This or That by WritingGirl34
This or Thatby M
Chocolate or vanilla ~ Adidas or Nike ~ Android or iPhone The rules are simple: choose a side based on these questions and compare your results with others. Highest rank...
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Tigons' Book Club by ccreationz
Tigons' Book Clubby ccreationz
Readers, Looking for addicting stories. Writers, Looking for certain comments to help you improve and gain readers. Ready to build friendships and join the fun. Can you...
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MY DRAWING BOOKby Sin-B-gone 👌🏾
I just give drawings and ask questions.
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Book of Randomness by BentleyMahaxay
Book of Randomnessby Bentley Mahaxay
********************** A book about literally anything I want to share. ********************** Highest Ranking - #2 in "thesims4" **********************
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Announcements, Polls, and Updates by ForeverOtaku0-0
Announcements, Polls, and Updatesby SlipDipShip
the title is self explanatory :/
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Votes and polls  by _cupsofTae_
Votes and polls by ✨Need a life✨
This is where you vote on what book I should create/update next and giving me ideas for my stories!
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Random stuff by RaventheKitsune
Random stuffby Raven
I share videos, stories, pictures, references, sometimes I'll write a poem or two. I ask questions and polls, Ummm, it's a basically a place to barf out :P
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Bts Girl by Marshmellow1272
Bts Girlby M
You were at a bts fanmeet when you and your friend got into a huge fight. Well you beat her ass at least... When Suga notices you and invites you to stay with Bts for a...
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Avu's Pokémon Shipping Randomness  by fandom_phantom_999
Avu's Pokémon Shipping Randomness by Avu K
Pokémon = the anime, games, and manga Shipping = supporting the belief that two characters, fictional or not, belong in a romantic relationship Randomness = ship ratings...
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♤Random Facts About Me♤ by iiVideogameFox
♤Random Facts About Me♤by ᗩᑎIᗰE ᗩᗪᗪIᑕT
So, this is exactly the title. This is about me, what I stumble upon, R A N T S, Book Ideas, Polls, and other random stuff; Because knowing me, it's gonna be random. Jus...
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Random Things. Rants, Polls, Life Stories. by PercabethHinny
Random Things. Rants, Polls, Life...by PercabethHinny
There's polls on various subjects, including polls on my current stories. There's also rants on things that irk me , feel free to read them, so long as you don't get off...
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Rant book + Shoutouts  by MooseBootylecki
Rant book + Shoutouts by SpookyScarySkeleton
The title is self explanatory tf?
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Polls about Random Things by elder_virginia
Polls about Random Thingsby Virginia
Polls about things that will probably be related to musicals
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A glimpse of hope by WeHaveNoLife_
A glimpse of hopeby WeHaveNoLife_
Some random thing I'm writing because I'm bored. ~Neo Caitlin thought she had a quiet life, a small little bubble that she could stay in: But when her world comes crashi...
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Anime Memes by Rivai-Heichou
Anime Memesby Rivai~Heichou
Just a bunch of memes, head-canons, and theories I find interesting, funny, or whatever emotion. WARNING: may contain spoilers I do not own any of the pictures or their...
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Polls! by AlexWaver
Polls!by Sienna
This is the book where all my polls and reader suggestions will be! Any ideas you guys have can go in comments here!
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struggles of a basic white girl by ireallywantfries
struggles of a basic white girlby isa "fry boi" 💞💞💞
> i have no idea what's gonna happen either > my instagram followers vote on how the story is gonna progress > if you want to vote as well, follow @ireallywantf...
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About Me by Ithildaeforever
About Meby Ithildae
This book is just a glimpse into my crazy and chaotic mind. Some chapters just for my wonderful readers that are about me:) haha, I hope you enjoy. Includes: Facts abou...
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For my followers uwu by Swirk57
For my followers uwuby Swirlo
..hewwo? Is anybwody twhere?
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