Mythical And Subliminal  by Mythical_monsters
Mythical And Subliminal by Sulina
Hullooooo I am trying to be a mythical ya soooo.. I'll be putting random things in here too so ahhahahah ... I'm hungry 1
  • journel
  • wolves
  • ears
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The Truth About Nyctophobia  by Insane4Writing
The Truth About Nyctophobia by Max
Nyctophobia (nik-tuh-foh-bee-uh) -noun- 1. the abnormal fear of night and darkness **************************************************************************************...
  • highschool
  • hellhound
  • monsters
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seashell ears | park jimin by EnchantedSeouls
seashell ears | park jiminby (´〜`*) zzz • 김 종현
"why do you hold my hand and listen to another girl?" - short chapters, short story started/finished: 17/07/14
  • sad
  • jimin
  • fluff
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Neko in attack on titan by Nekoandfanficlover
Neko in attack on titanby Nekoandfanficlover
A girl named Alice she has lived out side the walls all her life and get this shes part cat! she has lived in a forest all her life with out a 3d manuvering device. Usal...
  • fanfiction
  • anime
  • neko
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Kitten by lameasfuck
Kittenby Hello Friend
Ddlg Teacherxstudent Kitten play Daddy dom is her teacher Melody is in a predicament. She accidentally called her history teacher, Mr. Alexander, Daddy. This may l...
  • bdsm
  • kitten
  • tails
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It's like a fairy tale || fairy tail fanfiction || by Nekoda13
It's like a fairy tale || fairy ta...by кιиg-иєкσ∂α☙✰♥☆
Hurt and alone a young girl with incredible powers joins fairy tail. I do not own fairy tail.
  • nalu
  • gruvia
  • tail
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What Is Among Us? by zanechanlover4
What Is Among Us?by zane chanlover
READ THIS FIRST!!!! We were kidnapped one by one. we were all friends. our life changed. We were experimented on, then one day saved. the doctors couldn't remove our nne...
  • escaping
  • notsonormal
  • love
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Lumine x Kody by HoppyTheBean
Lumine x Kodyby Shayla
Kody and Lumine start to have feelings for eachother...
  • werewolf
  • kody
  • weredog
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Nexus stuff by Roboberry
Nexus stuffby Pershkiti Rahtuken
This book is 100% focuses on the Nexus; mainly scenarios AWESOME STUFF AHEAD
  • neko
  • foxgirl
  • mythical
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"She doesn't even acknowledge my existence.."
  • oscar
  • paranormal
  • ears
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Mr Mirams by RolyPolyGuacamolee
Mr Miramsby Rolypolyguacamole
Mr Mirams appears as a normal teacher at a very very holy school, but secretly when no one else is watching he turns into a kink with a fetish for ears, not any ordinary...
  • ears
  • kinky
What He Hears | A Zane~Chan FF by my_ships_
What He Hears | A Zane~Chan FFby Ro Po/tato
Meif'was vs Humans. Misunderstandings. Love. "Kawaii~Chan is not a Meif'wa! Kawaii~Chan swears, so don't recruit her to your stupid army!" "Hey, Zane's na...
  • ears
  • aphmau
  • spy
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Cat Tail! by ap43966
Cat Tail!by Annabelle
This story is about a girl who wakes up with a cat tail and ears. She must find a way to hide it at school. Eventually she learns she must stop a evil Neko king and rest...
  • cat
  • neko
  • trapped
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Misheard Lyrics by rosie_lily_mione
Misheard Lyricsby 💙Hayley💛
Just some lyrics that I have seriously misheard. Enjoy!
  • imaginedragons
  • insanity
  • lyrics
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Rock Hard Love by Sylvia1301
Rock Hard Loveby Grace
So this entire story is based on an Omegle conversation I had, which turned out to be with a person I was in a group Skype call with. I changed up the ending cause Donke...
  • donkey
  • waffles
  • elvis
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