Fire With Fire by diabolikloversayato
Fire With Fireby diabolikloversayato
I've been dumped so many times... The pain still stabs me in the heart. it's time to repay the favor! An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth... Gotta fight fire...
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Christmas Kisses by AstridOwen
Christmas Kissesby Astrid
A collection of Christmas short stories. Volume 1
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Escape From Society (#MindOverMatterContest) by 3amtrainwreck
Escape From Society ( AJ
After looking at a few other entries, I realized that nothing of as much significance has happened to me. But then I remembered that there was people just like me who st...
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Lillia and Reeve by Eri2019
Lillia and Reeveby Eri Rose
Lillia's starting her sophomore year at Boston College. She has a new social circle, a charming boyfriend, and a picture perfect life. She's completely forgotten about J...
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Fire With Fire (On Hold) by littledjsunshine24
Fire With Fire (On Hold)by Sunshine 🌻
The world has become different now. But it may become colder. Ellery Johnson was chosen to take on this mission to find out about the plans of Rod Companies on taking ov...
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PiiXIE Dust Magazine: Issue 1 by PiiXieDustMagazine
PiiXIE Dust Magazine: Issue 1by PiiXIE Dust Magazine
It's fourth of July!!! Roll out that towel, grab that bag of chips, grab a can of soda, and watch the fireworks extravaganza!!! Isn't it extravagant??? I personally love...
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