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Solangelo in High School by calmbefourthestorm
Solangelo in High Schoolby Emilie
A solangelo high school au. Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Trials of Apollo fanfiction. Completed: 24 April 2016
Solangelo One Shots by write-your-life-away
Solangelo One Shotsby nina!
literally just solangelo one shots (cover by @grasstains)
Godson of the Widow by Midnightkitti2
Godson of the Widowby Misty L.
Before Nico di Angelo was put into the Lotus Hotel his mother, Maria, was killed. He doesn't remember a lot about before the Lotus Hotel, so how was he supposed to know...
Solangelo One Shots by galaxydog290
Solangelo One Shotsby galaxydog290
[DISCONTINUED] some Solangelo one shots. 90% fluff, 10% angst, 100% cringe-worthy. *whispers* give me the validation I crave. ☁︎ ☁︎ ☁︎ This book was started somewhere du...
Solangelo: The Infirmary by Brimazing_
Solangelo: The Infirmaryby Bria
With Nico di Angelo as Will Solace's prisoner for three days in the infirmary, Nico has to quickly adjust to all the attention he gets from Will, along with the rest of...
Solangelo Oneshots by Redlitnight
Solangelo Oneshotsby Insomniac
Chaos, tears, jokes and fluff. I hope to do them justice. None of the art is mine except the collages Disclaimer: These characters (bar any OCs) belong to Rick Riordan ...
Solangelo One-Shots by Super_Nerd1234
Solangelo One-Shotsby tired :,)
Solangelo Highschool Au - People by KingTired
Solangelo Highschool Au - Peopleby KingTired
When Will is told he has to go to high school, he doesn't have much of an opinion. Go there, protect some students, hang out with people he barely knew, be over with it...
Mortals Meet Solangelo by CheddarCheesely
Mortals Meet Solangeloby Cheddar Cheesely
Basically what the title says. All the Riordan characters belong to Rick Riordan (Of course) except for the ones I made up. Most of my chapters are inspired by songs, an...
Solangelo TWO shots by Super_Nerd1234
Solangelo TWO shotsby tired :,)
I'm baaaaack A collection of things I wrote that I didn't publish yet PLUS new ideas yayyy This one is gonna have certain themes that aren't super positive so there will...
Solangelo Highschool Au - Changing Plans by KingTired
Solangelo Highschool Au - Changing...by KingTired
Nico Di Angelo didn't exist. Okay, yeah, he did exist. But not really to anyone outside of his small friend group. And even then, he was a quiet kid. It was easy for...
Solangelo One-Shots by shadyalpha
Solangelo One-Shotsby poppy
hey, welcome to my story! thanks for reading. i'll be alternating between fluff and smut each chapter. i'm taking requests, so dm me or comment please! thanks again for...
Light + Dark = Magic (Solangelo Goes to Hogwarts) by Leo_Izzi_Valdez
Light + Dark = Magic (Solangelo Go...by Leo_Izzi_Valdez
Hi, I'm Nico di Angelo. On the outside I may look calm and maybe a little depressed, but on the inside I'm freaking out. Want to take a look? WHY?! The second Giant wa...
Shadows (Solangelo) by dani2511
Shadows (Solangelo)by Dani
A Solangelo Fanfiction Book #1 After the war Nico Di Angelo plans on leaving Camp Half-Blood to start a new life and maybe be happy again. But what happens when a certai...
Safe With Me by YourRoyalAwkwardness
Safe With Meby m
Solangelo AU Nico di Angelo has a secret. Will Solace is determined to figure it out. Disclaimer: All characters belong to Rick Riordan. He owns all of the PJO/HoO char...
Will's Mortal Friends by CheddarCheesely
Will's Mortal Friendsby Cheddar Cheesely
Nico Di Angelo and Will Solace have been dating for two years. Will is Seventeen, and Nico is Sixteen, but they're both in 11th grade. Nico decides to move to a small to...
Solangelo neko/royalty AU by The_sunniest_angels
Solangelo neko/royalty AUby Sunny
First let me explain the Kingdom of the Sun. The richest, most popular people are royalty. Then people who own land. Then people who do not. Then theives And at the bo...
Solangelo oneshots  by MaybeIreadtoomuch
Solangelo oneshots by no
[Started March 2019, probably not gonna be updated] Just me attempting to write Solangelo oneshots bc I love them! Mostly fluff (edit: lots of angst), no actual smut but...
fix you - solangelo by lucyfn
fix you - solangeloby lucyfn
set after Blood of Olympus. nico's being oblivious, will's being obvious, and percy's just trying to help. i'm bad at writing descriptions and this is definitely not as...
solangelo oneshots  by theatrecats
solangelo oneshots by ★Jules★
THERE ARE TWO THINGS IN THIS BOOK: •a collection of one shots •a fanfiction character credits (excluding Eli) to Rick Riordan, cover art credits to unknown artist.