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Tink by thelittleblackghost
Tinkby Boo!
Male Tinkerbell x Female Reader Based on the Disney movie Tinkerbell (Y/n) = Your Name (H/l) = Hair Length (H/c) = Hair Color (E/c) = Eye Color (S/c) = Skin Color I OWN...
Warlock by Taborix
Warlockby ¿Someone?
An ancient warlock struggles to find motivation in the modern world, where the Other society of fantastical creatures faces war among themselves and against human societ...
Right Here || Xavier Thorpe by idontevenexistlol
Right Here || Xavier Thorpeby ur future step mom
Adelina Engel, an outgoing confident girl, finds love in the halls of Nevermore Academy. Adelina had been friends with Xavier Thorpe for many many years, knowing each ot...
To Kill a Fae - A Fantasy Romance by jawaters
To Kill a Fae - A Fantasy Romanceby Jamie Waters
Sabine has spent the past decade hiding from the Wild Hunt. But when a charismatic stranger recruits her to retrieve an invaluable artifact, she'll have to finally revea...
𝙅𝙀 𝙏'𝘼𝙄𝙈𝙀 • ayato aishi x female!reader by crystals_cloud
𝙅𝙀 𝙏'𝘼𝙄𝙈𝙀 • ayato aishi x f...by Crystal
Je t'aime - I love you ↷✦; i n w h i c h . . ❞ ayato aishi meets y/n l/n resulting in him having a new obsession [more in chapter zero]
A Disability in Neverland by PonyboyCurtis1952
A Disability in Neverlandby PonyboyCurtis1952
A fairy is born in Neverland from the first time a baby laughs, but once she arrives everyone is shocked! Something is not right.
faerie - lizrei  by fvyuky
faerie - lizrei by ♡
"well you don't look like you're from here? are you lost?" depressive jiwon accidentally set her foot on a journey to faerie. a place where everything will bri...
Ben Hardy Imagines by molliannaowens
Ben Hardy Imaginesby Molli Owens
So this is an imagine book, for all the people who has a big obsession of Ben Hardy, well you're in look because, I'm you're girl, you may know me from "Love of my...
Pixie Peabody by juliettacalm
Pixie Peabodyby Julietta Calm
When Penny Peabody kicks her mourning daughter out and drops her off at a brothel. Arabella 'Pixie' Peabody decides to go live with her Mother's childhood friend, Alice...
Map of Ember and Moonlight by writeon27
Map of Ember and Moonlightby Ansley
(Book 1 in the fantasy series The Crowns) Alyvia is the youngest daughter of the king of Escarral, a land where magic is feared and hidden amongst the humans who possess...
Sinfully Delicious by BksbyBkr
Sinfully Deliciousby Jaci Calemonte
Ferya, a human baker in post-apocalyptic Earth, is pulled into a game of universal consequences when she agrees to a deal with Lucifer. Welcome to a post-apocalyptic Ea...
Winx Club  by Alyssa_Angel_Peters
Winx Club by Alyssa_Angel_Peters
If you desire You can become One of our bunch Winx, if your hand is warm in mine It will give us greater power With a feeling we'll be sure-fire winners Winx, with a smi...
I am your Alpha by ImpossiblyImperfect
I am your Alphaby Hannah
Hannah isn't completly normal, she's a werewolf. The betas daughter, the good natured, fun girl that everyone loves. She has been raised by everyone in the pack since he...
NEXT TO YOU🖤💗(completed) by 22Lily_official
NEXT TO YOU🖤💗(completed)by Lily
If someone truly loves you, They won't tell you🖤 love stories....... They will make a love story with you💗
Souls : Finding Love by resscruez
Souls : Finding Loveby Ress Cruez
Ivanov Williams had rightfully died after saving a good little dog that had belonged to him but the irony was that just the day before that the dog had been kicked out o...
Neverland | Killian Jones by caitie_a
Neverland | Killian Jonesby ✬ 𝒞𝒶𝒾𝓉𝓁𝒾𝓃
| OC x Killian Jones | | Once Upon a Time | | Book 3 of the Light and Dark Series | | Season 2 - 7 AU | Pixie Hollow. It was a place where pixies and fairies can live...
Fate by darlingrosexo
Fateby darlingrosexo
"Mate" He says and I shift back only for the first word out of my mouth to be "Shit" Come along with Arietta as she faces many challenges while lear...
Marinette Martha Cheng-Wayne by ennysmiraculous
Marinette Martha Cheng-Wayneby Adepoju Hakeemah Eniola
Marinette is Bruce Wayne's daughter .She lived with him till she was five he sent her away to her mother claiming to protect her you know cause he's Batman. He never cal...
Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part 2) by ElleSmurfette
Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part...by Isabel
Second Installment and Spin-off of Lion In The Wolf Den:) I tried, okay? Not as silly... okay, maybe a little... like the title. Tasks Forces follow strict guidelines...
Step Two: You'll Make Me Your Enemy (BOYxBOY) by Mouki21
Step Two: You'll Make Me Your Enem...by ENJOY!
The follow-up to You Don't Want Me As Your Enemy! This story immediately continues the other one but now from Duncan Taylor's P.O.V. Who's Tom? Why is Target so interest...