Chapter 16 - "Promise me you won't hate me."

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 Chapter 16 "Promise me you won't hate me."

“Now, Rhylee, make sure you stay close, okay?” Mom’s eyebrows were knitted together as we stood in line, waiting to hand our tickets to the woman sitting at the ticket booth, hiding behind her bullet proof glass. She looked bored and obviously didn’t want to be here bothering with all of these people, but I couldn’t have cared less; I bounced excitedly on my toes as I bobbed my head around people, trying to get a better look at our goal; the baseball stadium. The sounds were pounding in my ear, only causing my excitement to heighten.

“Mom, don’t worry.” I sighed in response. She was always so worried in crowds. She gave an apologetic smile before looking back up.

I heard her sigh loudly when she saw the line in front of us was still very long; at least ten people were in front of us, all waiting to get inside and see their hometown team. “This is going to take us forever, isn’t it?”

I shrugged, “It’s worth it, though.”

Mom smiled down at me again, only this time her eyes lit up as well. “I take it you’re excited, Rhy Rhy?”

My face blushed violently at the mention of my nickname; why can’t she just call me Rhylee? I’m thirteen, for God’s sake. “Yeah, I’m excited.” I replied. With one look behind me, I saw Dad finally hanging up his cell phone. That thing was glued to his ear, I swear.

He gave a sad smile to my mom and mouthed ‘I’m sorry, sweetie’ before turning to me. “This is pretty cool, huh, Rhy? Your first big ball game; now you’re really like your old man.” Mom playfully smacked his arm then turned to me and nodded in agreement.

A man standing behind Dad looked over at us. His eyes fell from my dad, to Mom, to me; they narrowed on me. I felt creeped out, and so I side-stepped behind my mom, stepping out of the man’s vision. Naturally, Mom’s hand landed on the top of my head, smoothing my hair. Sometimes she treated me like such a child. Shaking off her hand, I frowned up at her. She simply chuckled and told Dad I was ‘becoming such a young woman’. With a roll of my hazel eyes I turned away and continued looking at the line in front of us. Slowly but surely the line moved along, and before too long we were at the front; handing our tickets to the woman. After the woman scanned my ticket, Mom handed it to me with a smile. “Better than any ball cap, huh?”

“Yes,” I agreed with a smile, looking down at my ticket. Then thinking about it, I looked back up at her. “We’re getting one of those too, though, right?”

She staged a dramatic roll of her hazel eyes that matched mine before giggling. “Yes, dear, I won’t forget to get you your ball cap.”

With a satisfied smile I turned back and let Mom lead me through the crowd by holding onto the back of my jacket. We walked through the crowds, all three of us, eventually making our way to our seats. It wasn’t the best view, since I could already barely see first base, but I knew I’d be able to see it on the giant screen. Plus; there’s nothing better than actually being in the stadium.

“Whoa,” Was all I said as I took my seat, causing Dad to chuckle to himself. The three of us sat down, excitedly waiting for the game to begin.

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