Chapter 26 - "All's fair in love and hate."

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  • Dedicated to Everyone who keeps chanting, 'kill him, kill him, kill him!!'

Chapter 26 "All's fair in love and hate."

The heavy metal lamp felt a thousand pounds in my hands. I was beginning to lose my fire, and my energy began to fade, but my anger never wavered. My gold eyes glared down at my prey, watching the pathetic man who took away my life, watching him wiggle like a worm on a hook. The man who hurt me, who kidnapped my sister, who I hated with every fiber of my body; he was at my mercy. Victory tasted bittersweet, and I haven't even had a taste yet. Killing him would stop him, yes, but it wouldn't gain back those six years of my life. Would it send me to Hell? Was there such a thing as Hell in the first place? All that time I was in this place, I forced myself to believe in God and Heaven...surely there's a place where these psychos go?

Perhaps one day I could ask him...if I kill him, I'll be there, won't I? This makes me no better than them. Stooping to their level wasn't my first option, but this was my last resort - this was what I've been waiting for. Throw it, Rhylee...just kill him, and watch him fade away.

"Agh!" I screamed loudly as I threw the lamp down on the ground. The metal vase broke in half, allowing irridesant wires spill out of it. The wooden floor dented deeply fromt he impact. My breathing finally picked back up, coming out in shallow gasps. I watched Brent Allen's torn, wet eyes stare up at me in confusion.

I had thrown the lamp beside him, along with my chance to kill him.

My legs shook as I stared down at him. "I'm not evil like you."

"Rhylee..." Justin's voice finally sounded, reminding me he was in the room. I turned and looked at him, my eyes wide and frantic. I didn't have to say anything; he held out his arms and raced towards me, gathering my sobbing body in his embrace as I crashed against his chest.

"I want to kill him!" I complained.

"I know you do," he soothed. "I're not like them, Rhylee. Neither of us are, and you have to remember that."

Before I could respond, we jumped apart from each other as a loud bang came from the door to Dr. Allen's office. The door knob fell to the floor with a dull thunk, followed by the door being thrusted open with a kick from whoever was on the other side. Within seconds, I was watching Robert walk inside the room, a black pistol in his hand.

"Oh, how touching." He sneered to me. His blue eyes - the ones I had once looked up to, the ones I had fallen for - glared at me with an ice cold, merciless edge. "This is just like a romance novel, isn't it? The warden falls in love with the inmate and helps her escape. On the run for weeks, they finally find solitude - or so they thought. The illusion is shattered with the kidnapping of her little sister. Now, now that she has the power and the advantage to kill her captator, she can't, because she's not 'evil like us'." He stopped as he walked into the center of the room.

"Why can't you kill him?" He asked. "It's very easy."

Without looking, he held the gun out to his side and shot the pitiful man lying on the floor. I jumped at the loud noise and watched as blood began to spill from the hole in Brent's chest, now leaking onto the floor in a puddle.

"See?" He smirked.

"What do you want?" Justin demanded.

"The same thing I've always wanted." He snapped back to him before looking at me. "Rhylee... You know, you could be a very rich woman. You and I could be icons in history - the man who created the drugs and the woman who made it all possible..."

I barked out a harsh laugh, "I think I'll pass."

He pouted slightly, "That wasn't very smart, honey."

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