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Pen Your Pride


Relationships can be very difficult, and there are many decisions that you will have to make. Luckily I have searched the internet, books, magazines, and much more to find a few tips, and or situations that I can help you solve.

Having trouble coming up with things to talk about with a crush? Too Nervous?

Many people are stuck when they are trying to talk with their crushes. Be yourself, and talk about things you both like. If you do not speak to your crush, your not getting anywhere. Treat him like your friend, and everything should work out just fine. If you are trying to get him to make the first move and he won’t, remember that guys get nervous too.

You just found out your crush is not into you. How do you deal with it?

That is definitely a sad situation. Maybe it’s time to move on though. It’s not like you are going to marry him. It’s not meant to be. If you need healing time, then you should be able to have some time to think the situation through. You can choose to be alone, to cry or think it through. Or you can have your friends help you through the situation. Whatever you choose to do should be helping though.

Your friends don’t like your crush.

Don’t get angry with your friends. They are only trying to protect you. Friends care more about you than any guy will ever care about you. I am not saying that your friends are 100% correct, and you should ditch your crush. If you really like your crush, then your friends should understand. People like different things, and if they are your true friends they should understand. Just know that if anything happens, you have your friends.

Your boyfriend is not talking to you.

Start a conversation with him. Ask him if something is wrong. He might actually think that you are avoiding him. If he continues to avoid you, give him some space.

Helpful Tips

When talking to guys, many girls get all goofy, trying to be funny. Remember to calm down, and think about how the conversation could affect later. I had a serious problem with that. I would just start laughing at whatever he said, or I would try to be very funny. Laughing at whatever a guy says does not give him a challenge. Many guys respect a relationship when they had to fight for the girl’s attention previously. It shows them they had to work hard for the relationship. Being silly may also freak a guy out. Act normal. Just talk to the guy like he is your friend. Everything will work out so much better like that.

Come up with how you want the guy to see you. I once made a guy think that I am a genius. He still believes that I am a genius, an evil genius/mad scientist. Yes, you need to make whatever you want them to see you as more clear than I did or you can have them thinking something much more different than what you really want them thinking. You cannot go changing whatever you want them to think either, because that also does not work.

Dressing up for guys might seem like a good idea, but some guys just like you for who you are.

You still have your own opinion. You do not have to like everything he likes. It is fun to have you don’t have in common, as well as things in common.


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