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The Glorious Flame by GianaTPQ
The Glorious Flameby Giana K. L.
A murderous, psychopathic pixie with a gun meets a equally attractive, maddening prince who also has a gun. The real twist? A mysterious disease threatens to...
Pixie Peabody by juliettacalm
Pixie Peabodyby Julietta Calm
When Penny Peabody kicks her mourning daughter out and drops her off at a brothel. Arabella 'Pixie' Peabody decides to go live with her Mother's childhood friend, Alice...
Demonic Delights and Holy Cupcakes by BksbyBkr
Demonic Delights and Holy Cupcakesby Jaci Calemonte
Book Three of the Devil's Deal Series. Earth and the Eight realms are cut adrift from the network of realities and worlds that make up the expansive Universe, though tim...
Magical Beings, Thoughts and Mythology by WindyCS2006
Magical Beings, Thoughts and Mytho...by WINDY C.S
Beings that I invent, my vision of things in the world, etc. Forgive me if I have nonsense or misspelled words. This is because English is not my first language. Please...
Foxy! by sleepy_hedgehog
Foxy!by Sky
Cola is an enby who goes to school. But one day, Cola gets fox ears and a tail! How is candy supposed to live through school now that candy stands out from everybody els...
To Kill a Fae (The Dragon Portal series, #1) by jawaters
To Kill a Fae (The Dragon Portal s...by Jamie Waters
Sabine has spent the past decade hiding from the Wild Hunt. But when a charismatic stranger recruits her to retrieve an invaluable artifact, she'll have to finally revea...
Hunted (The Enforcers Saga, #1) by TeaNHeartache
Hunted (The Enforcers Saga, #1)by Ashley Michelle
"I want justice but I'll take revenge." ~~~ As a young girl, Elaine Roth watched as her family was slaughtered without remorse. The Alpha's that should hav...
spells :) by earthfromjupiter
spells :)by Jupiter
Okay, so most were looked up online, some were made. I did this when I was about 11 so be warned, there are really bad punctuation and grammar checks. And yes, I DO KNOW...
Winx Club  by Alyssa_Angel_Peters
Winx Club by Alyssa_Angel_Peters
If you desire You can become One of our bunch Winx, if your hand is warm in mine It will give us greater power With a feeling we'll be sure-fire winners Winx, with a smi...
Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part 2) by ElleSmurfitt
Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part...by Isabel
Second Installment and Spin-off of Lion In The Wolf Den:) I tried, okay? Not as silly... okay, maybe a little... like the title. Tasks Forces follow strict guidelines...
Marinette Martha Cheng-Wayne by ennysmiraculous
Marinette Martha Cheng-Wayneby Adepoju Hakeemah Eniola
Marinette is Bruce Wayne's daughter .She lived with him till she was five he sent her away to her mother claiming to protect her you know cause he's Batman. He never cal...
Blossoming Feather by mistyaicy_
Blossoming Featherby M I S T Y A I C Y
What if Hanahaki wasn't a disease, but a malediction? In a world where people believe that Cupid is busy pairing couples, there's a celestial guardian who pierces the l...
Ben Hardy Imagines by molliannaowens
Ben Hardy Imaginesby Molli Owens
So this is an imagine book, for all the people who has a big obsession of Ben Hardy, well you're in look because, I'm you're girl, you may know me from "Love of my...
Gemstone Academy by marisalynn394
Gemstone Academyby Marisa ✌️️
My eyes finally adjusted and I got a good look at the guy. Holy shit, he was HOT. He rivaled Lazarus, and that's saying a lot. He might even be more attractive than El...
Souls : Finding Love by resscruez
Souls : Finding Loveby Ress Cruez
Ivanov Williams had rightfully died after saving a good little dog that had belonged to him but the irony was that just the day before that the dog had been kicked out o...
Speechless (Fred Weasley story) by runaway33
Speechless (Fred Weasley story)by Eleanor Francesca Maxwell
One girl at Hogwarts never spoke. She couldn't. So she learned how to do speechless magic, and soon wandless. She stayed away from the popular eye, but couldn't stay fro...
Rebellion// Mal X Ben // desendants  by IntrovertQueen101
Rebellion// Mal X Ben // desendant...by Jupiter summers
Mal has found out she is pregnant with bens child but she is scared to tell . What will she do , will she run or will she face the truth head on ???!! This is my first f...
Things We Can't Say by _jnicole_
Things We Can't Sayby J. Nicole
-a THAT'S A GOOD QUESTION spinoff!- Eleven years ago, the Donahue family was torn apart when their father sold out their pack to a group of ravenous werewolf hunters. Th...
Roots by HillariaNemakanga
Rootsby Hillaria Nemakanga
*Under major editing* Interracial(BMWW) The night had arrived,twelve midnight and all women who were pure as they called it were to kneel in the middle of the forest bli...
Map of Ember and Moonlight by writeon27
Map of Ember and Moonlightby Ansley
(Book 1 in the fantasy series The Crowns) Alyvia is the youngest daughter of the king of Escarral, a land where magic is feared and hidden amongst the humans who possess...