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A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
Uncharted Path - Beginnings Original Chapters by NyaaYakumo
Uncharted Path - Beginnings Origin...by Nyaa Yakumo
Naru Namikaze died fighting against Madara Uchiha in the fourth Shinobi War. Well, atleast she thought she did until Kami herself gives her a second chance, though the w...
The Hidden Truth (MystreetXReader) by amytstories
The Hidden Truth (MystreetXReader)by lovefanfics
I am Y/N Lycan. I used to live with my grandfather but now I'm heading home to my siblings. To tell you something, I used to live with my grandfather who was amazing in...
Lance x Walter Family Life by MaiaDumatol
Lance x Walter Family Lifeby Maia Dumatol
Lance and Walter got Married and Their son name is Becky Sterling Beckett
Wolves in the Woods (Complete) by nightcat
Wolves in the Woods (Complete)by Kes Osborne
Casee is a misfit, a complete fluke, and she is on the run for more than just her life; she is running for her freedom. Her father, a powerful Alpha, who rules with fear...
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Peace - Spies In Disguise by AlexNeko_990
Peace - Spies In Disguiseby AlexNeko_990
Peace (Completed)💎 --- William Beckett is the older brother of, Walter Beckett, and the eldest son of, Wendy Beckett. William isn't notice throughout his entire life, h...
~♡ YoonMin "Instinct" ( 18+ smutt ) ♡~ by sugaglider
~♡ YoonMin "Instinct" ( 18+ smutt...by suga glider
{COMPLETE} jimin ( a small omega ) has a crush on his alpha friend yoongi, when at school he invites him over to his house to watch a flim. just before yoongi arrives ji...
The Secret of the Beast [Sett x Aphelios] -Oneshot by Masakuterarr
The Secret of the Beast [Sett x Ap...by Masakuterarr
This is probably my first oneshot for my (recently) second OTP. It's very, very much fluff, if not too much for someone- I hope there are no more mistakes(of any kind) i...
shxto harem by potato_pun
shxto haremby •ポテトしゃれ•
hello honeys! I have made this book for the ppl who ships shxto with someone but I'm not going to have Luca, and the other girls {in nijisanji en} and also selen and el...
Nothing Wrong with Being Weird  by EternalFlower109
Nothing Wrong with Being Weird by EternalFlower109
Michelle Sterling is Lance Sterling's daughter, and she dreams of becoming a great spy like her father. When her father gets wrongly accused for a crime and gets turned...
Mathew Baynton Fan Fiction by eloisehanlon
Mathew Baynton Fan Fictionby eloisehanlon
Hi :) I'm Eloise, I'm Australian and I love writing stories. I have since young. Please leave me some feedback and tell me if you like my fan fiction! :) (The views of...
The Puppy and The Wolf (Boy x Boy) by VictoriaWegner
The Puppy and The Wolf (Boy x Boy)by Victoria Wegner
This is the second book. The first one is Puppy Lovin'. One night, Germany finds a plate of wurst on the table. Also a mug of Beer. "Italy can be really thoughtful...
Len kagamine X Neko!Reader by NagisasWaifu
Len kagamine X Neko!Readerby Rana Shiota
here it is for all you people who love len owo
Spies In Disguise Marcy x Female Reader by MaiaDumatol
Spies In Disguise Marcy x Female R...by Maia Dumatol
Lilia the robot killer. She is a little girl who hates people, Lilia works with Killian the bad guy. Killian's mission is to fight Lance Sterling and kidnap Walter Becke...
Danny, stop! by parularu
Danny, stop!by drudy
Drew was invited to a big house in an abonnded town. when he gets to the mansion, strange things start to happen. Drew thinks he knows who is up to this. Read to find ou...
My Little Neko~ (Yandere x Neko!Reader) by og_moneys
My Little Neko~ (Yandere x Neko!Re...by Violet
Your father has just died. And the Maid Café is now your only safe place. But what happens when a boy requests you as his maid?
Imallexx And Friends •One Shots• by Soggne
Imallexx And Friends •One Shots•by Soggne
A group of one shots about Alex, Will, George, Nial, Erling, Stephen, Fraser and maybe some others □ □ □ □ Everything is warned (bad language, drugs ect.) . . . . ...
Nekos ♥ by SenpaiPuto69
Nekos ♥by ♥Baka•Girl♥
Just...Nekos :3