Chapter 10 - "I'm not living vicariously through actors."

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A/N: Sorry I haven't uploaded this in a while; but I finally figured out the story line and I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going with this now. The end is gonna be cool, by the way. I just learned this. lol BY THE WAY, I honestly have no clue what Hollywood looks like. All I know is there's a big sign that says 'Hollywood' and people like to kill other people there...or so I've heard in movies. Just go along with it, and feel free to imagine the setting differently. It could be snowing if you like... I don't know what season it is yet ;)

Chapter 10 "I'm not living vicariously through actors."

           Though I couldn't see myself, I knew my brilliant, new, gold eyes were shimmering in the many shining lights. I stared at everything, craning my neck to get a better look as we passed stores that sold antiques, suits, fashion designer clothes, and much more. Everything was new and exciting; so much better than I had ever imagined. Fashion had very much changed since I was a kid. The 90's era was high waist jeans or shorts, box-ey shirts, dark lipstick... Now everything was sharp, contoured, and fresh. The makeup was practically neutral but with striking eyes... I was fascinated, and never wanted to look away from the posters, lit signs; the night life.

"Welcome to Hollywood, Rhylee." Justin smiled to me, driving slowly so I could see every inch of this glorious city. Palm trees lined every road, giving me the feeling I was on a beach.

"This is amazing," I muttered, too focused on my surroundings to be bothered with talking. "I've never seen anything like this."

As I turned my head to look at him, I noticed a small flicker of guilt on his face; probably wishing he could have gotten me out of there earlier to help me, but I only leaned closer to him, ripping my seat belt off of me, and hugged him tight. "Thank you so much, Justin. You're my hero."

"And you're my Hero." He smirked, finding his own joke amusing. I giggled before turning back to the city.

"We're going to have to find a hotel. I think I stole enough for us to get a four star presidential suite, but we can go wherever you like." He said.

My eyes widened, "You stole enough money? What do you mean?"

"While getting your Gold, I saw stacks of hundred dollar bills just sitting there. It filled the leather bag I had; I'm pretty sure we have enough to go wherever we want for dinner as well; are you hungry?" He then looked over to me, looking me up and down. "Perhaps we should find you some more suitable clothes first. And shoes; shoes would be good." He added.

I smirked, amazed by what he was saying. Shoes? New clothes? These were things I haven't been able to do in years. I don't think I even know what 'fashion sense' meant anymore. "It's almost midnight; where are we going to go for clothes at this hour?" Last I checked, stores closed at ten at the latest. Of course, I've been locked up for six years. Things could have changed.

"I'm sure we can find a Wal-mart somewhere around here." He shrugged, then leaned over a bit to press a button on the dashboard. "GPS; I'm so glad I talked Robert into getting one." He explained as he began dialing random words or numbers. Eventually a woman's voice came on, sounding very robotic and strange to me.

"In one quarter of a mile, turn left."

I shook my head, "People can't find their own way around anymore? Pathetic."

"Oh, I'm sorry; would you like to roam the streets til morning? If so, let me know, and I'll pull over." He replied sarcastically. Since there were hardly any cars out here - most people being at parties or such - he sped up a little, zooming through the streets.

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