Net Monthly Awards 2018 by NetThompson
Net Monthly Awards 2018by Net Thompson
🏆OPEN🏆 Everyone is a winner! It only needs you to make that happen. Welcome to the first ever NM Awards. You need to get your story recognized? This is your opportunit...
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(CLOSED)The Monthly Awards 2018 by -TheGenreAwards-
(CLOSED)The Monthly Awards 2018by The Genre Awards
For Most of the Genres: "Awards, where everyone gets something" The Monthly Awards not only aim to uncover hidden talent of the authors, but also to give oppor...
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The WOW Awards by _words_of_a_woman_
The WOW Awardsby 🃏Poison🃏
So, it's been a long day. You just got home from a long day breaking your back, and all you want is some good-old, buttery movie-style popcorn, a couch, and some Netflix...
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Galaxy Poetry Club [Closed] by GalaxyPoetryClub
Galaxy Poetry Club [Closed]by Galaxy Poetry Club
This is a community for poets and dreamers who wish to express themselves through poetry and improve in their skill of poetry writing. We write poetry, critique on each...
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Meet the Authors Part 1 (Nov 2017 To July 2018) Book 1 of The Interview Series by BooksbyLwordpress
Meet the Authors Part 1 (Nov BooksbyLwordpress
Started in November 2017 This book is made to bring publicity to undiscovered authors. (I hope) In this book, readers can get to know favorite authors or get to know unf...
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#JustWriteIt - Prompts by justwriteit
#JustWriteIt - Promptsby Wattpad's Monthly Writing Cha...
Do you want to challenge yourself in writing? Well, you've come to the right place! Wattpad presents #JustWriteIt, a monthly writing challenge for all Wattpad users to t...
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The Lunar Awards || CLOSED by TLAwards
The Lunar Awards || CLOSEDby The Lunar Awards
REOPENS 1st AUGUST 1. Frustrated with Awards that take way too long to complete? Or even get canceled? 2. Annoyed that the most popular book becomes the winner through v...
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Strong Female Leads Awards!! by RaeBLake
Strong Female Leads Awards!!by Rae B. Lake
This contest is monthly! If you have a strong female character in your book, be it a protagonist or antagonist, we want to know about them! No matter the writing style...
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short story contest by Magicalmeg1345
short story contestby Maegan of avalon
Come one come all to the short story contest each month there will be a new prompt on this book your job is to 1) follow the prompt 2) tag me in it 3) HAVE FUN!!! good...
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PUBLISH OR PERISH | @Omega_to_Alpha Version by Omega_to_Alpha
PUBLISH OR PERISH | Blitz Draconeey
Come one! Come all! This is not your average storytelling session! Oh no, sir! This is an arena, custom made for writers like me, like you, like any of the pronouns. Th...
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Publish or Perish (@genieinabook edition) by genieinabook
Publish or Perish (@genieinabook Aranya
I get prompts. I write. I do it. Just do it. Welcome to my first collab guys 😘
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Readers Corner Book Club by ReadersCornerClub
Readers Corner Book Clubby Readers Corner Book Club
Looking for a book club without a lot of crazy rules? Looking for a book club where you can discuss your thoughts on the book without any judgement? Looking for a book c...
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Fright Nights At Wattpad [CLOSE] by JohnAndresBooks
Fright Nights At Wattpad [CLOSE]by John Andres
FRIGHT NIGHTS at WATTPAD [ SEASON ONE ] [ JUDGING IN PROCESS ] Enter your spine tingling story here and be a part of Fright Nights!!! We Scare Because We Care!!! Horror...
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Monthly Writing Contests by TheRiseAwards
Monthly Writing Contestsby TheRiseAwards
Writing contests with fresh prompts every month!
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Poetry Contests by wondxrous
Poetry Contestsby OLIVIA
This poetry contest book is for small and big poets. With fun, stimulating themes, that score you prizes on Wattpad. So read, write, and get inspired! *Opened* Highest...
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Monthly Awards - Hidden Authors by HAContests
Monthly Awards - Hidden Authorsby The Hidden Author Awards
Monthly awards for undiscovered (and discovered) authors who want to win prizes and recognition for their work. Featuring new awards for each month! By @mangoskies_
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Publish or Perish • (@produtta27 edition) by produtta27
Publish or Perish • (@produtta27 Infinity Rises
Credit for the beautiful cover goes to @arty_enigma **********************************************************************
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The "I'm on My Period" Diaries by MythicalNote
The "I'm on My Period" Diariesby Myth
"Periods. Why does it have to be blood? Can't it be like, fairy dust or something?" Oh yes. Us girls go through a lot of pain on this monthly cycle. Of course...
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Publish or Perish : Mellow_Supernova edition by Mellow_Supernova
Publish or Perish : Aurorus Nightshade
I lifted up the little pen , no I wasn't told to do so by Ben... Such ideas swirling in my head, like which's better - blue or red Actually no, the ideas are just for st...
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Drarry Writing Challenge by Gabigail_the_author
Drarry Writing Challengeby Gabigail
From July 1st - July 31st Read to learn more
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