NEET Received A Dating Sim System by Kenki34
NEET Received A Dating Sim Systemby Kenki34
A 30-year-old NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world...
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honest|e.g.d by perfecttdolan
honest|e.g.dby ☾
"I wish people were just more honest with me" "I'll always be honest with you" started:20.01.2018 ended: #1 in #dolantwinsstory #1 in #ethandolansto...
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One Thousand Storms by IzzyBae20
One Thousand Stormsby isabelle
❝And how many deaths should I die, how many lives should I live, to be with yours in the end?❞ [full description inside] © 2018 IzzyBae20 // All Rights Reserved
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Worthwhile Lunacy™ by Silmarilz1701
Worthwhile Lunacy™by Silz
Real talk. Random thoughts. Nostalgia trips. Nonsense with purpose. Mental Health Awareness. My Life. I'm Silz, 21 years young and an eager author between retail work...
  • college
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ACCOUNT RATES by -LilacsAndRoses
ACCOUNT RATESby Choppers x
in which I rate your accounts
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Let My Hands Do the Talking (Completed) by MoomooCooks
Let My Hands Do the Talking (Compl...by MooMoo Cooks
A kiss, a touch, a feeling can sometimes speak louder than words. For Dylan that's very true since he can't talk. Liana has a new job at the hottest swimming center in...
  • fiction
  • wattys2018
  • girl
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Destined?? ✔ by twinkling_girl
Destined?? ✔by Thesupergirl
"Akshitha aren't you feeling good?? You look dull?? Any problem?? Share with me!!!" "Nothing much varun!!! Just a head ache." "Hmm !! Did you t...
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The Wattpad Cliches (and Things That Would Traumatize You)  by ZarinLyss
The Wattpad Cliches (and Things Th...by Lady Curse-A-Lot
One day (Night to be exact since it was 3 AM) I was bored as hell. I had no books to read, no friends to annoy and nothing to do. Then a light bulb flickered in my head...
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Encouraging yet honest Reviews by wolfxrain
Encouraging yet honest Reviewsby wolfxrain
A place where you can expect an honest opinion of your book, but not without at least some encouraging words and hopefully helpful advise.
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bits of life by ryleewritingg
bits of lifeby rylee
poems about love, happiness, sadness, anger, history and everything else on the spectrum of life. hope you enjoy! cover created by the wonderful @ohrosely
  • emotions
  • bitsoflife
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deep down - spam² by wolfharcI
deep down - spam²by 𝐜𝐢𝐣𝐚𝐲 !
❝ THIS TIME AROUND, IMMA LISTEN TO THAT SOMETHING DEEP DOWN ! ❞ in which i'm back again to annoy you - spam ! rants ! honest ! ©wolfharcI
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Yin Yang Commentaries [REVIEW BOOK] by karinberry
Yin Yang Commentaries [REVIEW BOOK]by Karin Berry
START DATE: 23/7/2018 Ever heard the saying, 'A good book is not written. It is rewritten'? No? Then you fit here perfectly! We are a pair of REVIEWERS, here to help au...
  • helpline
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WIT BEYOND MEASURE | Honest Book Reviews by iadoreravenclaw
WIT BEYOND MEASURE | Honest Book R...by Sophie F. Williams
Do you want an honest book review? One so honest that it contains constructive criticism and advice on how to improve? Well, look no further, for this is the book for yo...
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My Love From The Star  (lesbian) COMPLETED by WriteMyHeartForYou
My Love From The Star (lesbian) C...by A
[ENGLISH] HIGHEST RANKING! #17 04-11-18 HUMOR Hera Parker, the rebel of the family. Popular lesbian of her school. Save the Campus Nerd from a two strangers. Asteria Ha...
  • life
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Charlotte Mallory's Hedgehog Reviews by charlottemallory
Charlotte Mallory's Hedgehog Revie...by charlottemallory
My focus is primarily on immersion. If I were to pick this up on Amazon or at Barnes & Nobles, how immersed would I be? Once I start to read it, can I even put it down...
  • honest
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Wattpad Books You Should Read, and Why (part-time review book) by autumn_sunfire
Wattpad Books You Should Read, and...by Verity
*Currently CLOSED TO REVIEW REQUESTS* As a fairly active Wattpad reader and writer, I've come across excellent books spanning many genres. These are chronicled within, f...
  • thorough
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The Badboy's Nerd (On Hold) by wandylopez
The Badboy's Nerd (On Hold)by wandylopez
Jane Morris is a shy timid girl and Jason Thomson is a carefree. Jason is a player and Jane is the nerd. Jason didn't knew who she was until a bet. A bet that his &quo...
  • bết
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Review Center 2.0 by The-Writers-Corner
Review Center 2.0by TWC
Looking for honest feedback on how to improve your story? This is the place for you. Come on in and have your story critiqued in a helpful manner!
  • critique
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Kubuś Wciąż Przemyśla by Kubus321
Kubuś Wciąż Przemyślaby Kubus321
No i tradycyjnie: Wszystko napisałem na wstępie, więc tam czytaj :))
  • wierszyki
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