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❄  ICE COLD  ❄    --   JACK FROST X OC by Fleursstories
❄ ICE COLD ❄ -- JACK FROST...by Fleursstories
❄ Born out of twigs and leaves she had to stop her worst enemy. Follow her story together with her fellow guardian friends at a big adventure. We humans think we all kno...
Fireflies (pitchblackxoc) by bubblebitch___
Fireflies (pitchblackxoc)by lyra.fortune
Lyra has only recently become a spirit in the world. Made to light the way for lost souls. Only known as a wisp until she meets the guardians that protect the children o...
A Frozen Love ❄️ by erica_omg
A Frozen Love ❄️by erica_omg
After the events in both movies 'Rise of the Guardians' and 'Frozen,' our beloved Jack Frost and Queen Elsa meet and unravel an epic love story that will fight off none...
A New Guardian: The Daughter of the Moon(Jelsa) by DeniseSiah22
A New Guardian: The Daughter of th...by Denise
A new guardian is chosen. But why was she chosen? Was it because she is the daughter of the Moon. What other dark secrets does she hold? The Big 4 - Jack Frost, Hiccup...
TRENT by rinahgithaiga
TRENTby Rinah Githaiga
♡ BOOK ONE ♡ When Becca gets a job offer to work in a posh mansion, she has no idea that her boss is a famous football star. Not only is he ridiculously rich, but he's a...
Y/N. Princess of the Ocean (Jack Frost X Reader) by NatashaTasyaar
Y/N. Princess of the Ocean (Jack F...by Natasha Tasyaar
Y/N. Is different from everyone else. She's not a normal human or should we said not a human. She's been living with human since she was a kid and she's also able to see...
That Cold Winter Night (Jack Frost x Reader) by happy_sherbert
That Cold Winter Night (Jack Frost...by ﻬѕнєявєятஐ
All Rights are Reserved for Dreamworks. I don't own the cover either. Hope you enjoy. You are an 18 year old girl who lost her mom in a car accident 1 year ago and you...
"I am many things... But I am not you, Pitch. And I will make gods damn sure that I never will be." ━━━━━━━ OR, IN WHICH THE GRIM REAPER IS THE NEWEST GUARDIAN...
endearment (Jesse Lingard & Marcus Rashford) by rumfwallo
endearment (Jesse Lingard & Marcus...by rumfwallo
Two best friends soon discover they have feelings for each other and decide to form a romantic relationship. Will it all be smooth sailing? I can't really write descrip...
Stuck with you ✔️ by lonley_author
Stuck with you ✔️by Lonely author
Simon and Baz are back for their second year at Uni durring the Covid pandemic. They're stuck quarantining together for the next 14 days, and Simon is loosing his mind...
Jelsa in highschool by bigheadedbob749
Jelsa in highschoolby bigheadedbob749
Jack Frost meets a very different girl. The only girl who wouldn't fall for him. Will he achieve his goal of being her boyfriend?
Sanctuary (Riddick) by AradiaCross
Sanctuary (Riddick)by AradiaCross
Two convicts find themselves stuck on a desert planet, their senses able to pick up the sounds of the creatures around them, but what happens when two convicts stay toge...
Age Is Just a Number  by Bechloe15
Age Is Just a Number by Bechloe15
I am not the original author. I am simply re-uploading my favourite books which were removed from WattPad. Happy reading.
Wrapped Around My Finger by travelghost
Wrapped Around My Fingerby Traveller Ghost
Beca is new to the Bellas and is staying firmly by Amy's side. Chloe finds the new girl cute and decides she wants a part of that. Chloe makes Beca flustered, which she...
Bellas Boot Camp by Moonwritingff
Bellas Boot Campby Moonwriting
Adventures come in all sorts and shapes. Bootcamp with Aubrey is one of them for the Barden Bellas, but while there Beca and Chloe each go through their own emotional ad...
Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader) by loverelentlessly
Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader)by Makenzie
hope. (n.) a person or thing that may help or save someone. It takes a special Bunny to bring that kind of love, and it takes a very special someone to believe that hop...
It Never Is Simple by bxchloebeale
It Never Is Simpleby bxchloebeale
Life can never be simple, unless you shut everyone out. Everything seems so simple when it was only Chloe and Beca and the Bellas. But things started to change when Beca...
Silver Sand (Bunnymund x reader) by gayestroach
Silver Sand (Bunnymund x reader)by ♡♡♡
your the daughter of Pitch. only your not like your father completely. your father escapes from being trapped away from the garudians. hes getting tired of you being so...
Cold and Dark (Jack Frost X Reader) by Kandygirl263
Cold and Dark (Jack Frost X Reader)by Kandygirl263
What happens when Jack Frost turns your life upside down? Find out! You know you want to. :). (I don't own Jack Frost or the picture.)