Chapter 28 - "Mrs. Baker, we have a problem."

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Chapter 28 "Mrs. Baker, we have a problem."


I carried Piper down the hall, running at top speed. I had to find help for Rhylee; Robert was going to kill her. How was I going to find help? I would have to leave this place to find help. Even if I found a way out of here and a way to get help, how would we get back in time? Time wasn’t something I had; I never really did have any of it.

“This is all my fault,” I muttered to myself, moisture filling my eyes as I ran. If I hadn’t kidnapped her, she wouldn’t be here.

“What’s all your fault?” Piper asked, her voice slightly shaking from me running. She was bouncing around in my arms, but she held on tightly and hadn’t spoken until now. When we left Rhylee she was screaming, and even kicked me so I would put her down and she could help her sister, but once I promised her we would find help, she stopped.

“Um,” how do you tell a child you kidnapped her sister? How do you tell a child you’re the reason they’re in this place? How do you tell a child their sister is probably about to die? No she’s not, I scolded myself, Rhylee is going to be fine, I just have to find her some help. “Well, Piper, I took her here...” I began, still looking fervently around for some kind of escape.

“Why would you do that?” Piper asked.

I saw a hallway and I sprinted for it; this led to the roof, and if I was right...

“To save you,” I huffed as I ran. My oxygen was becoming limited and I wondered how long I could handle holding her. She seemed to grow heavier and heavier as I ran, when really she weight about forty pounds.

“Oh...” Piper hung her head.

“But this isn’t your fault!” I quickly added. Without thought, I went into my story of how I took Rhylee here years ago. I didn’t use the word kidnapping, but still, why would I do that?! I wanted to punch myself in the face and knock myself out so I would shut up, but no matter how much that little voice in my head told me to shut up, I continued! I told her how Rhylee was testing ‘medicine’ for them, and how she tested this very important medicine and now they want to test her body. I took her away from here, and now they want her back. She listened intently and remained quiet while I ran, breathless, my voice hardly audible, sprinting about the prison.

Finally, I came to the end of my tale and Piper frowned, “Why didn’t you just get a job, like my daddy?” She asked.

I snorted and smiled, “I don’t know, sweetie; I really should have, huh?”

“Yes.” She nodded.

As we ran down a hallway, I heard someone yell for us to stop. When I spun around to look, I practically shouted with relief. It was a pilot, walking away from the roof entrance, holding his helmet under his arm. He didn’t know what was going on yet. “What are you doing up here?” He asked. He may not have known what was going on, but he knew I was in the helicopter that he brought me here in; I was a prisoner on the loose to him.

My eyes flashed around, looking for something - anything. Finally, I spotted it on his waist; a gun. I approached him slowly, noticing how Piper tucked her head under my chin to hide her face. “I was trying to find the cells, for this little girl. She’s the sister of the prisoner,” I panted. “I was only on the helicopter to help capture the girl. Now, are you going to help me or not?!” I demanded.

Piper lifted her head suddenly, “Justin! You said you were going to help Rhylee, not hurt her!” Her face was horrified, and I felt bad, but I also wished she had kept her mouth shut.

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