Desire by SujanLama5
Desireby Sujan Lama
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❥BNHA x Reader 「 oneshots」 by luxborne
❥BNHA x Reader 「 oneshots」by ☆lux☆
[RANKED #237 IN FANFICTION ON 7/25/18] [RANKED #74 IN FANFICTION ON 5/20/18] [RANKED #437 IN FANFICTION ON 12/31/17] Love is almost unavoidable; whether you're a hero, c...
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My Perfect Ten by _bangtanlove
My Perfect Tenby CaptainSaveAHoe
A spin-off of the book The Perfect Ten! (Not a sequel) ©️_bangtanlove2018
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Collection of SpiderSon, Irondad and Avengers moments!! Major fluff, cringe and cliche warning REQUESTS CLOSED!!
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50 Shades Of Sexy by wolf_692
50 Shades Of Sexyby wolf_692
These are one shots that are made by me. This book will have only 50 chapters in it, many chapters have at least 2 parts in it maybe more. Updates will be on Saturdays...
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Stray Kids Imagines || Ot9 by inkbin
Stray Kids Imagines || Ot9by changbeanie
stray kids scenarios • tumblr: @changbeanie
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Bottom Taehyung oneshots (BTS) by Tae-baby02
Bottom Taehyung oneshots (BTS)by Tae-baby02
Taehyung oneshots Boy×boy Bottom Tae Don't forget to vote and tell your requests❤️
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TordTom/TomTord Oneshots by etoile_fr
TordTom/TomTord Oneshotsby _(:0 」∠)_
i ship this so much~ i hope you all like oneshots cus uR GONNA GET SOME- okay so... the main kind of ship in here will be dom tord and sub tom. pretty much tordtom, but...
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Levi x Reader Oneshots Book #2 (NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS) by Awesome-dude
Levi x Reader Oneshots Book #2 ( Awesome-Dude
This is my second book dedicated to the lovely Levi Ackerman. Usually updated 2-3 times a week unless I'm super busy. I do write smut or lemons. Not accepting requests. ...
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TodoDeku Smut Oneshots by aguustddick
TodoDeku Smut Oneshotsby T H E O
explained in the title. very cliche but there's loads of smut. please enjoy~
  • tododeku
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Mystic Messenger Lemons & One-shots by Katjaface
Mystic Messenger Lemons & One-shotsby Katjaface
This is just a book of whatever ideas come to mind in terms of situations involving the characters of Mystic Messenger. Please feel free to comment requests! ~Disclaimer...
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Bughead One Shots by bughead_stories
Bughead One Shotsby bughead_stories
~IN PROGRESS~ This is just a book full of Bughed One Shots just to please your guys Bughead hearts! I hope you enjoy! And check out my other book called " A Kiss to...
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My Hero Academia One Shots by ughmorgxn
My Hero Academia One Shotsby morgan
A collection of my favorite one shots, head-cannons and drabbles. Credit can be found before each one. If you'd like me to take yours out, just let me know.
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DC Comics One Shot//WATTY'S 2018// by CT-5445
DC Comics One Shot//WATTY'S 2018//by EC
I got bored again and I am a big fan of DC comics so yeah. I hope you guys enjoy! Request too! I don't bite! most of the one shots will be about the Batfamily so yeah, e...
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//IRON DAD//SPIDER SON// ONE SHOTS by alleykat0718
//IRON DAD//SPIDER SON// ONE SHOTSby goddessoffidelity
Random shots of Tony Stark being the #Dad!Tony that Peter deserves WARNING- possible triggers- panic attacks, injuries, illness (will update with story) Cover drawn my y...
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Smut (18+) by heyitsvic_
Smut (18+)by heyitsvic_
Just some erotic one shots. Suggest stuff in the comments. Enjoy!
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Grumpy (Suga x Reader Hybrid AU) by QueenRamsia
Grumpy (Suga x Reader Hybrid AU)by QueenRamsia
Yoongi was one of those asshole cats that hated everyone simply for breathing, but the cat side of his brain had decided that you were a Good One. The human side was jus...
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The Adventures of Loki, Peter Parker Shuri, Harley, PART TWO  by Nerdtastical
The Adventures of Loki, Peter Because Why Not
Well so basically I have too many chapters on the other one and will be continuing it on this one *rubs neck nervously* Please read it? -#1 in friends -#1 in buddies
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The Adventures of Loki, Peter-Parker, and Shuri and Harley. PART ONE by Nerdtastical
The Adventures of Loki, Because Why Not
Stumbled across a little prompt on Pinterest and saw a lot of comments asking for a fic. Me, trying to recover from Infinity war, will bless everyone now with this. THAN...
  • harley
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Young Justice One Shots by ICFrost
Young Justice One Shotsby ICFrost
(Accepting requests!!) Ever wondered what it'd be like for a superhero to fall head over heels for you? Well, YOU can experience it right in this fanfic. So, enjoy~ ...
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