Chapter 25 - "My name is NOT HERO!"

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Chapter 25 "My name is NOT HERO!"


The car was silent as it wove on the curving streets. Country roads soared beneath the tires of the flashy car we had stolen just days before. Funny; we stole this car to get away from the monsters who had taken my life – now we’re heading straight for them, willingly, in that very car.

I didn’t know what was worse – the fact that we were driving to this secret place Allen told us to drive to, or the fact that I wasn’t putting up a fight. Justin fidgeted more than I did, which hardly seemed right.

“You don’t have to go through with this, you know.” Justin said for the hundredth time, looking to me from the driver’s seat. “We can figure something out, come up with a better plan. Maybe we can con him – maybe we could call the police, even.”

I shook my head, “I like this plan better.”

His brow furrowed with anger. Justin was just about fed up with my vague answers and blank stares; for the past fifteen minutes he’s been trying to decipher my thoughts, but to no avail. “And what plan is this; their plan?” He hissed the words, as if I had just said the unimaginable. Maybe it was. “These are the people who nearly killed you, Rhylee. Remember that white room you were in before I saved you? They were going to dissect you like a fucking project. Without any kind of drug, either! You were going to die a slow and painful death there, and Brent was going to enjoy it.”

Justin shook his head as his narrow glare moved around, looking anywhere but me. “He’s a sick son of a bitch.”

“You say that as if I don’t already know.” I muttered darkly.

“Apparently you don’t.”

Silence took over, leaving his words hanging heavy around us. I was angry – this was the worst thing that’s happened to me, I was sure of it. I’ll take the drugs, I’ll take the beatings, I’ll take the torture; just don’t take the life of someone so young, so promising. Even if they didn’t kill Piper, they might as well. Testing drugs on her like some God damn guinea pig, locking her up for hours at a time – it wasn’t a life I’d wish on my enemies.

Well, except the bastards who put me in there, the only exception being the man sitting next to me…Robert could take his place.

“You know,” I sighed after a while. “I hardly think we should be spending our last moments arguing.” This was purely to watch his reaction. I knew this wasn’t our last moments. He did, though.

Justin’s eyes widened; he was hardly able to control his temper now. “This wouldn’t have to be our last moments if you’d just let me think of something else!”

“Alright, brain storm – right now. Let me know when you think of a plan to save me, Piper, and half the people in that place.” I inclined my head, gesturing for him to speak up. “Come on, I’m waiting.”

He clenched his jaw, keeping his eyes on the road before him. “I can’t.”

“Exactly,” I said, satisfied.

The country road straightened slightly, finally spitting us out onto what looked like a giant field. It might have had grass once, like the woods and pastures around it, but now was just a dusty surface. Sitting in the very middle, waiting for us, was a sleek black helicopter. The blades were off, unmoving, and silent. Standing beside the helicopter were three men – I easily recognized the doctor who had started the prison with Dr. Allen and Justin – as well as Allen, the devil, himself.

Dust plumed around our car as the wheels plowed through the field, heading straight for the men we had been avoiding for weeks now. My eyes barely saw the evil smile that spread across Dr. Allen’s mouth.

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