I Dare You by taylorbryie
I Dare Youby ᴛᴀʏ
*this is not my work* it was easier for me to transfer this to wattpad than to read online. >> full credit to blacklightning1212 << ***ALSO there's a seque...
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Y/N. Princess of the Ocean (Jack Frost X Reader) by NatashaTasyaar
Y/N. Princess of the Ocean (Jack F...by Natasha Tasyaar
Y/N. Is different from everyone else. She's not a normal human or should we said not a human. She's been living with human since she was a kid and she's also able to see...
  • riseoftheguardians
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Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader) by loverelentlessly
Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader)by Makenzie
hope. (n.) a person or thing that may help or save someone. it takes a special Bunny to bring that kind of love, and it takes a very special someone to believe that hop...
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My Winter Angel - Jack Frost x Reader by Angelspirit04
My Winter Angel - Jack Frost x Rea...by Angelspirit04
A Jack Frost x Reader fanfiction!
  • romance
  • humor
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Cold and Dark (Jack Frost X Reader) by Kandygirl263
Cold and Dark (Jack Frost X Reader)by PAAAAASTA~ :D
What happens when Jack Frost turns your life upside down? Find out! You know you want to. :). (I don't own Jack Frost or the picture.)
  • rotg
  • fluffy
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I Do. by BecaBeale
I Do.by Beca Beale
Third Installment to 'I Know' and 'It's Okay'
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  • becabeale
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Wrapped Around My Finger by BitOfANerdInGerneral
Wrapped Around My Fingerby BitOfANerdInGerneral
Beca is new to the Bellas and is staying firmly by Amy's side. Chloe finds the new girl cute and decides she wants a part of that. Chloe makes Beca flustered, which she...
  • bechloe
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  • bellas
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It Never Is Simple by bxchloebeale
It Never Is Simpleby bxchloebeale
Life can never be simple, unless you shut everyone out. Everything seems so simple when it was only Chloe and Beca and the Bellas. But things started to change when Beca...
  • lesbian
  • girlxgirl
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Rise of the Guardians x reader by SierraPoulson
Rise of the Guardians x readerby TheDarkOnesDagger
You were only 8 years old when your mother left you and father. Ever since that day, it has been a living hell, your father would get drunk most nights and get very viol...
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Scott Mason: Gay Superhero (boyxboy) by Just_Pretending_
Scott Mason: Gay Superhero (boyxbo...by Rudy Moore
Scott Mason is a superhero. SHHHHHH! (Don't tell anyone!) Being a teenage superhero is pretty hard. You need to deal with snooty teachers, vaguely pedophilic Engl...
  • tyler
  • boyxboy
  • lgbtq
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A New Guardian: The Daughter of the Moon(Jelsa) by DeniseSiah22
A New Guardian: The Daughter of th...by Denise
A new guardian is chosen. But why was she chosen? Was it because she is the daughter of the Moon. What other dark secrets does she hold? The Big 4 - Jack Frost, Hiccup...
  • rotg
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Safe & Sound (Jack Frost x Reader) by RosseBlood
Safe & Sound (Jack Frost x Reader)by Rosse
Snowflakes melt... I'm a snowflake.
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My Homerun|| Dansby Swanson by atlantabraves
My Homerun|| Dansby Swansonby Sadie Leigh
"you are my homerun." when leah anderson has the chance to meet the tall and curly haired braves shortstop, she immediately catches his eye. every girl falls a...
  • freddiefreeman
  • bat
  • drama
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Believe by XxWolfLord95xX
Believeby Brandon Wright
Claire, is a young woman who believes in the guardians, though she has not met them, she knows Jack Frost since she was little, and hangs out with him. But what happens...
  • north
  • guardians
  • children
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Becemily oneshots// 2018 by IWriteGayThings
Becemily oneshots// 2018by IWriteGayThings
A collection of oneshots written for enter purposes BECEMILY ONLY
  • becemily
  • romance
  • pitch
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Rotg x Reader oneshots by immachubbyfangirl
Rotg x Reader oneshotsby ♥︎Kay♥︎
Rotg oneshots pretty self explanatory
  • jamie
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All I Need Is You by kurrii
All I Need Is Youby kurrii
When Beca Mitchell gets pregnant with Jesse's baby on accident, can Chloe stick by her side the whole time?
  • chloe
  • baby
  • pitch
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The First Guardian ( Jack Frost x Male Reader )  by ArcaneAzure
The First Guardian ( Jack Frost x...by ArcaneAzure
The first guardian that only the man in the moon knew about suddenly appears, and he's right on time for Jack Frost to be chosen as a guardian.
  • manny
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Trick Or Treat. A Jack Frost Rise Of The Guardians Fanfic (Completed) by XxParadiseLostxX
Trick Or Treat. A Jack Frost Rise...by Perri Lost
Hally Ween is the spirit of Halloween. With her busy immortal life of planning Halloween and with the help of her Halloween Helpers she makes Halloween the fun happy hoi...
  • rise
  • pitch
  • north
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my treble by lightsoutalice
my trebleby xxx on a kill streak
sequal to 'that treblemaker' so read this or you're gonna be super confused Sky's finally about to graduate and it's a lot to handle, especially trying to balance frien...
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