#SoloTravel - Writing Contest! by travel
#SoloTravel - Writing Contest!by Marriott TRAVELER
Calling all travel lovers, dreamers, and wanderlust seekers! We have paired up with Marriott International's online travel publication, Marriott TRAVELER to bring you an...
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  • adventure
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SPOKEN POETRY by Cristel_Castillo
SPOKEN POETRYby CristelCastillo
Collection of Poetry's po ito para sa mga taong nagmahal ngunit Hindi nasuklian,para sa mga taong patuloy na umaasa kahit nasasaktan at para sa mga taong kahit nasaktan...
  • poetrycollection
  • spokenwordpoetry
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Fuck Buddies by soccerfreak333
Fuck Buddiesby soccerfreak333
I could feel my cheeks grow rosy as his hands skimmed down my body tearing off my bra. His hot breath rolled against the crook in my neck until finally, his lips made co...
  • truelove
  • inner-struggle
  • stalking
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Erotica One-shots by xxFlowerBabyxx
Erotica One-shotsby xxFlowerBabyxx
Mature Short Stories for my lovelies out there who just need a little XOXO If you have any suggestions please comment. I would love to write your guys' fantasies if that...
  • sexual
  • rough
  • dirty
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The Bad Boy Saved My Life #Wattys2016 by PrincessofWhales
The Bad Boy Saved My Life DIANA
Peyton Hills has it all. She has a perfect life, surrounded by loving and supportive parents who shockingly aren't divorced. She is surrounded by popularity, love and a...
  • inspiration
  • comedy
  • wattyawards
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Story Titles and Tips by talesofthysoul
Story Titles and Tipsby talesofthysoul
Want a title for your book?There are hundreds here. Want a title for a chapter of your book? Hundreds here Want tips to become better writer and better wattpader?Plenty...
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  • clichétitles
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graphic portfolio,shop。 by btsvisuel
graphic portfolio,shop。by 小泽
▎当你合上这本书的时候, 希望你会知道,一辈子不 长,要对自己好一点儿。
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|| LevixReader || One Shots Shorts by spar0wgenji
|| LevixReader || One Shots Shortsby kiara✧
Continuing L E V I X R E A D E R B Y S P A R 0 W G E N J I ✨ S T A R T E D I N 2 0 1 5 ❤️
  • toukakirishima
  • levixreader
  • tokyoghoul
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Paraplegic (COMPLETED) by TroyDearbourne
Paraplegic (COMPLETED)by TroyDearbourne
McKenzie is like any other teenage girl: makeup, parties, and boys. But when a horrific car wreck alters her life leaving her paralyzed and her best friend dead, she'll...
  • health
  • wheelchair
  • young
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Impressions from Across the Sea : BESSA by Rachelle Mills by PenumbraMine
Impressions from Across the Sea PenumbraMINE
Scribbles humbly offered by Mama Magie @PenumbraMINE BESSA will always be capitalized as She, Her, Hers. Borson will always be capitalized as He, Him, His. together -Th...
  • inspired
  • shortstory
  • wildflowers
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I LOVE YOUR TEARS (Completed) ✔ by SindhuKSV
I LOVE YOUR TEARS (Completed) ✔by Sindhu KSV
#1 in Hotlist of Romance for a long time. Edited and new version is on the Dreame website. You can find link on my profile. Agni, the most dangerous man and can command...
  • chicklit
  • sacrifice
  • emotions
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writing prompts by jeonchild
writing promptsby merida
prompts/ideas for you writers out there who might need a little bit of a fresh idea or something to practice with. these aren't mine so claiming them as your own might b...
  • inspiration
  • summary
  • head
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The Untitled Awards 2018 [CLOSED] by TheUntitledAwards
The Untitled Awards 2018 [CLOSED]by The Untitled Awards
The Untitled Awards are annual awards for authors of every genre and level of fame. Whether you write for fun or to be published the Untitled Awards could be for you. Th...
  • new
  • contests
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Breathe (GirlxGirl) by Kim4petesake
Breathe (GirlxGirl)by Kim
"Wonderfully Inspiring and a Definite Must Read. This story will tug at the heartstrings and play with your emotions. It will leave you angry, sad, happy and breath...
  • girlxgirl
  • friendship
  • strength
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Echoes In The Mist by PardonedGuy
Echoes In The Mistby Jaden R. Barnes
Lyrics, poems of passion and pain. Love that is defiled isn't love, it's idolatry. Give it no conditions. Put everything but your soul on the line because only God can c...
  • forgiven
  • rhythm
  • oldfart
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TADRE by ShadowHeadquarters
TADREby ShadowHQ
The Acadmey of Dragon Riding Excellencecy has been hiden for 425 years, but it had few riders. People were loosing their 'belief'. That, among other things, cause them t...
  • trailblazers
  • castles
  • dragons
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Oh, Honey | Fred Weasley by InspirationExists
Oh, Honey | Fred Weasleyby rachel
Honora Honey Hughes is muggleborn and proud and nothing would take that away from her. The looming war engulfing hogwarts hardly phased the girl because she simply would...
  • potter
  • trioera
  • harry
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Rainbow (COMPLETED & Under Editing) ✔ by SindhuKSV
Rainbow (COMPLETED & Under Sindhu KSV
#3 in CHICKLIT Cover@Grishma_Rajput She is a rape victim but decided to fight for her dignity in this society where rape victims are treated like a shit and the one who...
  • betrayal
  • support
  • family
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The Flow Of Time (Bnha Fanfiction) Izuku Has A Quirk by MrBobTheBest
The Flow Of Time (Bnha Fanfiction) Bobgaming909
What if Izuku Midoriya had a quirk? Other fanfics give him a quirk from birth, but what if he gets a quirk from somewhere else? I'm not talking about One for All, I'm t...
  • bnha
  • modoriya
  • izuku
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