Nico, Voldemort's Older Brother by Jewelwing23
Nico, Voldemort's Older Brotherby Elizabeth Moon
What if Nico had a younger brother? One that wants to take over the world? Not just the world, but wants to achieve immortality? Nico wanted a quiet life-as quiet as a...
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Internet Friends (Percico) by percysconstellation
Internet Friends (Percico)by percysconstellation
"Distance means so little when someone means so much."
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Flatmates - Solangelo AU by fairyaverage
Flatmates - Solangelo AUby Clara
Nico di Angelo is a forensic pathologist, well, training to be one. He spends his days examining dead bodies and learning how they died. Pretty cool, right? Will Solace...
  • solangelo
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Nico Goes to Hogwarts by RowanLaufeyson1
Nico Goes to Hogwartsby abracafuck you
HEY! I adopted this story from @IbbyBird !!! He deleted the original, but inside is my best summarizing of it inside! Here's the OG summary, tho: The Giant War didn't en...
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Boys Like Boys [Nico di Angelo] by lovebugnishi
Boys Like Boys [Nico di Angelo]by ❁ kamikun ❁
[a Nico di Angelo love story•boyxboy] Calum Reyez destroys everything he touches. Literally, everything he touches dies. He doesn't trust himself around other people a...
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The Coming of Nico di Angelo by ninjagirlmai
The Coming of Nico di Angeloby Lissy Rose
Updates every Monday. 32 of 43 chapters published. Three demigods shall travel to the followers of Hecate, The monster inside lets the dark one blood see, On the brink o...
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  • heroesofolympus
  • siriusblack
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 Ghost King Meets Batman by Sparrow-_-2020
Ghost King Meets Batmanby Sparrow-_-2020
Nico Di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce but seeing as he can't...
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Nico Di Angelo at Hogwarts by TylersRuby
Nico Di Angelo at Hogwartsby Tyler's Ruby
What happens when Nico is sent to teach at Hogwarts? Will his cover be blown? Will he succeed in teaching the witches and wizards what they need to know for the battle t...
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  • undercover
  • tomfelton
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The Betrayed Prince |Percy Jackson Fanfic| by TheSecretiveAngel
The Betrayed Prince |Percy ♛ l e a n n e l a x a ♛
A/N: I do not own anything except for the things I made, all belongs to Rick Riordan. I know, I know. It's not the most original story. But...You know what? I'll do the...
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Magic And Demigods (A Solangelo Goes To Hogwarts) by LuLu-midnight
Magic And Demigods (A Solangelo LuLu-midnight
It's been six years since the war with Gaea, Will and Nico are happily still together and living life peacefully. That is until Apollo decides that Hogwarts is in need o...
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Survivor's Of Avenger's  (Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover) by MaskynTobyproxies
Survivor's Of Avenger's (Percy Kápya Shadow
Percy Jackson. Hero Of Olympus. Son Of Poseidon. Thalia Grace. Lieutenant of Artemis. Daughter Of Zeus. Nico Di' Angelo. Underworld Second In Command. Son Of Hades. Tha...
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Nico Di Angelo and The Avengers by Hwi_17
Nico Di Angelo and The Avengersby ꍏꍟ
After the war with Gaea Nico left camp and didn't want to go back. He just couldn't. When he was in the middle of the woods thunder started. If anything Nico knew that w...
  • ironman
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  • brucebanner
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Stars (PercyJackson/Suicide Squad) by DaLivs3302
Stars (PercyJackson/Suicide Squad)by DaLivs3302
The giant war is finally over. Leo is back home where he belongs with Calypso and everyone is happy that their hero Percy is home safe after almost a year of being missi...
  • crossover
  • nicodiangelo
  • heroesofolympus
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Solangelo One Shots by fairyaverage
Solangelo One Shotsby Clara
Some Solangelo stories, everything from fluff to angst with some au's sprinkled in. Enjoy! A place for Solangelo that I don't want to turn into a full story just so I ca...
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Death Angel by worble
Death Angelby Ray
Nico di Angelo does not want to work with the Avengers. But Chiron has decreed that he is the best for the job, so now he has to deal with billionaires, assassins, rage...
  • willsolace
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  • nicodiangelo
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Nico Di Angelo at Hogwarts- Darkness Prevails by KatWeasley1
Nico Di Angelo at Hogwarts- KatWeasley
COMPLETED XD Hades summons Nico to his palace. He tells him that he has to protect Harry Potter, the boy who lived, from the dark foes trying to reach him. He must journ...
  • hermione
  • jkrowling
  • rickriordan
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The Time of Magic and Myth. by Always-second-best
The Time of Magic and hOPALess Opal
A Harry Potter, Percy Jackson crossover. After the war of Gaia, Nico received a strange task. Nobody knew what it was, but Hades had assured them that he was not missi...
  • crossover
  • hoo
  • harrypotter
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It's okay. (Valdangelo/Leico fanfiction)  by fangirlingovervaldez
It's okay. (Valdangelo/Leico fangirlingovervaldez
Now it's time for Nico to fix Leo.
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HoO gay smuts by DaddyGayFics
HoO gay smutsby DaddyGayFics
Enjoy the thrilling reads of smut from Jercy, To Solangelo and Jasico and Percico (those are my main focuses) you can suggest something you would like to read and I will...
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The Big Three Go To Hogwarts [UNDER EDITING] by HarryFreakinPotter7
The Big Three Go To Hogwarts [ HarryFreakinPotter7
Percy, Thalia, and Nico go to hogwarts to protect Harry in his 4th year. Percy also competes in the Triwizard Tournament as a student from Hecate's School of Witchcraft...
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