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Wrong Number Kid by sundewthenaiad
Wrong Number Kidby •⊹٭Sᵤ𝚗𝚍ₑw٭⊹•
What happens when Nico Di Angelo accidentally texts Tony Stark? ~~~ Be prepared for hilarious drama, very weird author's notes, and lots of fanart and memes. ~~~ ...
The Colors of Your Soul (Solangelo) by Ranaalyn
The Colors of Your Soul (Solangelo)by Ranaalyn
Soulmates. When you draw on your own skin, it transfers to your soulmate's skin. Soulmates. Something Nico never believed in, not when he was way more than head over he...
Solangelo Oneshots and AU's by JustASolangeloStan
Solangelo Oneshots and AU'sby JustASolangeloStan
Pretty self explanatory. Just a collection of Solangelo AU's or Oneshots or both. Includes smut chapters. Such chapters will be labelled in the chapter title as a warnin...
Out of the Shadows: A Solangelo Fanfiction by Solangelo_Freak
Out of the Shadows: A Solangelo Solangelo_Freak
-COMPLETED- Nico di Angelo is stuck in the Infirmary for three days with a stubborn son of Apollo named Will Solace. Who knows what's going to happen? On the other hand...
Nico Di Angelo at Hogwarts by DiAngelo6002
Nico Di Angelo at Hogwartsby Naty R
Nico goes to Hogwarts because Hecate and Hades asked him to help Harry Potter to destroy Voldemort. He finds many familiar faces along the way as well as some friends an...
Meeting Their Younger Selves by Outis02
Meeting Their Younger Selvesby Outis02
Heroes of the future come back in time to tell the Demigods of Camp Half-Blood what is to come. Cross posted on
Death Boy and Sunshine (Solangelo) by uhitsSJ
Death Boy and Sunshine (Solangelo)by Mateo
Featuring a Trans! Nico and several other lgbt characters. Enjoy! (I do not own any characters in this book. Cover Art is not mine)
American Royalty at Hogwarts by shark_fanatic
American Royalty at Hogwartsby Omnisexskull
a/n I was really inspired by @bluefood3 story 'A Royal Family At Hogwarts'. Part 1 of 'You should see me in a crown' series. The Wizarding Society and the Gods have alw...
Battle Wounds: Solangelo Soulmate AU by femboy_h00ters2020
Battle Wounds: Solangelo Hogwarts Library
(Currently being rewritten. Second version on my profile same name and everything) Whenever your soulmate gets injured in any physical way it appears on your body. Since...
Natasha's Secret by rox_fanfics
Natasha's Secretby Rox Fanfics🏳️🌈
Nobody really knows anything about Natasha Romanov, not even Fury, but that's about to change. But how does Percy Jackson fit into the equation and since when did Natash...
Three days in the infirmary a Solangelo Fanfic by eliwil1006
Three days in the infirmary a Ellie
Solangelo is one of my OTP's and I saw this post on Pinterest calling us to write a three days in the infirmary fic like we meant it so here's me giving it my best shot...
Solangelo go to hogwarts by A-Tomb-With-A-View
Solangelo go to hogwartsby A Tomb With a View
Hecate requests that Solangelo travel to Hogwarts to save her son, Sirius Black, and prevent the wizarding war by helping Harry kill Voldemort before countless more die.
Solangelo Goes To Hogwarts ~ because we all love this cliché by Nameunknown139
Solangelo Goes To Hogwarts ~ Nameunknown
What would happen if Hades, the God of the dead learned of a wizard who should have been dead for years? Of an upcoming war that had the possibility to destroy the world...
Demigod truth or dare and Solangelo! by unnoticed_quill
Demigod truth or dare and unnoticed_quill
A bunch of stupid truths and dares, I take any kind of request. There is a ton of solangelo and loads of other pairings. I own nothing other than the plot, a phone and...
The 7 play Truth or Dare by _-Hearth-Official-_
The 7 play Truth or Dareby Just An Empty Cup
The 7, Thalia, Nico, Will, Rachel, Calypso, and Reyna decide to play Truth or Dare together, to both disastrous and hilarious consequences. Awards: First Runner Up in C...
Percy Jackson meets the Avengers [VERY SLOW UPDATES] by maroakem
Percy Jackson meets the Avengers [ Emily
[IMPORTANT - UPDATES WILL BE SPORADIC, PLEASE DONT COMMENT FOR UPDATES] Ever since those odd energy flare ups last summer, Tony has been tracking these energy signatures...
Sliver Of Shadow by UnleashTheKnightmare
Sliver Of Shadowby Andrea
Hades reluctantly sends his son, Nico di Angleo, on a quest to Hogwarts.... obviously someone needs decapitating. A/N: This story was originally on by qZh...
Monster Beneath The Surface (Solangelo AU) by Doctor_Orders1932
Monster Beneath The Surface ( Doctor_Orders1932
Everyone in town knows about the sea monster. Every night, he goes into town to find his prey. He lures them in with his voice, only to bring them back to the ocean, to...
Brothers Reunited by GeekyDarkPoet
Brothers Reunitedby GeekyDarkPoet
Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or anything Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus related. I only own the storyline. Nico di Angelo has a mortal half brother he never told...
Here comes the sun by ErinJessica9
Here comes the sunby Erin Jessica
solangelo au. Will is paying his way through medical school by working at a flower shop. A dark mysterious guy buys the store next door and opens a tattoo shop. life sta...