sakka weekly by L0V3_S1CK
sakka weeklyby 【ベイビー】
the weekly feed ⚡️ cover by @joonscupid show some love to her <3
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The Future Writes of OminouslyAnonymous by OminouslyAnonymous
The Future Writes of Anon Ominous
Too many words and not enough time... Here I will be archiving the "Coming Soon" plot ideas that have been manifesting inside my head. You will find synopses...
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Sans x Frisk surface love {On Hold} {rewrite} by undertalelover20
Sans x Frisk surface love {On Sophyaoi frans trash
Hey this was supposed to be just one or two chapter until my friend encouraged me to do more so thanks to that This is a ship fanfic I love frans and I thank anyone who...
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~< Update Book >~ by LillyWritesStories
~~by ~• Crazy Cat Lady •~
Want to know when I am making a new story? Want to find out when I am adding a new chapter to your favorite book of mine? Well lucky for you I have made just the book! ...
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Future Books by Suzidebeer
Future Booksby Suzi
The title says it all. A list/ short description of book I might write in the future, or might have already written.
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Story Sneak Peaks and Random Things by CrazilyInsaneArtist
Story Sneak Peaks and Random Thingsby Mia
Just a random book where I will put trailers to new stories, sneak peaks for any on going ones, and maybe random little updates I feel like writing.
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Gilmore Fanfics sneakpeaks by 5kittle5
Gilmore Fanfics sneakpeaksby 5kittle5
Each chapter is a prologue to a story that has yet to be published. After reading the individual chapter please give your opinion and if there are enough comments I will...
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It's cot wild and I'm doing this to try and not add so many a/n's and so I could like do whatever and stuff.... I'll be answering questions and posting sneak peaks of my...
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Behind the Scenes by loki-parker
Behind the Scenesby 《Stephanie》
This book will contain upcoming stories with release dates, sneak peaks, pictures that will be included in the book, and much more. Highest Ranking in Behind the Scenes...
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Romantic Short Stories by silverfeatherwings
Romantic Short Storiesby Emma
A collection of romantic short stories. Sweet stories Happy stories Sad stories See which one you like best!
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Back on track | NaLuᴬᵁ  by vintagelocket
Back on track | NaLuᴬᵁ by ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ
Lucy was going back home, but what she didn't know was that some surprising news awaited her. Bad news. What could have happened during this year's gap ? It was just a...
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Things That I Write! by kairasluvssonic
Things That I Write!by VARIAN IS BAE
Here is where I'll be putting lots of one-shots, story ideas (both original and fanfics), and other things!! :D Cover made by @IGotThatSonic !! Most of the art you see...
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Book Trailers by GoldenStori
Book Trailersby ✨Stori✨
Book Trailers for upcoming books!
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23:27 (PUBLISHED PREVIEW) by HL_Roberts
23:27 (PUBLISHED PREVIEW)by H. L. Roberts
Fame. Money. Glory. These were all the things that you would expect from being famous. The bait that the producers of the industry would tempt you with to get you on the...
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I rant sometimes by BlueStrike
I rant sometimesby ~Blue~
Remaking this boring looking book to make it more lively. In that case lets just slap a meme I made onto the main cover, wooo Things here: Updates Sneak peaks Memes Rant...
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The Endventurer Spy by PikachuandMeowth
The Endventurer Spyby Queen of Nerds
This is both a submission to @Radishologist and a sneak peek to my upcoming interactive story! I hope you enjoy this!
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That comic with online friends living together. by BiPpYdAjEaN
That comic with online friends BiPpYdAjEaN
A comic that has some of my best friends on my amino and me living together! It will most likely include stuff like having poisonous cupcake food fights with our neighbo...
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Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen fanfic Sneak Peak by WildaGameBeast
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen DoinTheDoolin
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