43 - So, Woof?

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Elena's POV

I feel a hand combing gently through my hair as I slowly start to wake up.

I lift my head from somebody's lap and furrow my eyebrows. I turn my head and see Niklaus softly smiling down at me.

I give him a slight smile and look around us, seeing James, Remus and Sirius all sleeping on the forest floor on their human forms.

After the whole ordeal with Sirius attacking Remus, Remus explaining things, Sirius being dramatic, Wolfstar, James being an arsehole and them deciding to train me with Niklaus, we explored all around as I got comfortable with being a wolf.

I try to sit up but a stinging pain makes me flop back down. I close my eyes tightly and grit my teeth.

Niklaus puts his hand over my eyes to cover them from the sun. I sigh happily.

"Take your time love." He says in a relaxing tone and I melt against him as he continues to stroke his hand through my hair.

"Now I know like 1% how you felt like. This is amazing." I smile and sigh happily as I let myself fully relax.

"1%?" Niklaus asks with a tilted head as he looks down at me.

I turn my head to look at him and smile slightly. "You are in a way different league than me. Besides... I can't remember what I was supposed to say." I shake my head with a giggle.

Niklaus smiles and leans down, giving me multiple small kisses, ending it with a kiss to my forehead.

"You are boosting my ego, Love." He grins and stays close to my face, looking to my eyes with that adorable smile of his.

I raise an eyebrow and lean up to kiss him once, backing away as Niklaus goes to kiss me again.

I laugh as he tries again, playfully glaring at me as I move away every time he tries to do it.

"Love." Niklaus says as I roll away from him.

I shiver as the warmth radiating from his body disappears and quickly roll back, hugging his waist tightly. "Nope."

I see Niklaus smirk from the corner of my eye and I roll my eyes. "What? You are warm." I mumble.

"And cuddly." I add quietly.

"What now?" Niklaus says and I give him an innocent smile and ignore him as I continue to cuddle his waist.

We hear a rumble coming from our right and I turn my head again to look at the three wizards.

I sit up with some help from Niklaus, who quickly pulls me into his lap. He wraps his arms around me and puts his chin on top of my head.

I lean into him more and smile slightly. Niklaus puts his hand under my shirt in between my stomach and chest area, doing small circles with his thumb while keeping his other arm tightly around my waist.

Remus was first one to wake up, his hair sticking up all over the place. He looks around him confused, before his eyes locked on Sirius with a soft smile on his face.

He continues to look at his long time friend before lifting his head up to look at us.

Remus smiles slightly. "Hey." He whispers.

"Holy mother of bananas." I whisper as I hear him perfectly.

I hear Niklaus snicker behind me and I gently swat his hand.

"Hey..." I say quietly, not honestly knowing if I should fangirl or you know, just faint at this point.

"How are you feeling?" Remus asks with a gentle smile, still keeping his role as my protector or guide or something along those lines.

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