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Short stories based on medical imaginations. Its based on Indian Medical system.
trusting unknowns by _booklover564_
trusting unknownsby _just.a.person_
I lived everyday with one rule, the only person I could wholeheartedly trust was myself and my mother that is till everything flips upside down leaving me to pick up wha...
separate  by 5secsmendes
separate by A
"I don't want you to split up" "We'll be happier this way."
Grateful | Fragile Hearts  by alaynaslibrary
Grateful | Fragile Hearts by alaynaslibrary
~book 1 of The Fragile Hearts series~ a story in which a girl discovers her family again. Charlotte is a girl whose faced so many hardships at her young age. At 15, she...
My Secret Marriage by theenormoussea
My Secret Marriageby The enormous sea
Story of an average looking indian girl fighting with her own demons until our hero enters She has insecurities which she couldn't share with others.... He came to her...
Gift Of Love ( Sequel)  by hjgdgjjnfsxbgh
Gift Of Love ( Sequel) by Bella
Continuing the journey of Ashika and ayaan.
redefine | calum hood by calmwildflower
redefine | calum hoodby yo
"It always feels like I'm moving backwards and never getting better, and it frustrates me because you give me everything I ever wanted, but I'm still never happy,&q...
The Mafia's Heirs by moonandmedicine
The Mafia's Heirsby moonie007
Dr. River Johnson didn't know the consequences of sleeping with the Capo of the Sicilian Mafia. She didn't even remember his name or face. But then two red lines and tw...
The Matching Guys (Top) by Juliiajune
The Matching Guys (Top)by Juliiajune
စဝ်ခွန်သာမှိုင်း🖤 စိုင်းခွန်းသန့်နောင် Start Date[19.5.2023]
Doctors Of Fate by yassureader
Doctors Of Fateby Yasmeen Habib
On her first day of the internship, Dr. Teju Kapoor a topper in MBBS in all over the country, but a smart, rebellious prankster messed up, with her devil may care attitu...
doctor series || BTS Maknae Line by tangled_girl_ot7
doctor series || BTS Maknae Lineby tangled_girl_ot7
A bunch of stories containing love , fear , friendship, laughter and silliness 🤪and some mafia cookies . When a stranger becomes the most important person in life Where...
Forever Together by Shambhavi_29
Forever Togetherby Shambhavi
A sweet, bubbly and childish girl named Keira Singhania is loved by all her family.Though childish but she is mature during times of need. She is the heart of her family...
lifesaver by 5secsmendes
lifesaverby A
"Do you like doing it?" "Do I have a choice?"
My Girlfriend's Mysterious Past by _Shivani_1910
My Girlfriend's Mysterious Pastby Shivani
My girlfriend's mysterious past is a love story between Sanjay a powerful businessman and Sanvi the broken soul *** Sanjay Saho a powerful businessman, attacked by an en...
My Bride (✔) by itsyourblackrose
My Bride (✔)by itsyourblackrose
(Unedited read at your own risk.) He is extrovert , she is introvert He has everything , She has nothing He is dominant , she is submissive He control everything , sh...
Gift of love  by hjgdgjjnfsxbgh
Gift of love by Bella
Aashika 18 year old beautiful girl troubled with her career trying to make anything work out . Accidentally fall into a marriage.... her one and only goal she has to...
Don de Santos by senoradanah
Don de Santosby Señora Danah
Book #1 of the Santos series Ana Wright is an incredible doctor; a surgeon, who spent her life helping people, making her one of the most famous surgeons in Vancouver. B...
Supplementary Love (COMPLETED) by Yours_Nidhi
Supplementary Love (COMPLETED)by Nidhi
Naman Prabhu, a popular Mangalorean businessman settled in Dubai had a beautiful love marriage with Aditi which ended up in a painful divorce. His family wants him to gi...
best by 5secsmendes
bestby A
"I only wanted to do what was best for us" "You should've thought about doing what was best for him."
I'll Always Be There | 5sos  by alaynaslibrary
I'll Always Be There | 5sos by alaynaslibrary
"She's my life, if anything happens to her I don't know what I'll do" "That's why I'll always be there" ________________________________________ Ca...