Runaway (BWWM) by Stellabonita
Runaway (BWWM)by Alexis M.
"So do I have any competition?" Chris asked curiously. "F-for what?" "Your heart, love." Chris pinned Olivia gently to the wall, her hear...
  • lovetriangle
  • heartbreak
  • familybusiness
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Guides for Writers by howtousewattpad
Guides for Writersby How to Use Wattpad
So you have read many amazing stories on Wattpad and now you're thinking - "Hey, I can do this too! I want to share my story!" Your creative juices are flowin...
  • writing
  • guide
  • wattpadtips
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Better Lost Than Found: A Novella (Limited-time only, Wattpad version) by RiofWolve
Better Lost Than Found: A Riley Knight
"Deal?" "Done." When seventeen year old Clare Howard decides to escape from the boring manner of the modern Millennial by spending her summer vacatio...
  • murder
  • publishing
  • serialkiller
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Paired up 3 by GingerAndy
Paired up 3by poĸeѕнιppιng qυeen
"But there are things that come before your book, no?"
  • marriage
  • misty
  • leaf
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From Wattpad to Published Author - My Journey by TaranMatharu
From Wattpad to Published Taran Matharu
In November 2013, I started writing my novel, Summoner: The Novice on Wattpad. I reached 1 Million reads within 4 months and was featured on NBC news. I was offered repr...
  • literary
  • publishing
  • book
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A Segregated Romance | now on AMAZON! by holygwarz
A Segregated Romance | now on ☄︎
He said, "Love is colorblind." Three words which changed her life forever. Segregation. Racism. Diversity. Follow Carolina Whittley and read her story abou...
  • publishing
  • mixedgirl
  • historical
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How to NaNoWriMo by WattNaNo
How to NaNoWriMoby Wattpad NaNo account
Have you heard of NaNoWriMo (November is National Novel-Writing Month) but are unsure of how to get started? Or maybe you're just looking to write a book and need some g...
  • outlines
  • publishing
  • beta
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Raw by NikkitaJay
Rawby Nikkita Jay
Nina has a boyfriend she loves, a house she owns, a masters degree...and she couldn't be more miserable. Can one job, one night and one drink change everything?
  • adult
  • dream
  • romance
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Want & Need by CJLaurence
Want & Needby C.J. Laurence
*THIS BOOK IS NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON* (the chapters included here are teasers only) Falling for your boss is never a good idea-especially if he's emotionally unavailabl...
  • jensenackles
  • publishing
  • erotica
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A Spark of Love - Aftertale Sans/Geno x Reader by _CynderWrites_
A Spark of Love - Aftertale Sans/ Cynder
You're a 13 Year old girl who lives in Snowdin after falling down Mount Ebott 6 Years ago. You live with some AU Sanses, like Ink, and Blue. You're depressed from the th...
  • genoxreader
  • fanfics
  • publishing
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A Random Book by mylovelyinsomniac
A Random Bookby ♡Insomniac♡
Dedicated to my rants and publishing schedule. It probably won't be used very often.
  • hello
  • random
  • randomthoughts
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A Novel Idea by RoseTaylorAuthor
A Novel Ideaby Rose Taylor
This collection is one I may be most excited for. Within these chapters, you'll find what would essentially be the first parts to novels I've been tinkering with since I...
  • fantasy
  • teenfiction
  • generalfiction
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Published:  What They Don't Tell You In English Class by sydney_scrogham
Published: What They Don't Tell Sydney Scrogham
You want to publish your book. I did, too. It happened, and the more I learn, the more I realize having an English major doesn't prepare you to be a published author. H...
  • tips
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  • publish
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How to run away  by KatGarrah2305
How to run away by Kit Kat Patty Whack
Read the title
  • grammar
  • author
  • escape
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A Short Collection by WhitakerWritings
A Short Collectionby Jason Cormier
Whitaker Writings, "A Short Collection," features a collection of short stories that range from fictional fantasy to non-fiction. Whatever your tastes might be...
  • fiction
  • nonfiction
  • story
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A French Star in New York (The French Girl series #2) by annadams
A French Star in New York (The Anna Adams
Maude thinks her life can't get any better: her first music album is a hit, she's about to meet her extended family, and she's looking forward to her first date with tee...
  • romance
  • novel
  • french
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R E D by TStories
R E Dby Tifa
  • love
  • eroticromance
  • characterdevelopment
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WATTPAD TO TAPAS!! (promote!) by cjyoung24
WATTPAD TO TAPAS!! (promote!)by C.J. Young
Hey everyone! Here's a little information about my books over on, and how to publish on there yourself. This will be a place for authors both on Wattpad and tho...
  • promoting
  • promotion
  • tapastic
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The AerithSage Magazine! by AerithSage
The AerithSage Magazine!by Alyssa Urbano
WATTPAD FROM A-Z Contents: What's Hot on Wattpad, Books I Recommend, Wattpad Interviews, Ambassador Stuff, Special Articles, Filipino/Tagalog Articles, My Rants and Musi...
  • critic
  • love
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Introducing the Class of 2017! by DebutAuthors
Introducing the Class of 2017!by Wattpad Class of 2018
Meet the Wattpad authors who are about to take the publishing world by storm with the debuts of their novels in 2017.
  • adult
  • contemporary
  • fantasy
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