Check out this new book called the The plastic city by @Maryniafaith, it's coming out soon. If you have any questions at all don't be afraid to ask, you can contact us at @PiiXIEDustMagazine.

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"... I want this more than anybody else here tonight, unlike all the other content losers of this...plastic city- I'm ready to get out there, ready to live- I mean really live-- ready for more than this, ready to be FREE. ..."  –Maxine “Max” Thompson has lived in Diamond Ridge all her life, this place is all she’s ever known, she’d never stepped foot out of this place. Neither had her mom, her dad, or anyone else in her family, in fact neither has anybody living in Diamond Ridge. There’s a reason too, Diamond Ridge is controlled by President Cash, nobody is sure why Cash has kept them all away inside this horrid place, we’re all surrounded by security officers, military forces, and soldiers all guarding the sixty foot cement wall that has survived for longer than the oldest town resident, Faye Midge, at the age of 92. Cash claims it’s for safety reasons, that without the wall, his people would be killed. His passionate love for this city is why he has barricaded them in. Of course, Cash has made this city as comfortable as possible, providing large amounts of money to families, creating what is as close to trees as Diamond Ridge will ever get, excessive amounts of food and entertainment, large luxurious houses, and so on. Now just to excite his people, who'd had been getting quite rowdy over the recent circumstances, Cash announces that for the first time in this city’s history, 50 lucky contestants will venture out for 90 days. But… Cash isn't just going to play fair, now is he?

   The plastic city, should be coming out soon. Give a big round of applause for this amazing writer @Maryniafaith and her book The plastic city. *Audience applauds*

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