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Mate of dragon by stars_177
Mate of dragonby Lovely_mine17
Harry Potter was cast aside as soon as he was found out to have creature blood in him. Thinking that the boy would die, Dumbledore sends Harry to Bulgaria in the middle...
Y/n was walking down the path way to her favourite cafe. It was noon and she was happy she lazily scroll down her phone while she suddenly bump into someone and that per...
Frieren's Undead Warrior (Frieren x Male Reader) by Rubyfanguy12
Frieren's Undead Warrior (Frieren...by 「Cool Vibrations」
In a fantasy world plagued by demons, monsters, and magic, Y/n, an immortal swordsman with an undying curse crosses paths with an ageless elf mage, Frieren, and her grou...
Bloodstained (Thorin x OC) by StarryNight2202
Bloodstained (Thorin x OC)by StarryNight2202
After wandering Middle Earth for almost three centuries, Agarwaen, an elven outcast, gets roped into accompanying a dwarven company on a quest to reclaim their homeland...
The Surprise Student [Glorfindel] by Gracefully_Graceless
The Surprise Student [Glorfindel]by Gracefully_Graceless
As Hogwarts students arrive for their eighth year to make up for a lack of decent education, a girl was found by the Golden Trio. Unconscious, battered and bruised, this...
The White Tiger by AdventureWriter17
The White Tigerby AdventureWriter17
This is the story of a pretty, young girl. She is fifteen, turning sixteen in a few days. She is excited to shift and find her mate. But, what happens when she shifts in...
[1-200] GLOBAL BLESSED LAND: I CAN...by thegamer3496
Author:Pond Fish In October Alternative names:全民福地:我能加点建筑 Genre:Fantasy, Xuanhuan Source:Webnovel Status:Ongoing *** After each person reached the age, he or she could o...
Reincarnation of predatory plants: starting with being a parasite on the heroine by Hana_Sama1
Reincarnation of predatory plants:...by Hana_Sama1
One day, Yaming participated in the new and exciting Desire Grand Prix from another world. [Winning Conditions: Whoever can turn the strongest and most arrogant princess...
The Elf queen's apprentice  by fennyfawk
The Elf queen's apprentice by fennyfawk
Spank fic/ageplay Lady Scarlett, goddess of the forest found little Alex as a child and took him in as her apprentice. The most powerful being in her Kingdom soon finds...
[BL, MTL] False Fairy Tale Copy (Unlimited Flow) by forgoTTen10pie
[BL, MTL] False Fairy Tale Copy (U...by forgoTTen10pie
At first, Mingshu thought he had just fallen into a simple role-playing instance. The trees were shaded, and the sun shone through the gaps in the leaves. The boy carry...
Winter Dream (Bernard the Elf x Reader) by CrazyCatTeen35
Winter Dream (Bernard the Elf x Re...by 𝓔𝓶𝓶𝓪
Christmas has never really been (Yn) Calvin's thing. Since her parents divorce when she was only eight, (Yn) hasn't believed in Santa Claus, the Christmas spirit, or ma...
How Do We Rewrite The Stars (Tech x female Jedi reader) by Scribbles_lost_quill
How Do We Rewrite The Stars (Tech...by Scribbles_lost_quill
An ex Jedi on the run, who was the General of TBB, comes into contact with Clone Force 99 after Order 66. Reader joins them on their journey and her and a certain clone...
The Forgotten Daughter (Aragorn Fanfiction) by Grneyes0987
The Forgotten Daughter (Aragorn Fa...by Grneyes0987
Story Rankings as of 9/11/2022 #36 elf out of 9.2k stories #22 aragorn out of 1.7k stories #7 theonering out of 87 stories Raewyn has a special background; she is half m...
Blue like ice, red like fire- Hyunlix by Kikikathebeloved
Blue like ice, red like fire- Hyun...by Kiki
FANTASY AU!! ENEMIES TO LOVERS!! As the old king dies the shadow of a new ruler hangs on the throne. Will Felix find peace under the young prince's rule? Or will he have...
Aide Me by PaperBlanks
Aide Meby Karin [HIATUS]
"Before I show you who I am, I want you to remember what you're fighting for," Aide replied cautiously and gave them all a piercing stare. "Keep an open m...
If The Crown Fits (Book 2) by _Kiraran_
If The Crown Fits (Book 2)by _Kiraran_
Sequel to (5 Princes and I) Rosalie Amber Stan's world is now upside down. Not only is she a suppose to learn about her dead kingdom but she actually has to learn how to...
Marry me Kookie by Moonchild_Nivea
Marry me Kookieby NesQ
When jungkook found a tiny boy in a parcel send by his grandfather who is asking him to marry him . "Marry me Kookie". ~~tete "Then grow up baby". ~~...
There Is No Time For Fear (Aragorn x oc) by geckokay
There Is No Time For Fear (Aragorn...by Kay
(Aragorn x male oc) It started with the quest to destroy the ring. Aragorn had no intention of finding anything besides victory with the fellowship of the ring. He would...
Art of Middle-Earth  by SallySocker
Art of Middle-Earth by SallySocker
Fan art of different characters and ships from Tolkien's world. If you don't like one of the ships just skip that chapter. Enjoy!
Game of the World Tree (600-799) by yemo579
Game of the World Tree (600-799)by alvin miranda
In The Kingdom of Elves, the War of Gods 1000 years ago caused the fall of the World Tree. In a world where true gods rule, the fall of the elven civilization came soon...