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Don't Leave, Please by Sweet_Sydney14
Don't Leave, Pleaseby Sweet_Sydney14
Cathy was just trying to be a normal girl. She worked at Dunkin Donuts, was paid pretty well actually. She's 25 and loving her life. Nothing can possibly change! Until...
  • riley
  • friendship
  • matty
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When It Goes Too Far by EdgeOfPurpleGlitter
When It Goes Too Farby Miranda
Raelynn's the type of girl who spends her weekend's knee deep in plaster and fake blood as a Special Effects Artist. You could say her life is a constant rut of work and...
  • bozer
  • suspense
  • riley
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Ask Or Dare Dangan Ronpa: Book 4 by Nimi_The_Knight
Ask Or Dare Dangan Ronpa: Book 4by Ultimate Dreamer
  • foundation
  • dangan
  • despair
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The Real Monster Here (SCP 049 x SCP Reader)  by AllHail-scp
The Real Monster Here (SCP 049 x Murder mom
  • foundation
  • slowburn
  • godhelpme
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Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x reader) by LawyerInLaw
Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x ♤ D.Spade ♤
"Change doesn't always mean growth, just as movement doesn't always represent progress."
  • null
  • fiction
  • gladionxreader
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Consequences After The Breach by SCP049fan
Consequences After The Breachby Lilia
This is my first SCP story I have written, so please just tell me if I should continue. The story is about my favorite SCP 049. I do not own any SCP's, they belong to th...
  • foundation
  • creepypasta
  • 049
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Sharrow by LordShenra
Sharrowby Lord Shenra, Space Emperor
Huge chains of events always happen in Sharrow...a region where pokemon battles is banned. Foundations, Mafias, and organizations would try to take over the region no ma...
  • comedy
  • mystery
  • foundations
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Memories of Nagito - Desko by deskoblackthrone
Memories of Nagito - Deskoby Desko And Gracie The True Sto...
You were Nagito's best and only friend the only thing keeping him sane. What happens when he loses everything and only has you. And then you're forced to leave too. Wha...
  • romance
  • soniaxgundham
  • reader
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Clair de Lune by LordHebur
Clair de Luneby Bailee Cooper
"It's cold." The story I'm about to tell you is probably the least believable and most outrageous one out there, but I need you to hear me out on this. I was o...
  • romance
  • pyrokinesis
  • arson
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The Wrath Of UnLondon  by _wooper_
The Wrath Of UnLondon by Man Behind The Mask
The Insurgency has located two of their top agents Lieutenant Thea of MTF Lambda-4 and Captain Reid of MTF Epsilon-11, they are in the replica city of London known as &q...
  • unlondon
  • epsilon11
  • apocalyptic
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Downstairs (SCP-087-B Fanfiction) by Oppyrational
Downstairs (SCP-087-B Fanfiction)by Oppyrational
(Warning! Shipping! SCP-087-B x Reader) You don't know what you did wrong. It was self-defense! All you know now is that you are a test subject, you are disposable, and...
  • fanfiction
  • gladry
  • suspense
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Une soirée de souvenirs (Grym x Neremsa) by Pokjyshaw
Une soirée de souvenirs (Grym x Pokjyshaw
(cette fanfiction se passe dans le canon "retour à l'anormal") A peu près une année après l'ouverture du bar de Grym, une fête lui fait remonter remonter des s...
  • grym
  • neremsa
  • scp
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Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer by plasmaproducts02
Magravs Energizer & Alkalizerby plasmaproducts02
For more details :- Keshe Foundation, Keshe, Plasma, Magravs & Pain Relief
  • relief
  • plasma
  • foundation
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Scp-7890 by JacksonReadsThings
Scp-7890by Jackson Does Stuff
It is unknown of its appearance,some say that it is a smoke that can take over bodies and takes control of their brain,body,and everything but once it can be hurt when i...
  • scp-7890
  • contain
  • scp
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Alpha-6 by Oppyrational
Alpha-6by Oppyrational
The SCP Foundation has always existed to protect and serve humanity. When a certain string of enemy activity and abnormal SCP behavior arises, Mobile Task Forces Alpha-1...
  • foundation
  • black
  • haunt
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SCP fanfic by lullabie12
SCP fanficby lullabie12
Your a little boy/girl around the age of 7 and for your birthday you go to your dads work and decide to observe SCP 932 but everything turns haywire when the doors stop...
  • secure
  • scp107
  • scp
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Foundation I An SCP Foundation Fanfiction I by KeysofKeeper
Foundation I An SCP Foundation Dr. Avion Wolf
"Is this even safe?" "No!" "Then why are we doing this?!" "Because it's fucking funny!"
  • mtf
  • coma
  • foundation
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My Angel  #WZPC by lovely_yara
My Angel #WZPCby manha
**COMPLETED** It is a story of a person who used to live on the streets and her angel who changed her entire life. An attempt to show humanity. One shot written for WZ...
  • home
  • foundation
  • angel
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I have waited long enough [ON HOLD] by _TheReal_2
I have waited long enough [ON HOLD]by @_TheReal_2
Ramianiya is running from war. Most of the things she has seen are stored in her memory. She is trying to understand what is really happening. She stuck inside a room wi...
  • lost
  • sacry
  • family
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Moonlight Sonata by LordHebur
Moonlight Sonataby Bailee Cooper
(Sequel to Clair de Lune) "I'm not scared of the thunder anymore." I can taste the fear in the air. This place, it isn't like PASCI, or at least the PASCI we k...
  • wattys2017
  • pyrokinesis
  • foundation
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