Let's help them !!!

'Every snowflake pleads nonguilty in an alvanche' is the first thing that strikes my mind when it comes to discussing anything that adds to the enviroment. Nowadays, scientists are trying to make their best in order to find new easy medical instruments and so. Do you think spending money to find more modern and easy methods of medication is needed nowadays ?

About 70% of the scientists nowadays are trying to make their best in finding new methods of medication. This is actually so useful today because many people die from poor and weak instruments and medication. Scientists in the United States have discovered something that is really useful and would help many death people. It would help them hear and talk again because remember , people that don't hear cannot even talk, especially small children. These scientists actually have grown an ear in the lab. This was done by growing cells on a titanium wire scaffold that is modelled on the dimensions of a real human ear. The researches at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston recommended that this ear has the same flexibility of a real ear.

Tissue engineering is a growing field in medical science, where substitute organs are made in the laboratory in the hope of using them to replace damaged ones.The United stated researches have did a lot of researches to develop this ear. Moreover, this technique is used to help people with missing or deformed outer ears. It also helps people who lost their ears in accidents or trauma.

To sum it up, I really hope that scientists would look forward for these techniques as it actually helps a lot. We are all grateful to know that such an experiment had succeded and now everyone could hear!!!

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