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Raising The Stakes by FireWithFire

So I found this thing at the Chicklit section. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Chicklit? But Trisha, isn’t that for older women? Well, it is but it can be enjoyed by all ages, especially this one. Let me start off by saying that FireWithFire has a funny writing style. And by funny I mean hilarious. My sense of humor has been shrinked to the size of a peanut because of the internet, yet  I laughed out loud at so many points of this book so that’s an achievement right? Anyway...

Our main character is Rory Thorne, a gambler gone broke with no place to stay because she had to sell her own flat. But fortunately her best friend Trystan allows her to stay at his place and basically freeload off him. All fine and dandy right? Well Trystan is a cop, and he needs help. Turns out the guy he’s hunting down has a daughter who goes to a boarding school. But what does that have to do with Rory? Well he needs her to go to the daughter’s school and impersonate being a teacher or she’s out in the streets again. Left with no choice she says yes and that’s where the fun begins.

I loved Rory, she was so funny and random. And by the looks of it we’ll be seeing a love triangle between Rory, Trystan and Scott, a journalist scouting the place where Rory’s teaching (okay maybe, since Trystan was high at the time he said “I love you”). The supporting characters also stood out. Rory’s students each had their own unique personality, ranging from the mother nature loving hippie to the devil obsessed weirdo. Rory’s coworkers were also interesting, including Sam, who Rory previously got set up with by Trystan. Things didn’t exactly work out when Rory found out Sam was a she.

Overall I’m loving this story and can’t wait to uncover the mystery behind the ever elusive Lucie Evans (the daughter of the man Trystan’s looking for).

She’s Back by Ameging

It’s refreshing to see a werewolf story about a girl that’s not the pack outcast and got rejected by her alpha mate. By the title I thought that was the case since said girl usually comes back for revenge with a pack that loves her but it isn’t (thank god).

Adriana had been caged up all her life by her so called family. One day she escaped and made a mini pack of her own. Now she’s back (nudge nudge, wink wink) to get revenge. On the first day of school she finds her mate Eric, who’s assigned to mate with Adriana's bitch of a half sister Clarissa. Can Adriana win Eric’s heart? Or will Clarissa have her way? Well don’t ask me since I only read like the first five chapters, read the book to find out.

For characters we have Adriana who’s the typical badass main female character and Eric who is, well...I really don’t know what words to define him since to me he really doesn’t have any characteristics (But hey, that’s just my opinion. You are free to disagree with me). Then we have Clarissa, the typical bitch who thinks the MC’s love interest belongs to her. I mean seriously, she is fucked up! There’s an extra chapter where we see from her pov and we find out she already found her true mate but killed him in order to be with Eric...Yeah...Excuse me please while I go and call the nearest mental hospital.

The Roommate Playbook by Lilohorse

This is one of those ‘girl becomes roommates with a guy’ story. But don’t worry it’s actually good, in fact it’s one of my favorites.

We start off with Alex being shown her cousin’s house, where she’ll be living in for the time being. Everything’s fine until Alex hears someone come in. Thinking it’s a burglar she gets hairspray as her weapon (don’t ask) and heads down. Alex sprays the guy in the face and he pins her down, later we find out he’s Devin’s (Alex’s cousin) other lodger, Ash. Alex and Ash continue to get into fights, while falling in love at the same time.

One thing I’d like to point out is how either Alex or Ash make a rule in each chapter, I just thought it was brilliant. I also liked how the chemistry worked out, it wasn’t love at first sight. Sure, at first Ash flirted with Alex but later they grow to love each other throughout the course of the book. I just loved it!

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