That’s right contests-C-O-N-T-E-S-T-S-!!! Each month we’ll have contests, including winners, and prizes. You heard me P-R-I-Z-E-S-!!! Each month we will have the same contest but a different theme. Our contest is called fairly fairy writing contest.

Hello and welcome to the Fairly Fairy Writing Contest. I am Danielle, who will be judging and rewarding you for your writing. You must follow the rules, which will be posted below. Each month, you will be writing a piece of writing due to the genre that I choose.

This month's genre is: Werewolf

You must write a chapter of a werewolf story. It can be Werewolf/Romance, Werewolf/Vampire, etc. You can have it with any other genre, as long as you have it with Werewolves.

As for the prizes! You will be ranked from 1st place - 3rd place. Do not feel bad if you are not put in the top three! I will fan whoever tries!

First Place - A fan, 5 comments on a chosen book, and I will add the book in my library

Second Place - A fan, 3 comments on a chosen book, and I will add the book in my library

Third Place - A fan and 2 comments on a chosen book


Please post below this form so I know you will be in the contest.

Your Name:

Book Genres:

Book Name:

-- NOTE: The book does not have to be posted. If you want to, just make up a title.

-- NOTE: SEND the written piece to@Wolfhound11 so I can judge it!

As for the rules:

1. Do NOT steal other people's writing. You will be disqualified and banned from any other contests.

2. Please follow all the rules

3. Do not get mad if you don't win. You might next time.

4. Please write the right genre.

5. I don't care if you have swearing or Rated-R


That's it. Tell me if you need

anything changed or something.

 If you have any questions just ask @PiiXIEDustMagazine, or @Wolfhound11

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