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Pen Your Pride

This section of our magazine is about books that need more recognition. These books can possibly be the greatest out there only if someone will give them a try. So… Here's a book that deserve this recognition.

"Roll up! Roll up! Get your tickets here to attend the wonderful show of Undiscovered gems! Starring@RachelS8766 as your host! Get your tickets herrrrrrreeee!"

"Ohhhhhh I wanna see undiscovered gems!"

"Maybe next month son, get your tickets earlier."

"Awww ok how'd I do that?"

"Comment once on this magazine on any article and then message@RachelS8766, she'll then consider you for Undiscovered gems. If you don't feature in Undiscovered gems she'll still read and comment on one chapter of your book. Does that make sense?

"Yes thank you!"

"Well then see you next month but the show of Undiscovered gems for this month is about to start!"

*Meanwhile in the studio*

Me: How long til the show starts?

Stage manager: Now! On stage! Quick!

VoiceOver: Please welcome your host RachelS8766!!!!!!!

*Runs onto stage* " Hellllllllooooooo ladddddiiiiies and gentttttlllleeemennnnn. Welcome to this months Undiscovered gems! *Applause* 

Now boy do I have a book for you to sink your teeth into! 

This book is what you've all been waiting for! With under 500 reads, which is really not acceptable, this book should have well over a million reads for this is awesomeness handed over to you in every chapter! Anyway without further ado I present the award of undiscovered gem to@Tsureki and her first book of the series War on Heiwa, Wrath of the demons!!!!!

*More applause*

Me: Now ladies and gentlemen I can understand why you are excited. This fantasy, action, adventure, awesome book is a fantastic read! With exceptional spelling and grammar you don't need to worry about finding sentences like this "se wkled 2 the dor 2 c wht she coud c c c :D

No chance of finding any of that folks! Nope! No text talk in sight! Gr8!. :)

Unfortunately@Tsureki couldn't be with us at this moment but you can go visit her by reading her book, see the external link on the side for more details on how you can read. So instead of me telling you about the book why don't you watch this little clip... *Trailer plays, audience is quiet, people eating popcorn :P*

Dramatic voice: The story follows Takuma, an 18-year-old boy on the infested world of Heiwa, a world located hundreds and thousands of miles from earth. Takuma, plagued by the death of his parents, was forced to enlist into the army once becoming 18.

As time progressed, he became more open to others he meets, since he is thrown into a barrack room with two others. The general and other higher-ups take interest in Takuma's talent, and sends him through exhausting missions. He grows close to the general as well as his daughter, ultimately falling in love with her.

Through his experiences, he not only grows as a soldier, but as a decent human being as well, and Takuma's happiness soon fades as he accidentally meets the demon king and is told an inevitable truth of Takuma's parents.

With the help of his friends, Takuma is determined to set off to discover the truth of the mysterious species on Heiwa, as well as his parents

*Trailer ends, audience talk amongst themselves clearly excited*

So that's the Undiscovered gem for this month, folks! Tune in next month to see who's been picked for Undicovered Gem! BYyyyyyyyyyye

Voiceover: For more information on the Undiscovered gem go to@Tsureki and if you agree that this is an undiscovered gem, vote! :D

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