Here is our hottest editor @MerulaMay, and her famous works.

* I’m Avery Morgan, I am 18 years old, and I just graduated from high school last year. My little sister is Ava Morgan is 11 years old, and in the seventh grade. We both live in the great state of Vermont. I truly love it here, but my parents don’t. Ever since I was six, our family has moved around the country. It especially gets tiring when it became a habit of every two years. You have guessed it we - are moving once again. I could stay here in Vermont, since I’m 18, but my parents are never home. This means that my sister would have to be home alone most of the times, which is unsafe. My sister and I may be close, but the odd thing is that we are complete opposites, in personality and appearance. She has blonde hair, while I have black hair. She loves the color pink, but I favor dark purple. But all of that is beside the point, because this is the story of how I fell in love with the cute British boy.

Will it work out in the end, or will we just fall apart???

* This is the story of Derek Hough’s' daughter. Throughout her entire life, she has been attending a performing arts school for the matter that she is Derek Hough’s' daughter. What will happen with all of the paparazzi and fame? Will it affect her normal life? Will it go to her head? Read to find out!

* A teenage girl finds herself involved in Elvis' life. When she finally gets a big break as an actress - she decides to pursue it. But she can't deny the strong relationship between Elvis and herself. Will love conquer all, or is it goodbye forever?

* My name is Jordan Heethling, and I go to a school where everyone is snobby and rude. This was my standard for everyone. But through the dense crowd, I meet Lindsey, the nicest girl in history. We were inseparable, until the moon rose.

Find out what happens in "Soul Suckers".

Aren't those some truly great edits, remember she was just editing not rewriting. So... Give a round of applause to @Merulamay greatest edits. *Audience applauds*

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