9 - Masquerade Ball

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Elenas POV

I woke up slowly. My head was pounding like heck. With a small groan I get up from the bed and walk to the bathroom. I look tiredly at my reflection and shrug. I hop into a warm shower and just almost fall asleep there and then.

I get out from the shower and dry myself. With lazy steps I go to my room. I sit down on my bed and close my eyes. I just lay there waiting for motivation. I keep repeating things in my head, when I realize something. I jump up and let out a loud squeal. It's the ball day!! Well I do get kidnapped BUT I see Elijah. Fantastic. And somehow I have found my motivation for the day.

After an argument with myself I just decide to put on comfy grey baggy sweatpants and a comfy grey sweater. And of course my underwear. I braid my hair loosely. I throw my leather jacket on and go downstairs to take a pill for my headache. I text Damon.
ME: Morning Dam! Could you pick your amazing best friend up? I'm too lazy walk or run. Or make breakfast. Need to save my energy to something important.
From Wannabe Dracula❣: So seeing me is not important then? Sure thing Moony. Be there in ten.

I laugh and put my phone on my pocket. I pick my keys, wallet and earphones and go put on my flipflops, just because I'm feeling lazy. I hear Damon already pull outside, so I walk slowly to his car after locking up. I climb to his car. "Thanks Damy." I smile at him and he smiles back. "Of course Moony. So. Breakfast?" He asks, or more like states that we are getting food. He always makes sure I'm fed, if not I'm just too annoying and grumpy.

I wait in the car when Damon goes and get's us some food from the grill. He comes back fairly quickly and I just start to eat there and then. He starts to drive to the Boarding House where they all will plan for Katerina. I feel just a little bit bad for her. I sip on my drink, which happens to be fanta. We listen to some music and sing and dance while laughing. I really love how he knows how to have fun.

Damon's car was not even fully stopped when I sprint inside. I stop at the door, knock and then continue inside. "Bomb incoming!!" I yell and run to their living room. I make a full drop at the couch on my stomach. Everybody laughs at me and I just lay there face mushed on the couch. "You okay Lena?" I hear Stefan ask with a small laugh. I just showed my thumb up in some direction. I started to feel little sleepy, and may have or may have not taken a little nap.

I was sound a sleep when I heard my name being called. I made a sound meaning I heard them. "So you are okay with it?" Somebody asks. I lift my face and yawn. "Okay with what?" I ask and rub my eyes. "Only you Lena." Bonnie says laughing. "With the plan Elena." Stefan says shaking his head. Alaric looks at me amusment in his eyes and adds: "We are doing like you suggested. Trapping her into a room and then snapping her neck and locking her up in that tomb." I put my thumbs up and then just play with them while they discuss their amazing plan.

After a while they were done and everything was set up. Only thing I had to do was stay away until Katerina was captured or something. I get up from the couch and look at each and every one of them. "Soooo..... Can I go get ready now?" I ask smiling. They nod and I start to walk towards the door. I halt my step and then start to walk backwards enough so they can see me. "Hey Dracula, I still need a ride home." I look over my shoulder at Damon with a small smile. He rolls his eyes but still walks with me to his car. We go in and drive to my place.


I pace around my room in only a sports bra and shorts. I had already taken shower, shaved and everything you could think of. I look at my dress and sigh happily. I take a fairly small duffel bag where I put my black jeans, red top and my leatherjacket for when I get knowingly kidnapped. There is no way in earth I would get it done in a dress. I absolutely hate dresses.

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