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 Welcome to our recipe section of PiiXIE Dust Magazine, today we’re going to learn how to make an Oreo ice cream cake. Sounds good doesn’t it??? Well… you can find out how to make it, and then once you’re done making it you can eat it!!! Sounds like a good deal right??? Let’s begin our recipe-


                                                What you'll need


1 Gallon of Vanilla Ice Cream

½ cup Store Bought Chocolate Fudge Sauce(Optional)

1 Large Bag of Oreo Cookies

What you’re going to put the stuff in?

: Spring Form Pan


                                                         How it's made


1) Leave the ice cream out to soften, because you are going to mix it (How else would you do it?)

2) Line your inch spring form pan with some plastic wrap and leave it aside (Just for the moment)

3) Line the inner edge of your pan with Oreo cookies by standing them up on the side then line the bottom of the pan with Oreos cut in half.

4) Place the rest of the Oreo cookies in a large zip lock bag, and beat the living daylight out of them with a rolling pin until the cookies become coarse crumbs. (I was exaggerating with the hitting bit, you want coarse pieces.)

5) In a large bowl, mix the ice cream, chocolate sauce(This is still optional) and the Oreo crumbs. Making sure you reserve ½ cup of the crumbs for the topping. Mix everything together real well to combine and add mixture to the spring form pan outlined with the Oreos. Level out the top of the cake, and top it with the reserved Oreo crumbs and if you like, chocolate sauce.

6) Place the cake in the freezer with cling film covering it and let it set for 4 to 6 hours.

7) When ready to serve let the Oreo cookies on the side of your cake be the guide for even slices and also beautiful presentation. You could top the cake with more sauce, but.. it’s so perfect as it is, you don’t need to go through the extra step(And let’s be honest, you'll run out of sauce.)  P.S. Let it defrost for 5-10 minutes so it’s easier to cut and eat, but it’s your cake at the end of the day.


Hope you have fun :)

Love PetalHeart123

at all don’t be afraid to ask @PetalHeart123, or @PiiXIEDustMagazine

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