Tag Someone Who √ by edgymetalkid
Tag Someone Who √by lyn
A massive book of good feelings for anyone who needs a pick-me-up. This is where you can find your true friends, and maybe even meet some new people. Try it out! Highe...
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Thomas Brodie Sangster Imagines by FloweryAngel
Thomas Brodie Sangster Imaginesby dunwun
A goal to make your heart burst Cover made above is by @LilyLukeMuke
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100 Pick Up Lines by springvanillarose
100 Pick Up Linesby rosetta 🥀
Reminder: some of the pick up lines are made by the author and some came from the internet/commercials/television : may be tagalog or english
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Daily Odd Prompts by -Jen_Jen-
Daily Odd Promptsby 🖤Jen🖤
Surprising your loved ones with daily amazing odd compliments.
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Bad Things [MGK x Camila] by eydeeM7
Bad Things [MGK x Camila]by foreveralone1827
*If you only knew the bad things i like. We're both wild, and the night's young, and you're my drug. I want you forever even when we're not together.* When Camila gets a...
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Aurora  by sheyndreamsky
Aurora by sheyn
•poetry• aurora borealis painted the sky with shades of color that complements the night and thoughts of past that made her cry no longer hurt for the colors are bright
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All About Y'all by ashgreninja474
All About Y'allby amourshipin fan 13
well this is all about y'all
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CHALLENGES by positivityispower
CHALLENGESby checking in!
in which i challenge you to do something every day!!
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Sander Sides Story Ideas by Ryuu_Xana
Sander Sides Story Ideasby Ryuu_Xana
Because my brain won't shut up with everything. This is basically a dropbox of ideas that I plan to write in the near future because my brain can't handle this plot bun...
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Falling For A Compliment by PurpleQuote15
Falling For A Complimentby Kae Gonzaga
Hindi naman siya ganon ka gwapo, kung baga sakto lang. Hindi ko rin alam kung mabait ba siya kasi bago pa kami magkakilala. "Bakit ka nagkacrush sa kanya?" Mg...
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365 Compliments, Pick-Up Lines, Quotes and More (ON HOLD) by crazy-psycho-reader
365 Compliments, Pick-Up Lines, Siobhan
Need I explain more? (ON HOLD FOR A LITTLE) Started on 1/1/15
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elven words and phrases by the_elven_princess1
elven words and phrasesby the_elven_princess1
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Love at First Piano ✓ by JgAuthor
Love at First Piano ✓by A&M Besties
Britney Elizé has always been the one who receives all of the compliments. She's been the good example while her sister was the bad. Bethany Elizé is the one that is usu...
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A How to Guide for Awkward Individuals by Ammxeee
A How to Guide for Awkward Emma
A guide of how to do things for awkward individuals.
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