Map of Ember and Moonlight by writeon27
Map of Ember and Moonlightby Ansley
(Book 1 in the fantasy series The Crowns) Alyvia is the daughter of the king of a land where magic is feared, hidden among those humans who possess it...and is one of th...
  • adventure
  • escarral
  • lyv
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Hunted (The Enforcers Saga, #1) by TeaNHeartache
Hunted (The Enforcers Saga, #1)by StrangerGranger
"I want justice but I'll take revenge." ~~~ As a young girl, Elaine Roth watched as her family was slaughtered without remorse. The Alpha's that should hav...
  • vampire
  • diversity
  • romance
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Constellations - (Chanbaek/Baekyeol)  by chubbyeol_jones
Constellations - (Chanbaek/Baekyeo...by chubbyeol_jones
In a world where humans and supernatural creatures live together, Baekhyun is the prince of vampires and leader of many. He has a lot of enemies who want to take his inf...
  • pixie
  • chanbaek
  • kpop
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Orphan Diaries | Descendants 2 Fan Fiction by Meowycat2005
Orphan Diaries | Descendants 2 Fan...by 😸Chelsea Cheshire😸
Meet Pixie, she is an orphan who has no has no memory of her parents or childhood. The only thing she can remember is that her mom died when Pixie was five years old and...
  • cheshire
  • neverland
  • cheshirecat
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The Breeders by Porcelain89
The Breedersby Nittah Porcelain Haniah
We are all werewolves under the control of humans. Our kind has been outed by other species allowing our kind to lose power over the humans. The tower sends of waves th...
  • romance
  • werewolf
  • alpha
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Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part 2) by ElleSmurfitt
Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part...by Isabel
Second Installment and Spin-off of Lion In The Wolf Den:) I tried, okay? Not as silly... okay, maybe a little... like the title. Tasks Forces follow strict guidelines...
  • pixie
  • abe
  • septimus
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Need by Carrie Jones by prameswariff
Need by Carrie Jonesby prameswariff
"So I will go with my second-biggest fear, fear of the cold. This is cheimaphobia, also known as cheimatophobia or frigophobia or psychophobia. There are lots of wo...
  • endure
  • maine
  • pixies
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Behind  Blue Eyes (Charles Xavier x Reader) by HollieXavierSykesWay
Behind Blue Eyes (Charles Xavier...by Hollie Griffiths
Charles Xavier and his new friend Erik Lehnsherr were looking for special people, with gifts much like them. Mutants. Charles had located one mutant in Germany called (Y...
  • azazel
  • pixie
  • mystique
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The Sandwich Rejects by majesticmountain
The Sandwich Rejectsby T O R I
There once was- well... still is- a town that goes by the name Sandwich. Sandwich, Massachusetts. No, this is not a joke. Look it up. Anyways... and in this lovely town...
  • weird
  • outcasts
  • funny
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School is Cool ( Not ) Season 3 : The New Queen by AltheaCutie321
School is Cool ( Not ) Season 3 :...by Althea Carelle E. Baluyut
As I defeated Sage Tom became the new king of Coronia . After 2 years my daughter has actually graduated ! I was so happy . We are now doing an event called . The new Qu...
  • pixie
Hidden Away by Wildlife4vr
Hidden Awayby Alicia B
Raised by a Dragon. Raised by a Siren. Raised by a Phoenix. Raised by a Griffin. Raised by a Basilisk. Raised by a Sirin. Raised by a Pixie. Raised by a Faerie. Raised b...
  • mythology
  • pheonix
  • dragon
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The Pixie Promise  by Astercool
The Pixie Promise by Arushi
Highest #35 in fantasy Currently #85 in fantasy Athelena ( Ath), a nerd has a normal life :- a crush(who is also a nerd): Zayll, study load with high ambition (but se...
  • powers
  • teenfiction
  • pixie
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The wings Of fire by demigodcabin7
The wings Of fireby kyk__cabin 7 _Griffindor
Fantasy #81 in myth as of 17 may 2018
  • fantasy
  • pixie
  • flare
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Dance of the Wolf (Dancetale!SansXMagic!Werewolf!Reader) by Roxanne_Rose
Dance of the Wolf (Dancetale!SansX...by Roxanne_Rose
In a small town called Vella Cove, lived a family of werewolves. The family had to keep their werewolf hybrid selves a secret, otherwise they'll be classified as 'monste...
  • sans
  • random
  • pixie
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Alia Stackhouse by PrincessDc3
Alia Stackhouseby PrincessDc3
Alia Stackhouse is the twin sister to Sookie Stackhouse. Alia is a snow pixie. Snow pixies are often twin to fairies. They can create snow, and are often mated to vampir...
  • northman
  • sookie
  • sookiestackhouse
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The Spirits With Me Book 1: Leon's beginning  by Leixksie
The Spirits With Me Book 1: Leon's...by The SPIRITS With Me
Leon's life was never easy. His mom abused both him and his dad. And eventually, she kills him. Leon was then brought to an orphanage. It wasn't any easier there. At lea...
  • kineks
  • leonard
  • leon
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Peggy Rogers (ON HOLD) (Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow) by kmreid72
Peggy Rogers (ON HOLD) (Next Aveng...by kmreid72
This is the story of James' younger sister Peggy. Peggy yields the 7th infinity stone, forgotten to most, the earth stone. It gives her life and power over the elements...
  • avengers
  • herosoftomorrow
  • nextavengers
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Winx Club  by Alyssa_Angel_Peters
Winx Club by Alyssa_Angel_Peters
If you desire You can become One of our bunch Winx, if your hand is warm in mine It will give us greater power With a feeling we'll be sure-fire winners Winx, with a smi...
  • princess
  • pixiehollow
  • magicanimalclub
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Entice by Carrie Jones (Need Series : Book 3) by prameswariff
Entice by Carrie Jones (Need Serie...by prameswariff
How if your live didn't give you reassurement about how your future will be? How if your live always be a misery? That's something happen in Zara live. Just check it out...
  • witches
  • caprivate
  • heartbeat
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The Alpha's Pixie by KittsKay
The Alpha's Pixieby KittsKay
When Poppy Ross has to move to Montana to live with her Aunt for the summer and senior year, she doesnt expect for anything major to happen to her. She doesnt anticipate...
  • luna
  • werewolf
  • humanmate
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