Chapter 9 - "We're about to enter Hollywood."

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 Chapter 9 "We're about to enter Hollywood."

The prison slowly came into view was we neared the top of the hill, shielding the prison from the outside world. My stomach began to knot; my body didn’t want to ever go near this place again. For years I’ve wanted to escape here, and now we’re going back. It was my plan, though, and I knew I had to follow Justin to where he was going. He hadn’t said a word since we left for the prison; looking deep in thought. I wondered if he regretted saving me. My eyebrows were knitted together as I looked over to him. He noticed and gave me a small smile, reassuring me in a way that everything was okay.

I looked back at the prison, wondering what Robert was doing and where he was. I wondered if he missed me, if he worried about me, if he regretted the decisions he’s made. I knew whatever he was doing or thinking didn’t matter though; he wouldn’t come with us. How could I trust him now? How do I know he ever loved me? Did he lie when he said that? “Are you ready?” My throat constricted as the words choked out of my mouth. I shocked even myself by speaking, and Justin looked over at me like he had forgotten I was even here.

“I’m ready if you’re ready.” He replied.

We looked at each other for a while, as if asking each other if this was such a good idea, then eventually deciding it was the only idea, even if it wasn’t a good one, and turned back to the prison. Justin was the one to take the first step, followed by myself, and eventually we were both marching to the tall, vast, building. It felt like I had been walking for miles before we finally walked up to the doors. Instead of sneaking, like I thought we were going to, Justin just walked up to the door. “What are you doing?!” I hissed, running to hide behind the corner.

Justin gave me a sad smile before knocking briskly on the door, which caused them to swing open; releasing several men with guns, followed by Dr. Allen. My heart filled with rage as I watched silently from the corner, wondering what was wrong with Justin.

“Ah, Dr. Sean; I’m glad you’ve finally come to your senses.” Dr. Allen grinned. Justin stood still, looking upset. Before he could reply, Dr. Allen turned to the men with guns, “Kill him.”

I gasped into the palm of my hand, trying to stay quiet. When the words hit his ears, Justin shook his head, “No, wait! Look; I’ve brought her back, I brought her back to you!” He pointed in my direction, sending two soldiers to retrieve me; grabbing each one of my arms and dragging me in front of Dr. Allen.

I sent daggers towards Justin, who was looking sad again. “Son of a bitch! I thought you were going to help me! You coward!” I yelled curse after curse at him; wishing I could get out of these men’s hands and attack him. He was just like Robert; only caring about himself. I was stupid for trusting one of the doctors. They’ll just throw me back into my cell; probably perform that surgery they were going to in the first place.

Justin smirked to Dr. Allen, “Sir, may I take her to the operation room for you?” He asked.

Dr. Allen shrugged, “It would save me a few bite marks, I suppose.” With that they both chuckled and Justin took my hands, holding them tight behind my back, sending me wiggling around the place. I thrashed around; throwing myself in every direction, hoping something would work.

“You bastard! Go straight to hell!” I yelled but no one listened.

Justin’s grip on me was too tight and so I had no choice but to eventually give up and let my body go wherever he was leading me. We went down many hallways, rushing past other doctors. Some greeted Justin, welcoming him back, while others just spat at me. Heat rose to my face as I struggled to keep my temper under control. We were in a dead hallway when I snapped and began pulling my arms away from Justin; jerking my body violently. “Will you calm down?!” Justin snapped.

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