46 - Werewolf And Chaos

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Elena's POV

I wake up in Elijah's secure hold. I wiggle around and turn to face him.

"Good morning." Elijah says in his morning voice while keeping his eyes closed. His fingers roam softly up and down my back.

I grin and kiss his chest. "Morning." I stretch my body and try to sit up, but Elijah pulls me back to his hold.

"Hhm, no." Elijah says with a small cheeky  grin and holds me closely against his body.

"But I'm hungry." I laugh and try to pry his arms off as I now have more strenght.

Elijah with his speed cages me under him and I raise my eyebrow. He leans down to kiss me, but with quick movements I change our position.

I smirk satisfied when Elijah's eyes widenes little bit as I lock his arms over his head.

I bite my lip and hum. "I can't help it, I am getting very dirty ideas here."

As I look down at him, only thing on my mind is how good he would look in coll-.

I clear my throat and bend down to give him a kiss. Elijah answers it with a soft smile on his face before his face goes to neutral again.

"Elena..." Elijah says and I see him looking at me with intense eyes.

"Yes?" I trail out and struggle not to smile.

"I would advice you to move, I will not be responsible if you will not walk for a week." Elijah says in a calm tone.

I do my everything not to blush. I look down at Elijah and smirk slightly.

"Mmh, but Elijah, I quite like you like this. You look so good with your hands over your head."

Elijah's reaction was instant.

His cheeks flush bright pink and his mouth opens and closes as he tries to say something against it.

He turns his head away from me and looks around the room.

I smile slightly and let go of his hands. I cup his cheeks and turn his head so he is looking at me.

"It's okay to like it Elijah. It doesn't make you  weak or any less strong." I tell him softly and he gives me a small smile.

With last kiss I stand up and walk over to the bathroom to take a shower.


After putting some clothes on, basic gray sweatpants and a black long sleeve, I walk downstairs.

I see some of the hybrids walk away from the living room. Both look at me with smiles on their faces and say at the same time: "Hello Luna."

I give them a smile and a nod, frowning when they leave the house. I walk up to the living room and see Niklaus looking at some papers.

He turns to look at me and his mouth lifts up to a adorable smile. Nikalus opens his arms as an invite to hug.

I walk over to him and wrap my arms around him. I feel a kiss on my head as Niklaus hugs me tightly.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that." I say refrerring to the hybrids.

Niklaus let's out a small laugh and I turn around in his hold.

I lean against Niklaus' chest while he wraps his arms around my waist and puts his chin against the crooke of my neck.

"What are you doing?" I ask and put my own hands on top of his.

"Just looking through some business." Niklaus sighs and glares at the papers.

I chuckle and Niklaus huffs. "I am glad my pain is entertaining to you."

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