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Elf Stories

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The Forbidden Child by IsobelSangster
The Forbidden Childby Georgia Rose
She was an accident. That's what she really was. Born a royal. Raised a commoner. An insignificant girl, born to have children and make her future husband happy. Never w...
  • legolas
  • romance
  • fellowship
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Out of The Woods by starryeyessz
Out of The Woodsby starryeyessz
Aurora is forest nymph who lives in the lost city of Arden, a lost civilization of faerie folk who live among the trees. She's never left the forest or seen the outside...
  • vampire
  • youngadult
  • wolf
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Love the little one  by joanneblackheart
Love the little one by Joanne Blackheart
We had been searching for our mate for over two years now. But we weren't going to lose hope. Me and my brother both knew that she was somewhere out there, we just had t...
  • alphas
  • angel
  • protective
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The Prince Of My Heart *Legolas LOTR* ~Completed~ #wattys2015 by Taym99
The Prince Of My Heart *Legolas LO...by Taylor
Raina; Gracious. She was very young when Sauron attacked her city. Her father, Lord Mēhadöta, sacrificed his life in order to save her. He put her on a horse and told he...
  • sam
  • strider
  • legolas
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Tethered by Snoozyn
Tetheredby Snoozyn
-A crown of stars book I- Gilryn Locklore, a highborn Lady of the Elvin Court, is an unfathomable beauty that prefers to spend her days wandering around the dark and dan...
  • fae
  • goodvsevil
  • romance
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Summoner: Origins - Book 0 by TaranMatharu
Summoner: Origins - Book 0by Taran Matharu
Arcturus is just an orphaned stableboy, when he discovers he has the ability to summon demons from another world. As the first commoner to have this skill, he is sent to...
  • wattys2015
  • orc
  • demon
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Creatures Of Fate by IndPhoenixGrimm
Creatures Of Fateby IndPhoenixGrimm
Ra'venna, a Fairy assassin cursed with a dark power never believed she would get a chance at revenge at the creatures that killed her family, until she is offered a cont...
  • water
  • wattys2018
  • lgbt
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Summoner: The Novice (Book 1) SAMPLE OF NOW PUBLISHED BOOK by TaranMatharu
Summoner: The Novice (Book 1) SAMP...by Taran Matharu
SAMPLE OF PUBLISHED BOOK THAT WAS FIRST WRITTEN ON WATTPAD. Fletcher was nothing more than a humble blacksmith's apprentice, when a chance encounter leads to the discove...
  • death
  • demom
  • love
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The Chronicles of the 6th Era by JannisHeilemann
The Chronicles of the 6th Eraby JannisHeilemann
It's the year 2018 in western timescales; 250 Years after the Crown of England and the Republic of France had conquered the realms of the Elves, their races live under t...
  • politics
  • wattys2018
  • fantasy
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Life As It Could Be by red_flame2020
Life As It Could Beby red_flame2020
Maeve is a orphan who lives in a world where dreams are the fabric of life, and war is about to break out. To save herself and her friends from destruction she must marr...
  • friendship
  • faeries
  • wars
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Seeking by cajunlover
Seekingby Jennifer
What happens when Lennae turns up in a camp she has never heard of? And she's a shape shifter? That would explain a few things...but what is up with all of these people?
  • trouble
  • mystery
  • friends
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Life is by Theonlylonelything
Life isby Theonlylonelything
The classic girl finds magic world, girl makes friends with a strange bunch of people, saves villages and kingdoms and then ultimately defeats the evil, of course with s...
  • power
  • adventure
  • elf
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The Tower 2 by BetelgeuseWatson
The Tower 2by Betelgeuse Watson
[Completed] This is the second book in The Tower series. **Beware: spoilers, if you didn't read the first** After destroying the Tower with the help of the witch Odesse...
  • highfantasy
  • medieval
  • dragons
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Awakened. by Rhythm123456
Awakened.by Rhythm123456
This story is a retelling of Snow White. Adel awakens from millennial dream. She awakens in the body of Snow White and refuses to marry a prince. Because this kingdom wa...
  • romance
  • teen
  • retelling
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Darkened Sky by otaku__bean
Darkened Skyby Planets Of Jay
A girl is standing in a tunnel of trees in a familiar forest. Walking out to only see a meadow of grass with nothing but flowers and the horizon is the distance. She tur...
  • tribes
  • action
  • swords
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Míresgal Life by AU-NMSC
Míresgal Lifeby AU-NMSC
Míresgal Life is about an Elf's life. How leaving his tribe, his small little world. Soon changing to something much more. More than elves and woodland creatures. Contin...
  • originalcharacter
  • lgbt-themed
  • elves
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Raised by the Shadows by dani8801
Raised by the Shadowsby Danielle Barry
"I hereby declare all practicing of magic is banned, if any citizen is found practicing magic or with magical items the punishment will be severe." After the u...
  • lilith
  • wattys2016
  • druid
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The Lost Gift by lynsdancer7
The Lost Giftby Lynsey
Santa and three elves are on their way Christmas Eve night. As they are flying around, a present falls out of the sleigh! When they get to the boy's house, they realize...
  • presents
  • christmas
  • sleigh
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LOTR and The Hobbit randoms ( ft. HP) by Goddessnicki321
LOTR and The Hobbit randoms ( ft...by Larry Stylinson
some random funny stuff! also with harry potter characters!!
  • cuteness
  • elf
  • voldemort
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tree labyrinth by this_is_colab
tree labyrinthby this_is_colab
  • elve
  • troll
  • dragons
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