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Spotting Thorns (Riders of Silence MC 4) by Booklives75
Spotting Thorns (Riders of Booklives75
Rose: My new con. Find and possibly kill Briac Bledig. The man who is said to have killed my brother. I hide everything, it's my job. The life of a grifter is dangerous...
BORUTO : A Shinobi's Legacy  by Borutopicks
BORUTO : A Shinobi's Legacy by
A WORLD WITHOUT TRUE HEROES A story about a young shinobi/ninja named Boruto Uzumaki, the son of Naruto Uzumaki, the leader of their village Hidden in The Leaf on how wi...
Words Unsaid - Tododeku by SuicidalGuacamole
Words Unsaid - Tododekuby Suicidal Guacamole
After an incident with Bakugou, a few students are left without dorm rooms and must transfer. Izuku Midoriya finds himself on the fifth floor, next to Shouto Todoroki. H...
Code Geass: America's Revenge by DewElr
Code Geass: America's Revengeby DewElr
George Washington's Rebellion or in our timeline the American Revolution has failed, but history books said that he died from the battlefield, but what if that was wrong...
 BORUTO ANBU by Hitoma_soa
BORUTO ANBUby Hitoma soakash
The Prince Scientist by MaximusVenatus
The Prince Scientistby MaximusVenatus
In Area 11, A battle rages between the britannians and the elevens. However, in this plotline, it seems a new player has entered into action. Let's see where this will t...
Mobile suit Gundam: Iron Blood Geass, (Y/N) the Orphan by I-Love-SABER
Mobile suit Gundam: Iron Blood I love SABER
As far as (Y/N) as remembered only that he was a fan of the MSG: IBO and Code geass and now he is here to protect the future and with his group of PMC the Tekkadan, The...
CODE PATRICIA 2 || Rosekook  by inksandyanggki02
CODE PATRICIA 2 || Rosekook by Yuki
This is the Book 2 of CODE PATRICIA. Roseanne Park is a very exceptional top agent from the North. But to her dismay, she is assigned to a mission with the very best- To...
LDWCB1: A Princess Power [COMPLETED] by Akilein_Adazeta
LDWCB1: A Princess Power [ AkiZeta
SYNOPSIS A story about a man who will do anything just to be with his wife again. What trials and tribulations will he face in the world the Omnipotent wants him to ente...
Code Geass (male reader insert) by Lightningstorm12
Code Geass (male reader insert)by Lightningstorm12
Like some of my other books you don't really see that many of these books. If not none so hey why not
A new challenger appears  by Derpadoo9
A new challenger appears by Anthony Pierce
this is the adventure of my OC. He struggles in the undertale multiverse to find out why he's there, but he finds troubles along the way. He is a clone made by the sadne...
The maze runner x reader {ON HOLD} by hobgoblinne
The maze runner x reader {ON HOLD}by 𝕲
*You probably just stumbled over this but please give it a try* You wake up in the box with no memories, settling in isn't going to be easy especially when you and Teres...
After Marriage Life (C.C x Lelouch) by kuroneko0_0
After Marriage Life (C.C x Lelouch)by kuroneko0_0
How they met each other is basically the same as in the original anime. C.C is an immortal witch and Lelouch is a mortal human who have geass power. After the war ended...
The Prison: (Yancy x reader) (A Heist With Markiplier) Book one  by ElysianLilith
The Prison: (Yancy x reader) (A Ruby ✨
I wanna be free... This isn't an amentity... If I try to live this good out there, I'd have to be a thousandaire. This isn't where I want to grow old; So I'm just prayin...
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Fractured by JiminiieCricket
Fracturedby JiminieCricket
*a canon divergence that picks up from manga chapter 61* Boruto's patience was already on the verge of breaking into all out panic. He pressed the heel of his palm again...
The SABER idea Story by I-Love-SABER
The SABER idea Storyby I love SABER
I am going to post my Idea Story on this book plus there are times that I am bored and I got alot of idea for a new story plus you can use this for thinking for a new St...
Journal 3: DECODED! by GreyJay13
Journal 3: DECODED!by Grey
Journal Number 3 from the hit tv show Gravity Falls, created by Alex Hirsch, was released on July 26th of 2016. Ford's journal is packed with every page ever seen in the...
Hacked: The Dark Web by Nxthxlix004
Hacked: The Dark Webby Nxthxlix
Betrayal and sadness, that's Jade. 16 year old Jade Lockwood stumbled upon a dark path when her father abandoned her and her mother when she was only 10. She believes th...
I like your father, not you!! (Borusasu) by CHlDORl
I like your father, not you!! ( Bleedparlour
For a whole 25 years, Sasuke clings to his unrequited love for his best friend, Naruto. While on a mission with Team 7, something changes within him; a revelation occurs...
Destiny  by Sidneetblaze
Destiny by V
❝Between Sanity and Insanity Create Your own Reality❞ •HIM• Love is Shit, True Love is Bullshit, And i will be with You forever is horse shit. Sometimes Your Heart need...