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Doctors Orders | solangelo one-shots by raspberrycrescent
Doctors Orders | solangelo one-sho...by ras // HIATUS :(
Just a bunch of cheesy, cliche, fluffy, angsty, cute solangelo FanFictions. No smut period.
  • boyxboy
  • oneshots
  • nicodiangelo
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Castles | A Solangelo AU by Zestyplums
Castles | A Solangelo AUby Sam
*Complete* Prince William has read all his life, read of true love and soul mates. So when he is to marry a Princess of a neighboring kingdom against his will he his hea...
  • royalty
  • deangelo
  • castle
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The Elysium Project (Solangelo AU) (Completed) by NewlineBlue
The Elysium Project (Solangelo AU)...by NewlineBlue
Imagine a city of perfection. No homeless, no work, no currency, no rulers, no need to do anything. Basically a utopia for almost everyone. Now imagine a place of tortu...
  • nicoxwill
  • pjo
  • diangleo
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The Potions Teacher by AkiraVale75
The Potions Teacherby Akira Vale
Hecate's pet world has just suffered a horrible war and she needs someone to go to Hogwarts and help the remaining students cope. She needs someone who has experience wi...
  • hoo
  • harrypotter
  • willsolace
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Solangelo Highschool Au - People by KingTired
Solangelo Highschool Au - Peopleby KingTired
When Will is told he has to go to high school, he doesn't have much of an opinion. Go there, protect some students, hang out with people he barely knew, be over with it...
  • annabethchase
  • magic
  • wattys2018
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Solangelo One Shots by puffzchase
Solangelo One Shotsby puff
Solangelo One Shots. Loads of fluff and sweetness, created to cause high doses of fangirling. Warning: There will be feels. Good luck. ••• 14/2/17
  • fanfiction
  • solangelo
  • willsolace
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Switched (Percabeth!) by NectarNelvaNolva
Switched (Percabeth!)by O(-_-)O
Aphrodite gets a little bored and things go oddly odd but fine. Or, When Percy wakes up to a blonde boy all up to his - or her? - face and everything starts getting lil'...
  • genderbent
  • fanfiction
  • hazellevesque
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Solangelo One-Shots by MoonlightSanity
Solangelo One-Shotsby Porcelain Cas
These two are ruining my life. One shots of Will Solace/Nico di Angelo doing coupley-things, getting together, kissing and jazz like that. (These have all been cross-pos...
  • solangelo
  • willsolace
  • nicodiangelo
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Solangelo Smut by emileeadams921
Solangelo Smutby Lee Adams
  • nicodiangelo
  • willsolace
  • solangelo
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Recovering (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)  by Kateslyn11
Recovering (A Percy Jackson Fanfic...by Kateslyn11
What will happen when Percy Jackson is put in a coma? Will he pull through? Or has his luck finally run out? What will happen to Annabeth if he doesn't make it? What wi...
  • tartarus
  • camphalfblood
  • fanfic
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The Newest Avenger (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by greekmarauders
The Newest Avenger (Percy Jackson...by greekmarauders
Percy Jackson is slowly losing his mind, but the others expect him to lead them. So he does, pretending that he wasn't affected by Annabeth's death, his parents death, a...
  • annabethchase
  • jasongrace
  • shield
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lunar witch · jason grace by -hoemonious
lunar witch · jason graceby - ̗̀ yusra ̖́-
she's mad, but she's magic and there's no lie in the greek fire in her heart. jason grace x oc [ THE LOST HERO | STARTED 7/5/18 - ENDED TBA ] [ #1 IN JASON GRACE - 31/0...
  • ethannakamura
  • leovaldez
  • heroesofolympus
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Percy Jackson x Reader One-shots by Sarcastically_Nerdy
Percy Jackson x Reader One-shotsby Morgan
A book where you the reader is paired up with the characters from the Percy Jackson and Olympians and Hero's of Olympus. Also on Quotev.
  • jackson
  • reader
  • preferences
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Nico Di Angelo at Hogwarts- Darkness Prevails by KatWeasley1
Nico Di Angelo at Hogwarts- Darkne...by KatWeasley
COMPLETED XD Hades summons Nico to his palace. He tells him that he has to protect Harry Potter, the boy who lived, from the dark foes trying to reach him. He must journ...
  • campjupiter
  • hermione
  • camphalfblood
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Two Odd Princes ~ A Solangelo AU ~ by Starlight_88
Two Odd Princes ~ A Solangelo AU ~by Victoria
Nico di Angelo had been shunned by his father, King Hades, for two years after he came out and told him he's gay. Since then, the young boy lived two years as a normal c...
  • nico
  • pjo
  • fanfiction
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Percy Jackson Tumblr Post and Others - Book 2 by Thelonelyweirdgirl
Percy Jackson Tumblr Post and Othe...by Thelonelyweirdgirl
This is the second book. Read book 1 first. Literally what the title says.
  • pjo
  • olympus
  • thegods
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And Should You Fall I Will Catch You (or fall trying): Beginnings by inlovewithsnow2002
And Should You Fall I Will Catch Y...by inlovewithsnow2002
Its a non cliche story of Voldemort's grand son with a new villain and thats all your gonna get so READ IT Jk here's the real description It should have ended when Gaea...
  • ihopeyoucryyoureyesoutintheend
  • solangelo
  • wattys2017
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Solangelo at Hogwarts by Thorns_di_angelo
Solangelo at Hogwartsby Lost in the Fog
So this is a story of Solangelo. It talks about how they go to Hogwarts. There is fluff and heartbreaking moments. NO SMUT. Not only have I never read smut, but also I d...
  • sirius
  • nicodiangelo
  • hogwarts
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Solangelo Stories by Purple_Ghost_1782
Solangelo Storiesby Dear Boy
Just a bunch of Solangelo One-Shots, just because.
  • nicodiangelo
  • percyjackson
  • solangelo
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GOLDEN DAYS |JASON GRACE| by Jackisnotokay
Kyra Pafford has been at Camp-Half Blood for three months. The gates to Olympus have closed and she has yet to be claimed. When three demigods show up to Camp Half-Blood...
  • willsolace
  • jasongrace
  • adventure
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