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Area Alpha 101 (Wattys 2015) by KateeSmurfette
Area Alpha 101 (Wattys 2015)by Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
They call it Area Alpha 101... It doesn't appear on the world map or the satellites, but it's rumoured to be there. It's unofficially the largest continent on Earth, but...
  • witches
  • secrets
  • evil
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Fallout X Reader One Shots by GreenEyedPan
Fallout X Reader One Shotsby GreenEyedPan
This is a series of one shots from Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4. I do not own any of the characters, of course.
  • butch
  • domino
  • danse
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Girl meets world imagines  by SportsGirl124
Girl meets world imagines by 『 Marissa 』
These imagines are not mine they are from tumblr So credits to the author!
  • imagines
  • lemon
  • shelton
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Hard not Life by Xgoodxreads13
Hard not Lifeby Angel M
{Warning : black couple , Mature Content and language , Scenes , } Aaliyah Watson (Justine Skye) lives in Harlem , New York in one of the most crime related town . She k...
  • drugs
  • young
  • crime
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Doom Lord by AlexanderSaridis
Doom Lordby Alexander Saridis
The world had started doomsday, and I struggled for a year, before I died under an enchanted beast's claw. Heaven has given me another chance, back a day before the end...
  • building
  • elements
  • chance
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The Amazing World of Gumball x Reader by ded_atm
The Amazing World of Gumball x Just A Fellow Sinner
Hello and salutations! Do you have a seemingly, hopeless crush on one of the characters in the cartoon sensation, 'The Amazing World of Gumball'? Well lucky you, as I cr...
  • amazing
  • lesliexreader
  • reader
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