I'll Always Be The Rain Cloud To Your Sunshine [Bechloe] by BechloeWhatElse
I'll Always Be The Rain Cloud To Y...by Bechloe
When Beca first looks at the azure eyes of the most beautiful girl she's ever seen, her heart skips a beat, but she decides to ignore the butterflies in her stomach. A c...
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  • kendrick
  • girllove
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That Cold Winter Night (Jack Frost x Reader) by happy_sherbert
That Cold Winter Night (Jack Frost...by ﻬѕнєявєятஐ
All Rights are Reserved for Dreamworks. I don't own the cover either. Hope you enjoy. You are an 18 year old girl who lost her mom in a car accident 1 year ago and you...
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I Dare You by taylorbryie
I Dare Youby ᴛᴀʏ
*this is not my work* it was easier for me to transfer this to wattpad than to read online. >> full credit to blacklightning1212 << ***ALSO there's a seque...
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A New Guardian: The Daughter of the Moon(Jelsa) by DeniseSiah22
A New Guardian: The Daughter of th...by Denise
A new guardian is chosen. But why was she chosen? Was it because she is the daughter of the Moon. What other dark secrets does she hold? The Big 4 - Jack Frost, Hiccup...
  • tangled
  • astrology
  • chemistry
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se você fosse uma Kardashian/Jenner  by husnewgirl
se você fosse uma Kardashian/Jenne...by stan
mama Kris terá mais uma filha, e você, a oportunidade de ser membro dessa louca família de Los Angeles. [só leia se gostar delas. não vem criar polêmica aqui não. #pas] ...
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Y/N. Princess of the Ocean (Jack Frost X Reader) by NatashaTasyaar
Y/N. Princess of the Ocean (Jack F...by Natasha Tasyaar
Y/N. Is different from everyone else. She's not a normal human or should we said not a human. She's been living with human since she was a kid and she's also able to see...
  • legends
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It Never Is Simple by bxchloebeale
It Never Is Simpleby bxchloebeale
Life can never be simple, unless you shut everyone out. Everything seems so simple when it was only Chloe and Beca and the Bellas. But things started to change when Beca...
  • chloe
  • lesbian
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Out of all stars { BeChloe } by hxppynerea
Out of all stars { BeChloe }by •
•beca is in a relationship with jesse •based on pitch perfect 2 •this is the first fanfic I wrote, so forgive me if it sucks. •totally appreciate it if you guys comment...
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Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader) by takemetotulsa
Heartfelt (Bunnymund x Reader)by Makenzie
hope. (n.) a person or thing that may help or save someone. it takes a special Bunny to bring that kind of love, and it takes a very special someone to believe that hop...
  • pitchblack
  • riseoftheguardians
  • santaclaus
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Cold and Dark (Jack Frost X Reader) by Kandygirl263
Cold and Dark (Jack Frost X Reader)by PAAAAASTA~ :D
What happens when Jack Frost turns your life upside down? Find out! You know you want to. :). (I don't own Jack Frost or the picture.)
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My Winter Angel - Jack Frost x Reader by Angelspirit04
My Winter Angel - Jack Frost x Rea...by Angelspirit04
A Jack Frost x Reader fanfiction!
  • jackfrostxreader
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  • humor
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If You Must by hi-its-lefty
If You Mustby •Lefty•
{SEQUEL TO ALL THAT WE ARE} Baz's cast is finally off, and we all know what that means... wedding time! Our favorite couple must navigate all the craziness that getting...
  • allthatweare
  • rainbowrowell
  • fangirl
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Cracked Ice (Rise of the Guardians) [COMPLETE] by ForeverFic
Cracked Ice (Rise of the Guardians...by Thalia Gray
10 years later, Pitch is back, and he wants revenge. With new nightmare sand and a new plan in mind, will his plot to get revenge work or will he be sent back into hidin...
  • angst
  • complete
  • pitch
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Your Protector by sammat20
Your Protectorby Sarah
A simple trip to Earth was all it was meant to be, but a long trip on a ghost lane left many opportunities for something to happen... for something to go wrong. Riddick...
  • riddick
  • soulmate
  • black
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Not Afraid of the Dark? You should be by Umbra_Tricks
Not Afraid of the Dark? You should...by tasha
Book 1: Sinner Montrose that's me. I'm a loner. Not to mention I am the second dangerous and hunted person in space from riddick of course he is the first world dangerou...
  • riddick
  • starting-over
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SnowBaz Short Stories by Carry_On_SnowBaz
SnowBaz Short Storiesby Penelope
This is a little collection of stories that I think would happen during or after Simon and Baz's eighth year. I also accept prompts and suggestions for stories. Just mes...
  • fanfiction
  • baz
  • fluff
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Spirit School by Flaming-Darkness
Spirit Schoolby Luna
So the Drama After getting shoved in a sack and through a portal, Jack Frost arrives in the best of the best school for heroes--Spirit School. Being the new guy, Jack m...
  • flynn
  • kristoff
  • rapunzel
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Feral Child by kittycat3191
Feral Childby kittycat3191
Pitch has done it again. He has turned Jack into a toddler but his plan fails when Jack is thrown into the past. Jack is small and living with a herd of Pookas. Read as...
  • pitch
  • jack
  • öf
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Rise of the Guardians x reader by SierraPoulson
Rise of the Guardians x readerby TheDarkOnesDagger
You were only 8 years old when your mother left you and father. Ever since that day, it has been a living hell, your father would get drunk most nights and get very viol...
  • tooth
  • xreader
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Frozen Soul ||Jack x Reader|| by Disneylover8
Frozen Soul ||Jack x Reader||by Angelica Schuyler
Life couldn't get any better with an adorable, little Jammie in your life. What about an adorable, little guardian? Ever think that would happen? What about being terror...
  • nicholas
  • guardian
  • dreamworks
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