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Pen Your Pride

 Feel like pulling your hair? Or banging your head till you kill some neurons? Or stare at the screen till you feel that you've lost your mind? All thanks to the Writer's block!

So what are the ways to overcome this mental state? Here is a compiled list of ways which could be used to pass this barrier.

So let's begin

·         Coffee - is a friend of ours ( or hot chocolate if you prefer), which could shift our mind gears to hyper mode, thus help us in great extents of imagination

·         Seek Inspiration -

1.    Look for any kind of inspiration in your surroundings, from book covers to art, stories from books to newspapers, something would help you in your task.

2.    Or go out for a walk- this is highly beneficial, as the change of scenery could give you fresh ideas, seeing daily life and wonderful surroundings, or also help you relax and give you a peace of mind, releasing all your stress. This can help you concentrate in your work better. This could help you start again.

·         Take a break - Despite sounding like a TV commercial, this is good advice. Taking a break from your work can reduce stress levels which can hinder your imagination. Try doing something that relaxes you. Read books, watch a movie or Tv series. This could boost your imagination, giving you fresh ideas to work on and also relaxes your mind.

·         Switch -

1.    Try changing your usual instrument for work. If you usually use a laptop, then try a note book, this could help the flow of your imagination

2.    Try changing your scenery. Instead of sitting cooped up in your room, go out and work in the garden or park. Take a notebook and scribble your ideas. This can cause a difference.

·         Make time - Instead of trying to fit in your writing into your schedule, keep a separate time where you could sit and work in peace. This reduces the stress caused on you, as you would want to hurry and finish your work as soon as possible. Take your time.

Remember, writer's block is only a state of mind, and usually stress is the usual cause for it. So try keeping your stress levels low. Instead of thinking out of the box, think of another box entirely. Push

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