50 Shades Of Sexy by wolf_692
50 Shades Of Sexyby wolf_692
These are one shots that are made by me. This book will have only 50 chapters in it, many chapters have at least 2 parts in it maybe more. Updates will be on Saturdays...
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Spiderson One Shots by onedropstories
Spiderson One Shotsby emma
a bunch of one shots starring Peter and the avengers warning ⚠️: mature content |#1| in #aou |#1| in #avenging |#1| in #infinitywar |#1| in #monsters |#1| in #headaches ...
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Coming to a different world- Story of the [Grim Reaper] by SilverK004
Coming to a different world- SilverK004
The 17-year-old Toru Kakazu gets bullied every day at school. One day, a magic circle appears in his classroom, teleporting him and the rest of his class to a different...
  • action
  • transportedtoanotherworld
  • adventure
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I Died. But I was Reincarnated as a Rock?! by JustaWattreader02
I Died. But I was Reincarnated Death Ray-Sensei
Story of a rich man who died in a not so "in-character" death. Only to awaken he was still alive. But no, he, one day founds out that he was reincarnated as a...
  • novel
  • adventure
  • comedy
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Peek-A-Boo|YOONKOOK by MuMu_LuLu
Peek-A-Boo|YOONKOOKby MuMu_LuLu
"I'm friends with the monsters that's under my bed-" "Peek-a-boo~" And what's worst. Yoongi is mute. He can still talk but, he chooses not to.
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After Humanity by stpolishook
After Humanityby Stacey L. Polishook
* 2017 WATTY WINNER!* Humans are at the top of the food chain and always have been. But what if they weren't? What if another took our place and decided to raise and...
  • animalrights
  • dystopian
  • slavery
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New Life Online by scythus
New Life Onlineby Aries Kim
Aries and his parents got involved in an accident, and he fell into a coma but his parents didn't survive. After three years, he awoke from it. New Life Online was intr...
  • webnovel
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Thea & The Wolf  by EastEgg
Thea & The Wolf by EastEgg
#2 Naive A walk in woods could change your fate. After a brutal attack Thea wakes up in a dream world but, not all dreams are sweet. Romance, wolves and magic are at pla...
  • romance
  • otherworld
  • alphamale
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Vivid (BoyxBoy) {Pipe Dream: Book I} by MonochromeBlue
Vivid (BoyxBoy) {Pipe Dream: MonochromeBlue
Ever since an event known as the Disaster, monsters and mayhem rule the world. There are those lucky enough to live inside the Fence, while those who don't, are treated...
  • fantasy
  • discrimination
  • sci-fi
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Taming the Dragon |  Rosalia Red by RosaliaRed
Taming the Dragon | Rosalia Redby Rosalia♛
Highest Rankings: #1 in Mythical #2 in Legends #1 in Monsters #1 in Dragon | He remembered you, your scent, your touch, your everything...Even after all these years he...
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Worlds Collide (Tvd/Avengers) by insaneredhead
Worlds Collide (Tvd/Avengers)by insaneredhead
Loki's only ever had one true love, Katri, a Midgardian girl that lived a thousand years ago. But he lost her and their baby when she died. But Katri didn't die. Her ent...
  • crossover
  • klausmikaelson
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To Ashes → daryl dixon  by -missmischief
To Ashes → daryl dixon by ℬrandy ☄
Octavia Winchester looked up to her older brothers, which resulted in her growing up to be just like them. They are the Winchester's, they are fighters; always will be...
  • demons
  • teenwolf
  • crossover
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An Eternal Seal (Yandere Male x F. Reader) by Cloakedranger
An Eternal Seal (Yandere Male x Cloakedranger
Intrigued by a mansion only you can see, you venture into its domain. What lies in wait, when you meet the owner, who is a man of intrigue himself, of the mansion and en...
  • forest
  • lucian
  • yandere
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Social Reject |✓| by The_Alien_Bookworm
Social Reject |✓|by Alien
Valentine has always been different. She wasn't the girliest or the prettiest, but that's not what made her different. She was something unique, a hybrid. A cross breed...
  • hybrid
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The Legendary Moonlight Sculpture by RolandoGullaII
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptureby RLG611
Volume 1 - Volume 20 Chapter 9 This is not mine. Just for reading purposes. I'm just copying it in a reliable source/site, but I'm the one who's doing the spacing. Feel...
  • hardwork
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Original And The Winchesters (Repost) by insaneredhead
Original And The Winchesters ( insaneredhead
**THIS IS A REPOST OF A BOOK I TOOK DOWN A LONG, LONG TIME AGO** Picking up at the beginning of Season 4. Dean returns from hell with no idea who raised him or why? Bobb...
  • supernatural
  • deanwinchester
  • klausmikaelson
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Supernatural Academy (Complete) by KatieElstner
Supernatural Academy (Complete)by KatieElstner
Dawn Hughes is 17 has been living on the streets for 6 months now. The only things she learn in that time was trust no one and how to work a switch blade knife. Dawn spe...
  • wattys2017
  • fight
  • werewolf
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The Monster Beside Us [BoyxBoy] by SeraphinaRivera
The Monster Beside Us [BoyxBoy]by 🎃Spookyphina👻
The Widow's Web is a bunker designed to save and protect human lives in the event of a catastrophic nuclear attack, but when eighteen year old Lucian Mars enters the hig...
  • kimtaehyung
  • yaoi
  • bunker
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Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace Awards) Third edit. by csdreamer
Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace CSDreamer
Devon Creed is forced to watch her friends die. Innocent lives wasted by greed and the hunger for power. Tortured, bound, helpless and consumed by guilt, anger, and hatr...
  • fantasy
  • werewolves
  • shifters
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The Thirteenth Courtyard - COMPLETED by EinatSegal
The Thirteenth Courtyard - Einaty
After his best friend's murder, Filippo became a flying boy. If he won't accept the help of an albino witch and find the murderer, he'll turn to smoke. But what they dis...
  • friendship
  • paranormal
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