How to be a bad bitch by elletype
How to be a bad bitchby e l l e
-Your complete course.?
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  • tipsforgirls
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Plug Daughter by _FunnyGirl17
Plug Daughterby Lala
Misty is the daughter of Murda and the sister of Darell. Those two are the most ones not to fuck with. They are very protective over misty, so fuck with her...all I got...
  • bundle
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Random Pictures❤👀 by Brunnabrown190
Random Pictures❤👀by Apqtharealpimp
clothes,shoes,hairstyles, nails,and more
  • nails
  • outfits
  • shoes
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Beautiful Emos by XxBetterOffDeadxXx
Beautiful Emosby R.I.P ZEKE 3-4-16❤❤❤
These are pictures of amazing emo hair, eyes, people, etc... I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PICTURES. I FIND THEM ON THE INTERNET!!!!
  • hairstyles
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MAKEUP TIPS [2] by prettyexcuse
MAKEUP TIPS [2]by coral↓
self love is the most vital of all... ©prettyexcuse
  • makeup
  • tricks
  • nonfiction
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Jake Paul my bully (jessa)  by jakesndtessa
Jake Paul my bully (jessa) by _jessa___
Jake and tessa have hated each other since 3rd grade. Will everything change. Read and see
  • jessa
  • hairstyles
  • love
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The One I'm Meant For (A TracyxLink Fanfic) by RayandSab
The One I'm Meant For (A Ray and Sab
PLEASE DON'T JUDGE BY VIEWS. THIS IS A NEW STORY! Tracy and Link are finally a couple, but that doesn't mean that their story's over. With Link on his toes about the ag...
  • playgirl
  • boyxgirlrelationship
  • lovestory
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A Journey Through His Soul by spiritualwriter1
A Journey Through His Soulby spiritualwriter1
Two middle school kids, lost in life but found each other together. Jade is new in New york, she left her small, lovely and cozy town in Ohio to join Flores middle schoo...
  • pretty
  • younglove
  • emoboy
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Hairstyle (Kth) by hoshicake
Hairstyle (Kth)by bearries
What is wrong with Kim Taehyung's new hairstyle? Nothing, but others seem to dislike it, for some reason. "Be proud of it. Show them how you really love it." ...
  • jungkook
  • hoseok
  • rapmonster
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Fashion by ignoring_you
Fashionby imignoringu
  • makeup
  • jeweley
  • fashion
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Hairstyle tutorials  by Masters18
Hairstyle tutorials by Masters18
Cool, Cute, and easy hairstyles! Will also include hairstyles from shows like Vikings, Hunger Games, Teen Wolf, and more!
  • braids
  • hungergames
  • hairstyles
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Nymphets And Faunlets Guide  by _the_spooky_kids_
Nymphets And Faunlets Guide by _the_spooky_kids_
Advice and other helpful tips for you fauns and nymphs. 💖Boys and Girls💖 ~Fashion/makeup ~Seducing/attracting ~other stuff
  • nymphets
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  • faunlets
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Sarah's Head shave by Mya-Davidson
Sarah's Head shaveby Mya-Davidson
Sarah, a sweet young girl in her 20's finds herself in quite a predicament when she is kidnapped and has her hair cut in a boyish manner.
  • bald
  • emotions
  • hairstyles
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🎃Oh, it's me. 🎃 💬 by stupidsquids
🎃Oh, it's me. 🎃 💬by ☛Squids👅☚
Fuck yeah, Halloween is approaching. 🎃🍁 @denniswierdo on instagram.
  • hairstyles
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Your Zodiac by jj-Girl
Your Zodiacby jj-Girl
Fun, Clever and silly zodiac posts FYI I don't right them I find them so don't hate if they aren't true Credits go to
  • zodiac
  • libra
  • gemini
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Personal hairdresser (Levi x Reader one-shot) by glitterngloss
Personal hairdresser (Levi x glitterngloss
Levi asked you to cut his hair once and after that time it became regular. You visit his office once in every month to complete your task, without asking for anything as...
  • aotfanfic
  • aotxreader
  • romance
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Natural Hair Journey by KrispyKremexo
Natural Hair Journeyby KrispyKremexo
Hey all!! I'm going through my natural Hair journey!
  • hairgrowth
  • length
  • ilovemyhair
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Everyday Hairstyles by CristalSantos731
Everyday Hairstylesby Cristal Santos
Whatever occasion it is, there's always a hairstyle to go with it. Braids, half-ups, buns . . .This book has plenty of hairstyles ranging from the basics to the very com...
  • beautiful
  • beauty
  • buns
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natural hair troubles and how to care for them by purplishpurple
natural hair troubles and how to purplishpurple
do you have natural curly or coily hair and you desperately want to grow your hair naturally without perms and whatever's then this belongs to you.♥♥my kinks
  • haircare
  • hairstyles
  • skinfashion
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Summer Tips & Tricks by wafflur
Summer Tips & Tricksby wafflur
Just a collection of beauty tips in the summer and things to do in the summer holidays, that I've found online. It's all conveniently stored in this lil book ^_^
  • tips
  • lifehacks
  • hacks
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