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Pen Your Pride

Hey guys! I'm XxPrettyChic and I'm going to be showing you a few back to school hairstyles you can do using nice and easy steps!

#1 waterfall braid

What you need:

*A hairbrush

*And time!

First, decide where you want to start your braid. It usually starts from the front section where your hair is parted. Brush your hair so that there aren't any knots. Then part your hair and start from the side you want your braid to be. Grab a section and divide it into three more sections. Start braiding like a french braid for a few times. Then hold the left section and cross it over the middle section. Taking the right section add it on top of the middle and left section. Now drop the left section and you'll notice that the right section has now become your left section so you need to pick a new right section. And repeat the first step. Cross the left strand over the middle then, cross the right section over the top of middle and left section, now drop the left section and pick a new one. After braiding like this for a few times, you'll notice the waterfall effect coming. Continue braiding until you have reached where you want to end your braid. You can use fun accessories for an elegant and summery look.

#2 The Side Ponytail

What You Need:

* A Hairbrush!

* And an elastic band

1.Gather all your hair just below and behind your ears but making sure that the tail is in front of your chest it doesn't matter whether your side pony tail is on the left or the right.

2. Secure with a hair elastic or rubber band.

3.Make sure that you brushed all of your hair to the side so that it is the way you want. Use hairspray or hair pins if needed.

4.Choose which style you'd rather have, neat or messy.

#3 The Messy Bun

What You Need:


1. Grab a small piece of hair at the top of your head.

2. Part the rest of your hair in half

3. Take the right half and wrap it around your head, including the bun. Do the same with the left. To make it look prettier,add clips, flowers, bows,

#4 Layered Ponytail

1. Part your hair in four sections, horizontally.

2. Tie the first section into a ponytail.

3.Tie the second section into a ponytail, adding the first ponytail.

4. Now you're finished!

#5 Side Plait

What You Need:

* A brush

1. Brush hair and move all to the left or right hand side.

2. Braid your hair into a plait, keep it loose or tight.

3. Finished!

#6 The Sock Bun

What You Need:

* 2-3 bobby pins

* And a sock

1.Start by putting your hair in a loose pony tail at the top of your head. 

2. Spray your hair with water.

3. Cut the toes off a sock, and fold the sock to make a "doughnut" shape.

4. Take your pony tail and wrap it around the sock.

5.Pin the extra hair around the sock and voila! Your sock bun is complete =)

#7 The Fishtail Braid

What You Need:


1. Its like a plait but only your using 4 sections.

2. Firstly, separate your hair into 2 sections.

3. Then you just twist them around gathering more and more hair every time.

That's it for Hair Professor, if you have any hair problems or issues inbox me @XxPrettyChic and it'll be sorted out ASAP!!! =)

xx Maya

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