Hades Doctor by Eliabeacsp
Hades Doctorby Eliabeacsp
His burning ember eyes calculated my every move as he pulled me over his shoulder, his touch too warm for someone so cold. A prophecy which came into play with one wron...
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Olympian Gods, Truth Or Dare? by TheGelatin
Olympian Gods, Truth Or Dare?by Arnie-chan
Truth or Dare? Join the Greek Olympian gods as they take part in a really hilarious game of truth or dare! Also available in Fanfiction.net link: https://www.fanfiction...
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Percy Jackson, the Son of Olympus: The Lightning Thief by CSP2708
Percy Jackson, the Son of Olympus:...by Carolin S. Petersen
Percy Jackson, Son of Olympus The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Fanfiction Summary: Have you ever thought to yourself that your life was perfect one moment, and then sud...
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Betrayed : Son of Chaos by scarletphantomhive
Betrayed : Son of Chaosby scarletphantom
Percy Jackson has been missing for a year.He was on a quest for Athena. Athena promised Percy an engagement ring for Annabeth if he can complete the twelve labors of He...
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Percy Jackson tumblr post (Magnus chase, and Others) by Thelonelyweirdgirl
Percy Jackson tumblr post (Magnus...by Thelonelyweirdgirl
What the title says** I Do not own any of Tumblr Post, Fanart, or anything else.
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Mortals Meet Demigods No Mist / Meet Percabeth Percy Jackson Fanfiction by PercyJacksonGreek
Mortals Meet Demigods No Mist / Me...by Abi
These are scenarios where there is no mist and demigods are being revealed. I also do Meet Percabeth! Thank you all for reading, honestly so much. I never expected this...
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Lexi's Promise {Book 3} by neverfakeit
Lexi's Promise {Book 3}by Morgan Rider
Let's say you found true love. And say you had eternity to spend with that lover. So what if he was the god of the dead and you had to manage his dysfunctional family. Y...
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karaoke night at Camp Half-blood (EDITING) by Thelonelyweirdgirl
karaoke night at Camp Half-blood (...by Thelonelyweirdgirl
Apollo has a stupid but great idea, the idea of creating a karaoke night at Camp Half-blood! Listen to the demi-gods of Camp Half-blood sing their songs in hope to win...
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The Hunt's Guardian by KarMeah
The Hunt's Guardianby KarMeah
Disclaimer: some parts are edited but there still are a lot of mistakes. Under editing Yes, I know some of the facts are wrong in the book, so please don't comment on th...
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Percy Jackson One-Shots by Geek-Goddess225
Percy Jackson One-Shotsby I am a person 🐔
This book is about frazel, caleo, Jiper, solangelo, Tratie, Brason, Percabeth bacically any percy Jackson & HoO Ship Name one-Shots you can Name. this is my first time w...
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Calypso Jackson's Story by CalypsoJackson
Calypso Jackson's Storyby sweet jesus
So I'm pretty sure you've heard of Perseus Jackson. Yeah, son of the sea god, hero of both camps, connoisseur of blue food. Plus the only reason he's alive is because of...
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Who Could Have Known (Percabeth AU)✔️ by bellaschneeb
Who Could Have Known (Percabeth AU...by bella
Annabeth Chase is your average junior at Goode High School. She gets straight A's, and you will never find her sitting in detention. Her best friend since kindergarten...
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Apollo's Greatest Secret (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by TheAuroraLights
Apollo's Greatest Secret (Percy Ja...by Rosey
This is something I have been experimenting with for a very long time now, so I hope you all enjoy it. Disclaimer: I do not own PJO/HOO, Rick Riordan does. Clue: About...
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I don't wanna live forever -Percy Jackson  by I_AM_NOT_STUPID
I don't wanna live forever -Percy...by R.
What if Annabeth didn't survive the Giant war? What if Percy decided that the pain of losing her was too much and decided to join her? What if a powerful being decided i...
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Black Ice: Nico x Reader (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Brionia
Black Ice: Nico x Reader (Percy Ja...by Brionia
All rights go to Rick Riordan *applause* Nothing is mine *sigh* I don't own the reader :) Or Nico di Freakin Angelo *le fangirl sigh* :( Please drop a vote of a comment...
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Hades by Xerociel
Hadesby Parker
Highest Rank #114 in Fantasy He sees you when you're sleeping He knows when you're awake He knows if you've been a very bad girl, So be good for your worlds sake. Cover...
  • fantasy
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The Gods and demigods read what happened in Tartarus SLOW UPDATES by homework9
The Gods and demigods read what ha...by Goldilocks
The question we have almost all though of at one point, what would have happened if only Percy fell into Tartarus? The gang gets together on Olympus because of those pes...
  • percyjackson
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Titan of the Hunt by Shadow_Warrior14
Titan of the Huntby Hunter
During the final days of the second Giant war, Percy loses the one he loves and his purpose for living. So he asks the gods for a task to challenge him and give him a ne...
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The Children of the big three by Demigodsrthebest
The Children of the big threeby Tabby_Chia
The big three have always had demigods. They are gods after all. But what happens when they take their children to somewhere else where they can be raised to control the...
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Sea Prince by Borntosingwithdrama
Sea Princeby Borntosingwithdrama
The Giant War was over. Finished. Forgotten. But not by all. It still lingered in the minds of many. The Olympian Council decided that Percy was to be trained as a true...
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