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                         A LIFETIME ACCORDING TO KARMA ROSE

                       Here is our special sneak peak she gave us!!!

                                            A TIME TO DIE.                              

The world around begins to move, like blurred trees passing in car windows. I’m yanked backwards, struggling to keep balance as i’m pulled towards a pulsing glow. A crescendo of hissing, clanking and groaning rises around me. I cover my ears and the pulling slowly jerks me to a stop, leaving me standing in dark and sticky liquid.

Despite the chill, beads of sweat form on my brow. Light-headedness causes my vision to blur. I squint to focus my eyes and notice my boots, scattered apart, half-buried in the snow. I don’t even remember taking them off. The wind picks up, pushing my skirt around my legs. It carries the sound of feet, scraping over frozen ground. A chill runs down my spine.

“Who’s there?”

Something moves to the right. When I turn, there’s nothing.

“Please, this isn’t funny. What’s happening? Where am I?”

Warm air licks my neck, a clock’s metal tick rings in my ear, my back tightens.

           “Turn around,” a low voice says.

    My breaths come in shallow bursts. I twist, looking over my shoulder, trying to see the man that spoke. Instead I find the source of the pulsing light.

“No!”  I clutch my chest to keep my heart from clawing it’s way out. The yellow glow--It’s from our trucks hazard lights. One of the few recognizable things in the mass of twisted metal. Not two feet in front of me is a lifeless form, glass jutting out of it’s stomach. I drop to my knees, scrambling to reach it, I can’t seem to move my feet from this place. Instead, I press my body against the hard ground, stretching forward, my dress absorbs the snow like a sponge. Soaked fur fills my fists, the coppery stench of blood wafts in my face. I turn the body over to find it’s the neighbors dog, Ox.

“I don’t understand, Ox died three days ago. I helped Mrs. Freeman burry him.” I push onto my knees and use a dry spot on my skirt to wipe my hands, taking extra care to clean my wristwatch. “This has to be a dream. An awful dream.”

“I assure you it’s not,” he says.

This time when I turn, I see him. A man, half covered in the shadows, like a panther ready to pounce, his arms are filled with something large. Slowly, he bends, long dark hair hangs in tangled strands over his face as he lowers his load. When his head comes close to mine I hear the ticking clock again. I open my mouth to speak. Then I see him, illuminated by the tail lights. I gasp and scramble back. A large portion of his head, covering down over his left eye and into his nose, is composed of metal, gears and chains. They tick and move like clockwork, opening and closing his mechanical nostril.

“Who...What are you?” I ask.

He places the parcel on the ground and smiles, his yellow uneven teeth remind me of chipped painted wood. Stretching like a cat he uprights himself, smoothing out his long black cloak, then turns and points to the object he was carrying. “Why don’t you ask your brother.”

“Perses?” I furrow my brow and watch the man’s one good eye glint with something dangerous. The sounds around seem louder, they come at me from every angle. The thing-of-a-man before me tosses back his head and laughs. There are times when laughter can be trusted. This is not one of those times. I let my eyes trail over his arm, past his outstretched finger to the mass on the ground before me. Panic seeps deep into me when I finally understand. “Perses!” I propel forward, struggling to pull the motionless form onto my lap. “Perses, wake up!” I shake his body, pat his face, nothing. “Please.” I bury my face in his chest. My hands cup his neck. I rock his lifeless form. Under my fingers there’s a slight tick of a pulse. Air exists my lungs with a whoosh, it’s as if I’m coming up for a breath after nearly drowning. “Stay with me Perses, I’ll get help.”

I rub tears from my nose with the backside of my arm and look at the man. I don’t trust him, not one bit. My brothers cold body is pressed firmly against mine, reminding me of how little time I have. “Please, sir.” I watch him take a step closer. “Can you call for an ambulance?”

“I’m afraid that won’t help,” says the gear faced man. “His time is up.”

“What?” I rock my brother and look between him and the man. “No,” I say, shaking my head. “Oh God, please. No.”

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