Writer's Block by impureeyess
Writer's Blockby ⓜ
when i don't feel like writing; complaints, rambles, etc (mm/dd/yyyy) started: 5/17/18
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pet peeves.  by -kasuki
pet peeves. by ☆`࿐
shit that annoys me; and probably you guys as well
  • ranting
  • opinions
  • hate
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Random complaints and accidents lol by YAOI_AND_MEME_GOD
Random complaints and accidents lolby I'm_a_boy
Me complaining and describing stuff that accidentally happened lol
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All The Small Things {Misc.} by harrifromthesky
All The Small Things {Misc.}by Harri :/
A seasoned collection of things.
  • rants
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Rants & Stuff by ShortcakeBear
Rants & Stuffby ShortcakeBear
Just a bunch of most likely relatable rants and speeches ik your welcome ;))
  • complaints
  • siblingrivalry
  • etc
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ANGST TEA by MaskedSt
ANGST TEAby ᴍᴀsᴋᴇᴅ
[ a book of rants that are angsty or angst tea ] a bunch of rants from a shady masked who needs to complain about life. wattpad related, life related, people related ran...
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Random Shit I Write by Lazy_Choco
Random Shit I Writeby Lazy_Choco
This is where I write about stuff I feel like talking about. This is my first book I've ever wrote so it's probably extremely shitty. Please leave constructive criticis...
  • randomstories
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Really??? My Rants by hey_its_laylayyy
Really??? My Rantsby Laylee <333
Laugh at my first world problems as I make them seem like a big deal
  • firstworldproblems
  • school
  • rantingaboutlife
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Thingos by mahgreat
Thingosby marg
Do you know how ppl have a second account on instagram where they post anything? This "book" is like that lol
  • awk
  • mylifeisamess
  • memes
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complaints by delaco-ur
complaintsby fleur
things i hate basically i hope this is relatable to y'all *cough cough mia cough anghela cough* just bcuz you two are the only ones who'll read this (?)
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the new era - kpop "burn" book by wishingstar-
the new era - kpop "burn" bookby 💫
"let's make 2018 the new era, where koreaboo is non-existent." hi, welcome to my kpop "burn" book, which is just a place for me to rant about why i d...
  • kpop
  • rants
  • complaints
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"no complaining in my lobby" bitch watch me by -kumigo
"no complaining in my lobby" inigogo
thesis bitches and complains about everything from big to small
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My Life! ♡ by CHShadow
My Life! ♡by CHShadow
The title kind of explains it but a book for updates about my boring life.
  • annoying
  • myself
  • notastory
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What I Didn't Say by RiggSessamekesh
What I Didn't Sayby Nikki
Mostly, this will just be a journal detailing parts of my boring life. Also, at some point, there will probably be various rants, complaints, problems, solutions, epipha...
  • thoughts
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