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Sonic Uke One Shots by GoddessFiclover18
Sonic Uke One Shotsby GoddessFiclover18
Welcome to my second smut book. Rules are inside so let's get going.
Chaennie Oneshots by r_reign
Chaennie Oneshotsby inlove
R 💖 J Just writing out of boredom 😉 Started: June 17, 2021 Ended: ---
Pete's happy family by kirthii88
Pete's happy familyby slurpee
Just pete, vegas , macau and venice living together happy as a family. It's just about their daily lives filled with love and care. (All the pictures and characters used...
Random smut oneshots <3 by notmeredithgrey
Random smut oneshots <3by notmeredithgrey
TW: contains sexual and mature content Disclaimer: all characters are fictional and of legal age Just random dreams/thoughts i have from time to time. Please excuse any...
jk thirsty imagines X F! reader by pinguuby
jk thirsty imagines X F! readerby rubie
some thirsty jk imagines for you ;-) new updates every week! This is for female readers so I will be using she/her pronouns. very unholy. ✞ ♡ enjoy.... I advice you to...
Hp one shots ( sweet) ( stuff from my dr too!) by thatbibitch12
Hp one shots ( sweet) ( stuff ~ M ~
A bunch of one shots both genders ( mainly sweet ) I'm also doing stuff about my dr too! List of running characters Harry Herminoe Ron Fred George Oliver wood Draco M...
STAY; Jinkook oneshots collection by Yoonyamone_04
STAY; Jinkook oneshots collectionby Yoon Yamone
Jinkook Myanmar oneshots collection Zawgyi & Unicode Real life of Jinkook I'll only write about real life of Jinkook in this collection. This oneshots are just a fantasy...
IronDad One Shots // IronDad And SpiderSon by AlinaLevine
IronDad One Shots // IronDad And Alina Levine
Collection of SpiderSon, Irondad and Avengers moments!! Major fluff, cringe and cliche warning REQUESTS OPEN!! 1# oneshotcollection
Rinney/brance oneshots <3 by Belongstoashtray
Rinney/brance oneshots <3by MybaeVanceHopper<3
I was entirely motivated to write this by reading @averagemultishipper story <3 Show them love and support <3
Byler one shots by Klaus_Hargreeves4
Byler one shotsby Klaus has all of my love
a shit ton of byler shit cuz I love it. Most found on the internet so if you want credit dm me and I'll give you it. not taking credit for shit I didnt write.
brance/rinney oneshots by itsuwa1
brance/rinney oneshotsby itsuwa1
oneshots of my favorite tbp ships 😇🫵🏼
Mcyt Oneshots (Mostly Sbi And Dark Sbi Tho) by BugBones2
Mcyt Oneshots (Mostly Sbi And Bug Bones
It takes me a few to update this book Updates every few days
Natasha Romanoff One Shots by MarvelousMarvel3000
Natasha Romanoff One Shotsby MarvelousMarvel3000
A bunch of imagines for the gorgeous Natasha Romanoff She/her pronouns are used in these imagines
~Minsung Oneshots~ by Lee_Han_Bit
~Minsung Oneshots~by Woongie
Just stories with Jisung and Minho in them. Started: 21.01.31. Ended:•••••••••
Various romantic x reader oneshots about you and the worlds greatest detective. NSFW warning for some chapters **Most chapters are written from the perspective of a fema...
My Comfort Ships | Haikyuu One Shots by LezSanchez
My Comfort Ships | Haikyuu One Lez Sanchez
These are random one shots that suddenly appeared into my mind so please bear with some grammar errors hahaha. thank you. Iloveyou ✨♥️ Mostly are SakuAtsu, OsaSuna, and...
𝕋𝔸𝔼𝕂𝕆𝕆𝕂 𝕆ℕ𝔼𝕊ℍ𝕆𝕋𝕊 😍 [✔] by mystic13moon
𝕋𝔸𝔼𝕂𝕆𝕆𝕂 𝕆ℕ𝔼𝕊ℍ𝕆𝕋𝕊 😍 [ mystic13moon
Ψ(≧ω≦)Ψ Happy reading ❣️ this story contains : (F)fluff (A)angst (S)smut (a)small angst Kook👆👇 Tae👇👆
Leo Angst oneshots  by XStarVibezX
Leo Angst oneshots by ☯︎Cyberverse fan☯︎
This book stores ROTTMNT Leo angst oneshots. Cause I can see that there's not much of Leo angst, only Donnie angst. I mean; Im cool with Donnie angst as well. Since I ha...
Ibadat 🎶 by punjabi_kudi
Ibadat 🎶by deep💙💙
random one shots ✨ on our fav. sidnaaz ❤ cover credit.... google baba 🌚
one shots || sds ✓ by icametolaughatyou
one shots || sds ✓by ᄊᄊᄊ
A place just for our favorite characters of the Seven Deadly Sins series! You can make any requests as long as it is from the Seven Deadly Sins anime/manga! Happy readin...