Idle Mornings

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The sunlight seeped under the blinds, falling onto the two boys curled up in Will's bed. Will Solace had just woken up, prising his eyes open and stretching like a cat. A small smile made its way onto his face when he looked down. His head had been buried in Nico Di Angelo's fluffy, long hair and one of his arms was lazily draped over the son of Hades' torso. Nico was fast asleep, soft snores and the gentle rise of his stomach being the only thing that told that he was alive. He mumbled something in his sleep and snuggled backwards closer to Will, who was full on grinning now. Nico's usual frown had melted away, leaving a peaceful expression that the boy rarely wore. His eyelashes fluttered occasionally but he didn't stir. He was half curled up in a ball with the covers hanging over his hips. Will vaguely remembered his boyfriend complaining about Will being so warm that spooning meant he boiled under the sheets. A quiet chuckle rose in Will's throat. He dipped his head and pressed a few gentle, half-awake kisses to the back of Nico's neck as he whispered compliments to him until Nico awoke.

In Nico's opinion, this was the best way to wake up. He could feel Will tenderly kissing the back of his neck, murmuring something sleepily under his breath. Nico's back was firmly against Will's warm chest and, every so often, a squeeze around his stomach would remind him of the son of Apollo's arm. Nico ran his index finger along Will's forearm to let him know he was awake. Will's kisses trailed up along his jawline to the edge of Nico's mouth.

"Mornin', sunshine," his voice was low and in the southern accent that Will could never hide when he first woke up. It was an accent that Nico not-so-secretly loved. Nico groaned and yawned so wide his jaw hurt. He rolled over so that his face was buried in Will's chest. Loving arms enveloped him and a chin rested comfortably on his head.

"Buongiorno, amore."

This was undoubtedly the best part of staying at Will's ma's house. Sure, the boys frequently slept cuddled together in Cabin 13 but this was different. Here, it was just them and they had all the time in the world. There was no bell to tell them that they had to get moving, no friends to burst into the cabin either to tell them something 'urgent' or to take photos and 'fangirl' (this was mostly Jason and sometimes Percy, Piper and/or Leo). Mornings at the Solaces' were uninterrupted. Everything moved at their pace and those idle mornings were like heaven for both boys.

Nico looked up, chocolate brown eyes meeting blue ones that were already on him. There were days not so long ago when he would have blushed furiously and scrambled out of bed stuttering his apologies. However, now he just lazily smiled. Will smiled back, kissing first Nico's forehead then his cheek then his nose and finally his mouth. It was a quick kiss - only a few seconds long - but it was perfect. The pair sighed contentedly and melted back into each others' arms.

"Ti amo, Will," Nico whispered. He'd said it many times before but it would never stop Will's heart from doing flips. He kissed Nico's head and impossibly held him even closer.

"I love you too, Neeks."

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