This or That by WritingGirl34
This or Thatby M
Chocolate or vanilla ~ Adidas or Nike ~ Android or iPhone The rules are simple: choose a side based on these questions and compare your results with others. Highest rank...
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Tigons' Book Club[OPEN] by ccreationz
Tigons' Book Club[OPEN]by ccreationz
Readers, Looking for addicting stories. Writers, Looking for certain comments to help you improve and gain readers. Ready to build friendships and join the fun. Can you...
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Warrior Cat Polls by WarriorsOfTheCentury
Warrior Cat Pollsby The Century Team
Welcome to the Warrior Cat Polls, hosted by Sky, in place of Swift! Disclaimer: This is not an original game/idea. How to Play: We will give you a list of warrior cat n...
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Bts Girl by Marshmellow1272
Bts Girlby M
You were at a bts fanmeet when you and your friend got into a huge fight. Well you beat her ass at least... When Suga notices you and invites you to stay with Bts for a...
  • yoongi
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BECCA'S STUFF by she_is_music
Information and other random stuff that you'll either need or will have fun reading/ participating in!
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Avu's Pokémon Shipping Randomness  by fandom_phantom_999
Avu's Pokémon Shipping Randomness by Avu K
Pokémon = the anime, games, and manga Shipping = supporting the belief that two characters, fictional or not, belong in a romantic relationship Randomness = ship ratings...
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Rant book + Shoutouts  by thatweirdfangirl67
Rant book + Shoutouts by 🎁🛍🎄
The title is self explanatory tf?
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คภเ๓є ợ๏ยՇєร ๏г ฬђคՇєשєг~🌹 by iiRose_Sakamakiii
คภเ๓є ợ๏ยՇєร ๏г ฬђคՇєשєг~🌹by ʀօֆɛ ֆǟӄǟʍǟӄɨ👑
I ɯιʅʅ ρσʂƚ ɯԋαƚҽʋҽɾ I ɯαɳƚ, ʂσ ყσυ ƈαɳ ƈαʅʅ ιƚ αɳσƚԋҽɾ ϝαιʅ Rαɳԃσɱ Bσσƙ, I ɯιʅʅ ρɾσႦαႦʅყ ԃҽʅҽƚҽ ιƚ αɠαιɳ. Wԋσ ƈαɾҽʂ Ⴆυƚ ƚԋαɳƙʂ ϝσɾ ɾҽαԃιɳɠ αɳԃ ʋσƚιɳɠ ιϝ ყσυ ԃσ.~🌹
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Ruby's Rants and Raves by RubyRedRose1207
Ruby's Rants and Ravesby Ruby Red
Enjoy this little piece of my life. Love ya. Take care, gentlemenadies. *bumpschesttwiceandflashesapeacesign* Kittyface
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POLLS | BTS by kukusuri
POLLS | BTSby 𝐒𝐮𝐫𝐢.
In which Suri decides to create polls for fun. Started; 181125 Finished;
  • namjoon
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Updates, poll and random stuff by ali6ce
Updates, poll and random stuffby ali6ce
Hello! This is where I'll post announcements, polls on what yo write, what to post and maybe even what should happen in some story or how long a story should be! I will...
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TEASERS AND UPDATESby Allison P. Farrell
A book where I post updates and teasers for all of my current stories!
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Random stuff by RaventheKitsune
Random stuffby Raven
I share videos, stories, pictures, references, sometimes I'll write a poem or two. I ask questions and polls, Ummm, it's a basically a place to barf out :P
  • wattpride
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The Emmerdale polls  by fashiongirl04
The Emmerdale polls by PSG fan⚽️🗼🇫🇷
A booked filled with Emmerdale polls
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Polls about Random Things by elder_bitch
Polls about Random Thingsby Virginia
Polls about things that will probably be related to musicals
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sunsets | newsletter by BANGTANS-ARMY
sunsets | newsletterby accepting
official newsletter book for bangtans-army.
  • challenges
  • thefandomfighters
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India has grown to IT Superpower in the 21st century? Poll and Know About It by polldeep
India has grown to IT Superpower i...by Polldeep
India can be a superpower of the 21st century only if they pay heed to the major concerns related to corruption and population. India will surely prove its mettle in the...
  • questions
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♤Random Facts About Me♤ by FieryFoxandIce
♤Random Facts About Me♤by please dont.
So, this is exactly the title. This is about me, what I stumble upon, R A N T S, Book Ideas, Polls, and other random stuff; Because knowing me, it's gonna be random. Jus...
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Lily's Recycling Bin! by wintxrlilyisinactive
Lily's Recycling Bin!by Lily M. B.
Updates, stories, polls, and lots of other shit that doesn't fit in anywhere else!
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help by askingdinosaur
helpby semi-hiatus <3
help me decide since i suck at decisions thanks ♡♡♡
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