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Write 'n Roll ~ Solangelo Hanahaki by KingTired
Write 'n Roll ~ Solangelo Hanahakiby KingTired
When Will woke up that morning, he didn't guess that the day would change his life. I guess you never realize that something's a big moment until long after the fac...
Wrong Number Kid by sundewthenaiad
Wrong Number Kidby •⊹٭Sᵤ𝚗𝚍ₑw٭⊹•
What happens when Nico Di Angelo accidentally texts Tony Stark? ~~~ Be prepared for hilarious drama, very weird author's notes, and lots of fanart and memes. There...
Flatmates - Solangelo AU by fairyaverage
Flatmates - Solangelo AUby Clara
Nico di Angelo is a forensic pathologist, well, training to be one. He spends his days examining dead bodies and learning how they died. Pretty cool, right? Will Solace...
Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1} by pearjam111
Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1}by pearjam111
"You can't seriously expect us to go to a school for magic!" "You want us to what?" ~~~~~ Dumbledore sends out a distress call to the demigods. Volde...
PJO reacts to fanart by a_person_whose_alive
PJO reacts to fanartby Alice Patricia
I got board :) Basically, I'm just writing what I think the PJO character's reactions would be to fanart. NOTE: I do not own any of these works of art or these characte...
Meeting Their Younger Selves by Outis02
Meeting Their Younger Selvesby Outis02
Heroes of the future come back in time to tell the Demigods of Camp Half-Blood what is to come. Cross posted on
Out of the Shadows: A Solangelo Fanfiction by fandom-trashhhh
Out of the Shadows: A Solangelo Sammy <3
-COMPLETED- Nico di Angelo is stuck in the Infirmary for three days with a stubborn son of Apollo named Will Solace. Who knows what's going to happen? On the other hand...
The Colors of Your Soul (Solangelo) by Ranaalyn
The Colors of Your Soul (Solangelo)by Ranaalyn
Soulmates. When you draw on your own skin, it transfers to your soulmate's skin. Soulmates. Something Nico never believed in, not when he was way more than head over he...
The PJO Fandom reactions by CheddarCheesely
The PJO Fandom reactionsby Cheddar Cheesely
I realize just how cringe this is now :0 This is a collection of Memes and Fan-arts with the Seven+a few others reacting to them. I don't own any of this art, just the r...
He Loves Me? by lemongrassss
He Loves Me?by lemongrassss
Three days the infirmary ends up with Nico cracking a smile. I actually can't write these things but I've explained it further on the first page, so head there. - I can...
Tidal Wave (HoO AND AVENGERS CROSSOVER) by LadyLlama13
Tidal Wave (HoO AND AVENGERS LadyLlama13
Percy goes to live with the Avengers. The Avengers then realize something strange about the boy. There is an emptiness in his eyes and the way he and his girlfriend, Ann...
Healing the Dark: Book 1 [COMPLETED] by DPP_demigod
Healing the Dark: Book 1 [ D E M I G O D
This is a Solangelo story. THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. IT BELONGS TO AnxiousAstronaut18. Their story is at Here's the link:
Nico, Voldemort's Older Brother (Being Rewritten) by _Jewelmist_
Nico, Voldemort's Older Brother ( Jewel
(The rewritten version is up) What if Nico had a younger brother? One that wants to take over the world? Not just the world, but wants to achieve immortality? Nico want...
Grandson of Voldemort (On hiatus) by Kindainterested1
Grandson of Voldemort (On hiatus)by Kindainterested1
On hiatus Will is a normal, everyday, twenty-year old Half-Blood. It's been six years since the giant war and he's settled down, ready to live a relatively normal life...
Your Guardian Angel by drarry_express
Your Guardian Angelby The Anxious Banana
I will never let you fall / I'll stand up with you forever / I'll be there for you through it all / Even if saving you sends me to heaven / 'Cause you're my true love, m...
Smile (Solangelo) by ancient-mango
Smile (Solangelo)by roman
Nico di Angelo -- just a normal high school student. By "normal", this includes: • Being shoved into lockers • Becoming a group punching bag And, of course, •...
Monster Beneath The Surface (Solangelo AU) by Doctor_Orders1932
Monster Beneath The Surface ( Doctor_Orders1932
Everyone in town knows about the sea monster. Every night, he goes into town to find his prey. He lures them in with his voice, only to bring them back to the ocean, to...
Three Days Together ✔ by bookworm_2726
Three Days Together ✔by via ?!
❝ then he walked back across the green, where will solace was waiting. ❞ Three days at the infirmary. Three days with Will Solace. Three days together. It couldn't be...
The Gotham Ghost King by KittyTheHuntress
The Gotham Ghost Kingby KittyTheHuntress
Then, the Fates flash in. Go become superheros, they say. Go to Gotham City, they say. Go to the city with the worst crime rate in the county and cozy up with the loca...
Hecate's Kin by Gellybean19
Hecate's Kinby Georgie Haast
"Five of the elements four combine With the great desires of all our time With one who changes and one now free To worlds which they have yet to see The land which...